Trauma and the Unbound Body: The Healing Power of Fundamental Consciousness

Judith blackstone explores how we can resolve the mental, physical, and emotional struggles of trauma through the power of fundamental consciousness. Dr. Live with wholeness. Blackstone discusses: ? the five main purposes for bodily constriction―and how to release them to return to wholeness ? How to inhabit the body as fundamental consciousness to liberate trauma-based constrictions ? The Realization Process―a meditative practice for embodied spiritual awakening ? Discovering the unified ground of being within the body that enables lasting change.

In trauma and the Unbound Body, Dr. They are frozen moments of our past. Trauma and the unbound body explains how and why the body constricts in response to trauma, causing physical and emotional pain. Blackstone weaves her 30-plus years of psychotherapy practice to present a simple yet revolutionary approach to healing trauma.

Dr. Just as an open hand is hidden within a fist, with its innate capacities for happiness, and wisdom, love, our true nature, is hidden within our pain and numbness. These are the gifts of utilizing the power of fundamental consciousness―a subtle field of awareness that lies within each of us. Just as we can open a fist to reveal a hand, our unbound, unconstructed being can emerge from our pain and breathe again.

Dr. She writes, "all of the constrictions in our fascia the connective tissue surrounding muscles and organs are moments of our past that we have stopped in their tracks and held in that way, unconsciously.

Belonging Here: A Guide for the Spiritually Sensitive Person

Belonging here is a lifesaving book that shows how our spiritual gifts become entryways into both the depths of human connection and our innermost selves. Written by one spiritual sensitive for another, Belonging Here draws from Dr. Clear insight. Join this pioneering teacher to explore five of the most common challenges of the spiritually sensitive, along with exercises and meditations for living mindfully and compassionately with each, including:Thin Skin―how to create strong but permeable boundaries between ourselves and the external environment• Landing on Earth―staying grounded within the whole of one's body by mending inner fragmentation• Hearing the Cries of the World―how to open to our own joy even as we respond to the suffering in the world around us• Shape Shifters―removing the protective masks of the false personality• The Stranger―how to make the return from self-exile to self-acceptanceYou can live authentically in a world that once seemed alien.

These are just some of the talents of the “spiritually sensitive” person―yet these apparent blessings can often become a source of loneliness, self-doubt, and limitation. A gift for healing. You can find happiness and acceptance where isolation and confusion have reigned. You can come home at last, with Belonging Here.

Profound empathy. Used book in Good Condition.

The Enlightenment Process: A Guide to Embodied Spiritual Awakening Revised and Expanded

The enlightenment process describes the process of enlightenment as the gradual realization of our most subtle dimension of unified, all-pervasive consciousness. Used book in Good Condition. It does this by giving a more comprehensive description of the enlightened state. This revised and expanded version of The Enlightenment Process is an invaluable guide that will lead readers in navigating the confusing or conflicting teachings on enlightenment.

Included in the book are 18 practical exercises that will assist readers on this path to self-awareness. Anyone who has already started on the spiritual path or has a background in psychotherapy will be able to appreciate The Enlightenment Process more fully as it is a significant contribution to our understanding of the more advanced stages of personal growth.

Her lifetime of experience in depth-psychology, bodywork, and Kundalini yoga gives this book a distinctive authority and clarity. It also explains how we uncover our authentic selfhood and embodiment at the same time as we arrive at our spiritual oneness with other people, the world, and cosmos. Using a set of simple but effective meditational and physical exercises for "subtle self" work, develop our capacity for contact with other people, Judith Blackstone clearly and expertly indicates the way in which we can deepen our spiritual awareness, and reconnect with the world.


The Way of Effortless Mindfulness: A Revolutionary Guide for Living an Awakened Life

What a beautiful book!" --Daniel J. Discover a refreshingly different form of mindfulness to access natural wisdom, and joy "In this groundbreaking guidebook, compassion, Loch Kelly offers contemporary versions of ancient practices . Whether you're an experienced meditator or are new to mindfulness practice,  The Way of Effortless Mindfulness offers a new and effective approach to awakening and healing.

Loch teaches "effortless mindfulness, " an advanced yet simple form of mindfulness that can liberate the deepest levels of suffering. Used book in Good Condition. That can liberate our lives with meaning, connection, and clarity. Siegel, compassion, author of aware what if you could open into a natural flow of wisdom, and joy in any moment? According to renowned meditation teacher Loch Kelly, MD,  this possibility is closer than you think.

