The Viscount’s Rose The Farthingale Series Book 5

Viscount julian emory is a secret agent of the Crown on an important mission to destroy the spy ring Napoleon has established in London. The woman he’s pretending to court is one of Napoleon’s most important spies, for only she knows the identity of the traitor within the royal inner circle. By forcing him into close quarters with Rose Farthingale, they've put both his mission and this delectable innocent in danger.

When rose farthingale is saved from the rubble of her pottery workshop, she knows that she must repay this debt to her handsome rescuer by abducting him at his family’s desperate urging in order to save him from the clutches of the scheming woman he is presently courting and intending to marry. But rose never expects to be abducted with him, or to fall in love with him over the course of their captivity.

He’s purposely encouraged the courtship and marriage rumors in the hope she will make a slip and disclose the traitor’s identity, but his meddlesome family has just ruined his plans. Can he keep himself from falling in love with Rose long enough to bring down Napoleon’s spy organization? .

A Midsummer's Kiss The Farthingale Series Book 4

Sometimes love happens at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected places. But as she comes to know Graelem, she realizes that he may very well be the man she's destined to love. She plans to marry another, her long-time friend and childhood infatuation who is now in London to propose to her, for she's a Farthingale and everyone knows that Farthingales only marry for love.

Sometimes it quietly sneaks up on you, and sometimes it knocks you over on a London street, just as it happens to Lord Graelem Dayne when Laurel Farthingale's horse runs him over and breaks his leg. Graelem has until midsummer's day, a mere thirty days away to find a wife or lose a large inheritance, so when a remorseful Laurel begs his forgiveness and promises to do anything for him, he takes her up on that promise and insists that she marry him.

Laurel farthingale has no intention of becoming Graelem Dayne’s biddable bride and is furious that he's tricked her into a betrothal. Can he ever love her above his desire to secure his baronial fortune? .

Rules for Reforming a Rake The Farthingale Series Book 3

Gabriel dayne, younger son of the earl of trent, has spent the war years cultivating his image as a knave and drunken rakehell to hide his true occupation as a spy against Napoleon’s forces. Daisy farthingale protected her sister by taking blame for a scandalous incident that occurred during her sister’s debut season and now embarks upon her own entrance into society with a slight tarnish to her reputation.

His missions on the Continent have taken a harrowing physical toll as well as an emotional one. Unfortunately, lord gabriel dayne, she finds herself falling in love with london’s most notorious rakehell, a disreputable wastrel who may be spying for the French! What’s a girl to do? Fortunately, Daisy has gotten her hands on Lady Forsythia Haversham’s Rules for Reforming a Rake.

No one trusts her judgment when it comes to men, but Daisy is determined to redeem herself in the eyes of her beloved family by marrying the most honorable man she can find. Sent home to recover from gunshot wounds acquired in a skirmish though most of London Society believes he was shot by a jealous husband, he’s determined to enjoy the wastrel reputation he’s taken great pains to develop, for he soon expects to be recalled to battle.

But the dangers he encountered in napoleon’s war pale in comparison to the danger he faces from Daisy Farthingale, the beautiful slip of a girl who creates havoc with his heart from the moment he sets eyes upon her.

The Duke I'm Going to Marry The Farthingale Series Book 2

If the chipping way bachelor curse holds true, she’s doomed to marry the wretched rakehell. Dillie wants a man who will love her and be faithful in the marriage. Daffodil farthingale, is horrified to learn the man she has just rescued from ruffians outside the Farthingale townhouse is none other than Ian Markham, known as Dillie to her friends and family, the notorious Duke of Edgeware.

To wind up falling in love? The duke will never do, for he harbors secret torments and has sworn he will never fall in love or marry. When scandal breaks—after all, he does spend a week recovering in her bed—Dillie leaves London, little knowing that the handsome duke has just left town as well. With the farthingale family and his assailants on their trail, Ian and Dillie suddenly find themselves trapped in the same charming inn during a torrential rainstorm.

Can ian overcome his haunted past, and can Dillie ever overcome her mistrust of him.

Earl of Hearts The Farthingale Series Book 6

But in saving her life, will he put his heart at risk?John Randall long ago decided never to allow anyone into his heart. But admitting his love for Nicola will force him to confront the demons haunting him since childhood. Love comes to those who need it most. With every hour they spend together, he finds his solid wall of protection collapsing.

What will happen when an earl determined never to love meets the only woman who can tear down his defenses?Lady Nicola Emory adored her brother’s best friend, John Randall, Earl of Bainbridge, from the moment she met him. But the handsome earl, a mysterious and tormented agent of the Crown, never gave her any notice until the eve of her betrothal to another man.

How was she to know that her intended betrothed was plotting to overthrow the Crown? When Nicola stumbles upon the proof of his treason, she’s suddenly on the run for her life and John is the only one who can protect her. He’s faced death many times before and doesn’t fear it. That suddenly changes when he’s forced to go on the run with Nicola Emory, the one girl with the power to steal his heart.

Will digging up those dangerous memories free his heart? Or close it to love forever? Protecting the royal family and defeating England’s enemies are all he needs in his life.

