Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets The Art of the Film

Titan publishing group. Valerian dane dehaan and laureline Cara Delevingne are special operatives for the government of the human territories charged with maintaining order throughout the universe. Unfortunately, unseen forces are at work, not everyone on Alpha shares in these same objectives; in fact, placing our race in great danger.

Rooted in the classic graphic novel series, Valerian and Laureline- visionary writer/director Luc Besson advances this iconic source material into a contemporary, unique and epic science fiction saga. Under directive from their commander clive owen, Valerian and Laureline embark on a mission to the breathtaking intergalactic city of Alpha, an ever-expanding metropolis comprised of thousands of different species from all four corners of the universe.

Alpha's seventeen million inhabitants have converged over time- uniting their talents, technology and resources for the betterment of all.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: The Art of the Movie

The guardians are back! after saving the universe, Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, Rocket and Groot find themselves with expunged records and a new mandate: Guard what needs guarding. Complete your art of the movie collection with this latest installment as the Guardians soar to new heights! Now, go inside the studio in this new collectible volume! Discover exclusive concept art, production stills, and commentary from cast and crew-including returning director James Gunn and Marvel's extraordinary Visual Development team.


The Movie Art of Syd Mead: Visual Futurist

Titan. His career boasts an incredible array of projects from designing cars to drafting architectural renderings, but he is most famous for his work as a concept artist on some of the most visually arresting films in the history of cinema. Each entry provides a unique insight into the processes involved in Mead’s practice as well as illuminating the behind-the-scenes work involved in creating a fully realized, cinematic depiction of the future.

. Sulaco in james cameron’s aliens, Syd Mead has played a pivotal role in shaping cinema’s vision of the future. The movie art of syd mead: visual futurist represents the most extensive collection of Mead’s visionary work ever printed, compiling hundreds of images, sketches and concept arts from a career spanning almost 40 years, many of which have never been seen in print before.

With such a plethora of images from the many genre-defining films Mead has worked on, this is essential reading for film fans, artists and futurologists alike. Since working on star trek: the motion picture in 1978 as a production illustrator Syd Mead has always aimed to render “reality ahead of schedule, ” creating evocative designs that marry believable content with a neofuturistic form.

Syd mead is one of the most accomplished and widely respected artists and industrial designers alive today. From his work with ridley scott on Blade Runner, to his striking designs for the light cycles in Tron, to his imposing concept art for the U. S. S.

The Art and Making of Alien: Covenant

It explores the intricate technology of the eponymous colony ship and its auxiliary vehicles, designs of the crew’s uniforms and weaponry, artwork of key locations and breathtaking alien art imagery in amazing detail. Alien: covenant – the art of the film reveals how the visual style of the film evolved, with breathtaking concept art accompanied by insight and interviews with key cast and crew.

All rights reserved. Packed with fascinating sketches, full-color artwork, diagrams, blueprints, final film frames and behind-the-scenes shots from the set, Alien: Covenant – The Art of the Film is the ultimate literary companion to this highly anticipated movie event. The crew of the colony ship covenant discover what they think is an uncharted paradise, whose sole inhabitant is the synthetic David, but it is actually a dark, dangerous world, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.

Titan. This official companion book explores all the major environments, creatures and technology that feature in this exciting new movie. Tm & © 2017 twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Ridley scott returns to the universe he created with Alien: Covenant, a new chapter in the groundbreaking Alien franchise.


Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film

Wonder woman and all related characters and elements © and TM DC Comics and Warner Bros. This official companion explores the Amazons’ rigorous training regimens, armor, Themysciran culture, their weaponry, and the amazing women themselves. Wonder woman: the art & making of the film celebrates the creation of this groundbreaking movie, taking fans on a voyage of discovery through the world of Wonder Woman.

With exclusive insights from cast and crew, including director patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, production designer Aline Bonetto, present, this volume is the ultimate guide to the past, and Diana herself, and future of one of the most iconic heroes in the world – Wonder Woman. S16 titan. Showcasing the earliest concept art, sketches and storyboards, the book delves deep into the filmmaking process, set and costume designs, from creating the stunning island of Themyscira to the war-torn trenches and towns of First World War Europe.

Entertainment. Patty jenkins’ wonder woman sees the hero brought to the big screen for the first time in her own movie, and fully realizes the breathtaking wonder, strength, and grace of such an historic character. Titan.

Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok - The Art of the Movie

Go behind the scenes with exclusive concept artwork and in-depth analysis from the filmmakers in this keepsake volume! Continuing their popular Art Of series of movie tie-in books, Marvel presents its latest blockbuster achievement! Featuring exclusive concept artwork, production stills, behind-the-scenes photographs, and in-depth interviews with the cast and crew, this deluxe volume provides insider details about the making of the highly anticipated film.

. Titan. Titan. Get an exclusive look at the art and designs behind the mighty avenger's newest fi lm in this latest installment of the popular ART OF series of movie tie-in books! A new all-powerful being threatens the destruction of Asgard, but Thor is trapped on the other side of the universe and must race against time to save his civilization.


Marvel's Black Panther: The Art of the Movie

Go behind the scenes with exclusive concept artwork and in-depth analysis from the filmmakers in this keepsake volume! Titan. Titan. But when two new enemies conspire to destroy the country, the Black Panther must team up with members of the Dora Milaje-Wakanda's special forces-and CIA agent Everett Ross to protect his home from being dragged into a world war.

Following the events of captain America: Civil War, T'Challa returns home to Wakanda to take his place as king.

Spider-Man: Homecoming - The Art of the Movie

Titan. Fresh off the heels of his first adventure with the Avengers in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker is back in action! With a mentor like Tony Stark - a. K. A. Iron man - it looks like Spider-Man's about to hit the big time. Go behind the scenes in this new keepsake volume continuing marvel's popular ART OF THE MOVIE collection! Discover exclusive concept art, production stills and commentary from cast and crew as Marvel Studios and Sony team up to bring Spider-Man into the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe! Titan.

But new york's newest villain has other plans.

The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Titan. Exclusive interviews with the filmmakers and with the Lucasfilm visualists provides a running commentary on this unforgettable art, and reveals the inspirations behind moviemaking magic at its finest. Titan. Featuring concept art, and storyboards, this book takes fans on a deep dive into the development of the fantastic worlds, costume sketches, characters, and creatures—both old and new—of The Last Jedi.

Written and directed by rian johnson looper, star wars: the last jedi, the nightmare before christmas, captain America: The First Avenger, The Big Lebowski,  like every chapter before it,  Brick and production designed by Rick Heinrichs Fargo,  The Brothers Bloom, owes its visual language and fully imagined cinematic landscape to an incomparable art department: the Lucasfilm “visualists.

The art of star wars: the last Jedi explores their vision and illuminates their creative process in stunning detail.

Valerian: The Complete Collection , Volume 1 Valerian & Laureline


Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Titan. Packed with hundreds of spectacular images, concept art and sketches, storyboards, including production paintings, and matte paintings,  The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story is the definitive guide to the art of the film—and a must-have keepsake for fans. The art of solo: a star wars story reveals, for the first time, otherworldly machine, the design evolution of each new fantastical set, and unforgettable character in the film.

Cinebook. Titan.