By making a small initial effort of "unhooking" awareness from chattering thoughts, you can begin the journey home. Here you will learn:how to shift out of thought and into your awake, contemporary neuroscience, and psychotherapyhow to make the "you-turn" from small self to no-self to true SelfThe Five Foundations of Effortless MindfulnessHow to learn to return and train to remain in an awake, loving natureThe different approaches of effortless mindfulness and deliberate mindfulnessUnique methods to liberate difficult mental and emotional statesMindful glimpses micro-meditations that can be done at any time with eyes openA contemporary version of ancient methods to navigate your consciousnessEffective practices drawn from ancient wisdom, compassionate flowHow to avoid the pitfalls to embodying awakeningThis reader-friendly guide is filled with innovative practices designed to give you small glimpses of your awake, loving nature.

The way of effortless mindfulness shows that awakening is not only possible, but is also available in the midst of your daily life. Effortless mindfulness immediately introduces you to your awake, loving nature.

The Most Important Thing: Discovering Truth at the Heart of Life

Used book in Good Condition. From esteemed teacher adyashanti, a collection of writings on the search for the ultimate reality beneath the narrative of our lives"Our inner lives are every bit as astonishing, baffling, and mysterious as the infinite vastness of the cosmos. Adyashanti we all define our lives through the lens of stories.

Here you will find vivid anecdotes and teaching stories that illuminate the felt experience of Adyashanti’s teachings―those moments of grace in which every stone, ray of light, tree, and fraught silence reveal that none of us is alone and no one is ever truly isolated from the whole of existence.

These selections consider:exploration of the true meaning of birth, delve inward, and death• why grace can arrive both through struggle and as an unexpected gift• meditation as the art of "listening with one’s entire being"• Why a good question can be far more powerful than a concrete answer• How the things you choose to serve shape your life• Discovering the wisdom found in surprise, and uncertainty• Embodying your innate and inextricable connection with the total environment• The nature of ego and the ways it manifests• The moments of grace upon which all great religions pivotWhat is the story of your life? Is it happy or adventurous? Sad or lonely? In The Most Important Thing, Adyashanti shows you how to look past your personal narratives, sadness, life, and connect with the truths that fundamentally animate all of us.

. And yet, " teaches Adyashanti, "the truth is bigger than any concept or story. Drawn from intimate, deep-dive talks, The Most Important Thing presents writings devoted to the search for the ultimate reality of a self that exists beyond the bounds of storytelling. Whether we see ourselves as heroes or victims, good people or bad, everyone lives according to interwoven strands of narrative.


The Intimate Life: Awakening to the Spiritual Essence in Yourself and Others

Here is a transformational guide to becoming “lovers of life” and experiencing the full potential of our intimate relationships. The basis for this connection is what Dr. Used book in Good Condition. The intimate life: awakening to the Spiritual Essence in Yourself and Others. In the intimate life, this innovative teacher and psychotherapist shares 17 relational practices from her unique approach to embodied spiritual awakening known as the Realization Process.

It’s also one of our greatest challenges. Her teachings are lucid, powerful, phd, author of radical acceptance“with grace and profound insight, and wise―this book is a gem!”―Tara Brach, Judith Blackstone presents wise guidance on how we can more genuinely connect with and recognize the luminous depth of each other―and the world.

Marci shimoff, liberate the body’s subtle energy, love for no reason and happy for no reason attuning to unified consciousness―how to let go of our conditioned perceptions and behaviors to foster spiritual maturation• Overcoming boundary problems―how to embrace the paradox of oneness and separateness• Awareness, emotion, and physical contact―the three main pathways of interpersonal connection• The spiritual essence of sexuality―spiritual exercises that apply unified consciousness to sexuality to enhance pleasure, New York Times bestselling author, and moreTo genuinely love other people is one of the central ideals in every spiritual tradition.

Judith blackstone calls fundamental consciousness―what we all are in our essence. Offered to help us relate “core to core” with compassion, and joy, understanding, The Intimate Life explores:“Our spirituality flowers as we bring love alive in our lives. This is a book about making contact―with yourself, your partner, and everything around you―at the deepest level possible.

In the intimate life, judith blackstone guides us in how to release resistance to authentic contact and how to realize our inherent oneness with all beings.

The Tao of Trauma: A Practitioner's Guide for Integrating Five Element Theory and Trauma Treatment

Using concepts from acupuncture and asian medicine aam, emotional presentations, they describe common physical symptoms, alongside descriptions of the threat response from Western bio-behavioral science, and paths for healing for five survivor "types" detailed by the authors and correlated to the Five Elements of AAM.

. Used book in Good Condition. This ancient/modern integrative lens illuminates the diverse manifestations of traumatic stress in its survivors--chronic pain, metabolic problems, insomnia, autoimmune illness, and mental health disorders--and brings new hope to survivors of trauma and those who treat them.

The intimate life: awakening to the Spiritual Essence in Yourself and Others. Explains trauma using a combination of the five Elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine and a touch perspective; for practitioners of a variety of modalities, including acupuncturists, somatic therapists, massage therapists, and mental health providers.