My Fair Lily The Farthingale Series Book 1

Ewan, english girl, proud of his Scottish heritage, refuses to admit that Lily, a blue-eyed, has claimed his heart. It doesn't matter that his big lump of a sheepdog is madly in love with her. Nor is it significant that Ewan can always tell Lily apart from her identical twin sister. Nothing can tempt him to remain, not even Lily, the beautiful bluestocking determined not only to restore relations between him and his grandfather, but to turn Ewan into a proper gentleman.

Between shootings, and lily's abduction, explosions, Ewan ends up falling in love with Lily in this Pygmalion-inspired story. Ewan cameron's big, lumpy sheepdog has fallen in love with English bluestocking Lily. Will sexy highlander ewan fall for the bookish beauty too? Ewan Cameron, estranged grandson of the Duke of Lotheil, is in London because of a deathbed promise made to his father and has no intention of staying beyond his three month obligation.

Always. Lily farthingale, the scholarly twin, dreams of becoming the first female member of the Royal Society. She grabs at the chance when the elderly duke of lotheil approaches her with a proposition - he'll admit her into the Royal Society, if she helps him to establish a relation with his estranged grandson, Ewan Cameron, a very rough-around-the-edges Scotsman who hates everything English.


Capturing the Heart of a Cameron Farthingale Series Novellas Book 1

If you loved me appeared previously in under The Kissing Bough boxset and Never Dare A Duke appeared previously in A Duke’s Desire boxset. Never dare a duke: frances cameron ought to be spending the month planning her wedding, but when a casual toast on the night of her betrothal escalates into a battle of the sexes, she finds herself obligated on a dare to spend the next thirty days working closely with the handsome and powerful Duke of Kintyre.

George Farthingale. In winning the dare, will she also lose her heart to the duke?if You Kissed Me: As the beautiful granddaughter of a powerful duke, Lady Evangline Cameron is much sought-after on the Marriage Mart, but the only man who will ever claim her heart is Dr. This boxset contains three Farthingale series novellas.

Can she? adelaide tucks a kissing bough under her pillow in the hope of dreaming of the man she’s supposed to marry, but Desmond keeps popping up in her dreams. Sparks fly whenever camerons and Farthingales meet in If You Kissed Me and If You Loved Me. In never dare a duke, frances Cameron makes a wish upon a falling star and gets far more than she bargained for.

How can evie gain the respected doctor’s attention? If only he would kiss her. If you loved me: adelaide farthingale’s journey from York to London as Christmas approaches takes an unexpectedly romantic turn when she meets Desmond Cameron, the handsome Marquis of Blackfell. She’s on her way to london to meet her intended husband and can’t possibly fall in love with Desmond.

A Match Made in Duty The Braydens Book 1

I hope you enjoy reading this Beauty and The Beast inspired story. When the earl of exmoor agrees to marry Sophie as a favor to her dying brother, he never expects that this match made in duty will be the cure for his broken and battle-scarred heart. Note: this novella was originally written and published as a part of the once limited edition The Hearts of Courage box set, where proceeds went to Walter Reed Army Hospital.


Never Dare a Duke Farthingale Series Novellas

In winning the dare, will she also lose her heart to the duke? Frances cameron ought to be spending the month planning her wedding, but when a casual toast on the night of her betrothal escalates into a battle of the sexes, she finds herself obligated on a dare to spend the next thirty days working closely with the handsome and powerful Duke of Kintyre.

More farthingale series fun!falling in love the Farthingale way is never traditional and this humorous, battle of the sexes romance is no exception.

If You Wished For Me The Farthingale Series Book 7

Is william farthingale just the man to bring Meggie Cameron the Christmas miracle she needs?Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited! Big, rugged and rough-hewn, as though his body had been carved out of the hardest oak. Two hearts meant to be together, one secret keeping them apart. William looked like a medieval warrior.

A farthingale christmas Novella! Two hearts, one secret, and a holiday miracle waiting to happen. Meggie was like a slow burning ember that took time to kindle a fire in a man, but once sparked, that fire would never be diminished.

The Taste of Love Book of Love 3

It will take a miracle to win her heart. Is it possible the book of love holds the magic to bring it about?the book of Love SeriesBook 1 - The Look of LoveBook 2 - The Touch of LoveBook 3 - The Taste of LoveBook 4 - The Song of Love Approx. March 2020book 6 - the Kiss of Love Approx. She wants a mild-mannered english earl, one who lives near her family, and who will not make her heart leap or her bones melt as Thad does every time he looks at her.

Thaddius maclauren intends to claim a kiss from Lady Penelope Sherbourne and nothing more. She’s also been kinder to him than anyone else alive, and for a boy who never felt loved by his family, Penelope’s kindness has come to mean everything to him. Dec. How can he ever tell her how he feels? She’s the daughter of a powerful earl and all he can offer her is a tumble-down holding at the northern tip of Scotland.

2019book 5 - the scent of Love Approx. Will the mysterious book of love lead penelope to her true love?book 3 in the bestselling book of Love series is now available! Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Lady Penelope Sherbourne is not - absolutely not - going to fall in love with Thaddius MacLauren, Laird of Caithness, even if he is a big, handsome Scottish brute and ridiculously protective of her.

No, not a thing more, even though he’s loved the sharp-tongued, vexing lass forever. June 2020 But now that the book of love has fallen into her hands, Thad is the only one she trusts to test out the sensations she must explore in order to find the perfect husband.