Combining eastern and western trauma physiology, clinician-educators Alaine Duncan and Kathy Kain introduce a new map for acupuncturists, medical practitioners, mental health providers, and body-oriented clinicians to help restore balance in their patients.

Bodyfulness: Somatic Practices for Presence, Empowerment, and Waking Up in This Life

Bodyfulness inspires us to reclaim a body-centered contemplative life and challenges us to harness our potential to effect social and personal transformation in this body now. As a foundation for a contemplative life, the body can both literally and metaphorically help us wake up. Breathing, and moving—the ways we know our body—carry tremendous contemplative potential, and yet, sensing, we so often move through our days unaware of or in conflict with our physical selves.

Each chapter offers insights and practices that help us recover our lost physical wisdom—to integrate our bodies with mindfulness, to deal with emotions, and to develop attuned relationships. The intimate life: awakening to the Spiritual Essence in Yourself and Others. In bodyfulness, renowned somatic counselor Christine Caldwell offers a practical guide for living an embodied contemplative life, embracing whatever body we are in.

Used book in Good Condition.

The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy: Engaging the Rhythm of Regulation Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology

Used book in Good Condition. With clear explanations of the organizing principles of Polyvagal Theory, this complex theory is translated into clinician and client-friendly language. The polyvagal theory presented in client-friendly language. This book offers therapists an integrated approach to adding a polyvagal foundation to their work with clients.

With chapters that build confidence in understanding Polyvagal Theory, and practices for re-patterning, as well as a series of autonomic meditations, tracking, chapters that introduce worksheets for mapping, this book offers therapists a guide to practicing polyvagal-informed therapy. The polyvagal theory in therapy is essential reading for therapists who work with trauma and those who seek an easy and accessible way of understanding the significance that Polyvagal Theory has to clinical work.

. The intimate life: awakening to the Spiritual Essence in Yourself and Others. Through exercises that have been specifically created to engage the regulating capacities of the ventral vagal system, therapists are given tools to help clients reshape their autonomic nervous systems. Adding a polyvagal perspective to clinical practice draws the autonomic nervous system directly into the work of therapy, build capacities for regulation, helping clients re-pattern their nervous systems, and create autonomic pathways of safety and connection.

Using a unique autonomic mapping process along with worksheets designed to effectively track autonomic response patterns, this book presents practical ways to work with clients' experiences of connection.

Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark: Breaking Free from the Hidden Forces That Drive You

Our shadow, " teaches robert augustus masters, "is our internal storehouse for the parts of us that we’ve disowned or rejected, or are otherwise keeping in the dark. Everyone has a shadow, but all too many of us are unaware of it. The intimate life: awakening to the Spiritual Essence in Yourself and Others.

With depth and clarity, he illuminates the process of meeting our shadow in beneficial ways, and how we can embody a more complete and life-giving experience of who we are. In this book you’ll discover: • the nature of our shadow and how to optimally work with it―exploring our conditioning and core shadow elements, aggression, sexuality, death, addiction, dreams, political party, or nation―bringing them and their associated traumas into the light When we uncover and work in-depth with our shadow, resistance, narcissism, social groups, and other matters deeply influenced by our shadow • Why turning toward our pain is an essential part of shadow work―making wise use of our pain • Collective shadow domains we share with family, self-sabotage, fear, including in the domains of shame, and spirituality • How to work with the child within, we free ourselves from its control and gain the opportunity to put its contents to work for us instead of allowing them to work against us.

Bringing your shadow out of the dark shows us how to navigate the full terrain of our emotions, drives, needs, and depths of who we are. For some, it may contain unacknowledged anger or grief. It holds the feelings and beliefs that we are most ashamed of or cannot accept about ourselves. Used book in Good Condition.

Somatic Psychotherapy Toolbox: 125 Worksheets and Exercises to Treat Trauma & Stress

Whether you're new to somatic approaches or a seasoned practitioner, this toolbox will be a game-changer in your work. From over 25 years of clinical experience, ma, manuela Mischke-Reeds, LMFT, has created the go-to resource for mental health therapists who want to incorporate somatic techniques into their daily practice.

The intimate life: awakening to the Spiritual Essence in Yourself and Others. Highly-effective for clients dealing with trauma and stress disorders, somatic psychotherapy is the future of healing the entire person-body and mind. Section-by-section, this toolbox guide the clinician through: - targeted somatic interventions for trauma, stress and PTSD - Steps to incorporate the body into your current therapeutic approach - Mindfulness techniques and breath work - Starting guidelines, safety concerns and keys to success- Getting to know their own body to better use body work with clients Used book in Good Condition.