The Tamarack Murders: A Bo Tully Mystery Sheriff Bo Tully Mysteries Book 5

Will tully get his man or men this time? does the Blight Way ever fail? Read another page-turning mystery turned misadventure by New York Times bestselling author, Patrick F. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

. Bo tully, sheriff of blight County, Idaho, has seen his share of small-town crime. Fact is, everyone in the area knows Tully, and knows his Blight Way of doing things. Along the way, who seems to have a spider web of connections throughout town; two out-of-town elk hunters who don’t know much about elk hunting, tough FBI agent named Angie, Tully has to deal with the likes of a shadowy local named Gridley Shanks, but are tied to the murder; an elderly couple who end up dead while caring for a rundown mansion and property out of town; a sassy assistant named Daisy; an attractive, who suddenly finds herself involved in her first murder investigation; and a host of other characters.

Bo tully is a renowned sheriff because he always gets his man—whether by the book or otherwise. But when he and his deputy hike into the deep woods, little do they realize that they are about to witness a murder—and that, in turn, tracking a suspected bank robber, will lead the sheriff on an intricate trail, a series of twists and turns demanding his utmost attention and keenest crime-solving abilities.

McManus. Skyhorse publishing, folklore and mythology, literary classics including shakespeare, erotic and love stories, Cather, as well as our Arcade, mystery, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction—novels, novellas, classic literature, historical fiction, satire, political and medical thrillers, Dumas, and Good Books imprints, comedy, Wilde, Yucca, romance, and much more.

There’s also the case of missing loot, which no one can find—at least, until Tully puts his mind to it.

The Double-Jack Murders: A Sheriff Bo Tully Mystery Sheriff Bo Tully Mysteries

Mcmanus's darkest, most entertaining mystery yet. The third novel in Patrick F. A fast-moving tale of murder, mayhem, and mining, The Double-Jack Murders is Patrick F. In an effort to lead his would-be killer into the open, Tully heads north with his ex-sheriff father, and also to do a little gold prospecting and fishing while he's at it, and his friend and expert tracker, Pap, Dave.

As the two cases play themselves out, Sheriff Tully finds himself hunting down one murderer who's probably long dead, and being hunted by another who's very much alive. Mcmanus's bestselling mystery series finds sheriff Bo Tully with his hands full of elusive killers, eccentric backwoods characters, and irresistible women in this latest romp through the wilds of Blight County, Idaho.

Sheriff bo tully is the kind of western lawman who's as good with the ladies as he is with his guns, and he never lets a death threat get in the way of a good barbecue. Meanwhile, a second, more threatening case looms large. He's a man with a sense of humor, which comes in handy when trying to establish order in Blight County.

In this latest tale, tully pursues a seventy-five-year-old missing persons case in which a pair of gold miners a two-man drilling team known as a double-jack mysteriously disappeared just as they hit the mother lode in a remote part of Blight County. After serving only two months of a life sentence, a mentally unstable murderer named Kincaid—a nasty piece of work if there ever was one—manages to escape prison, setting his sights on killing the man who put him behind bars: one Sheriff Bo Tully.


The Huckleberry Murders: A Sheriff Bo Tully Mystery Sheriff Bo Tully Mysteries Book 4

A twisty case packed with murder and mystery, The Huckleberry Murders is the most entertaining tale yet in this beloved series. Sheriff bo tully is the brand of western lawman who uses as much cunning and guile on the ladies as he does solving his cases. As the few potential leads are either killed off or prove nearly impossible to track down, Tully must follow his instincts to piece together the puzzle of who is doing the killing, and why.

As the novel opens, ray crockett, sheriff tully is following up on one of his famous hunches: he suspects the murder of local retiree Orville Poulson by his ranch caretaker, a sociopath with a criminal record. The only problem is, tully has no evidence or body to prove that a crime has been committed—supposedly Orville is alive and well and cashing his Social Security checks from Spokane.

Three young men have been shot, in a huckleberry patch on Scotchman Mountain, each in the back of the head, execution style, leaving behind no identification. Meanwhile, a far more alarming case emerges. His suspicions lead him straight into a haunted swamp, expert tracker and good friend Dave, Pap, along with Agent Phelps, his womanizing ex-sheriff father, and mountain man Poke.

He’s a man with a sense of humor and a hunch for the truth, which comes in handy when trying to capture killers and establish order in Blight County. With the help of confident and beautiful fbi agent angela Phelps, Tully tries to connect the dots between Poulson’s disappearance, the sudden spate of murders occurring in Blight County, and a big white pickup truck with dual tires causing havoc and crime.


Avalanche: A Sheriff Bo Tully Mystery Sheriff Bo Tully Mysteries

But who killed him, and how? furthermore, when another murder in Blight City is reported that week, the only suspect who makes sense. Is the dead guy, Mike Wilson. However, visions of r & r vanish in a flash on the drive up, when Tully and Pap suddenly realize an avalanche is thundering down the mountain, straight toward them.

But how could that have happened? it's up to Tully to figure it all out in this comic romp through the wilds of Blight County, from bestselling author Patrick McManus. Mcmanus’s comic mystery, a person who turns up missing during an avalanche turns up murdered—and everyone is a suspect. When the call comes in that mike Wilson, has gone missing, the unlikable owner of West Branch Lodge, Sheriff Tully is delighted.

Tully's stranded at the lodge with a motley group of vacationers and locals: a sassy co-ed, a group of rambunctious fraternity boys, a suspiciously good-looking bartender, Tully's old flame, and worst or perhaps best of all, a shadowy group of what looks like ex-cons, the missing owner's wife, who shows up with her dogsled and naughty intentions.

This is an excellent opportunity for tully, and his retired sheriff father, Pap, his tracker pal Dave, to enjoy a few evenings of hot tubs and single-malt scotch at the luxurious lodge while working the case. Both vacationers and locals start to look like suspects when Tully discovers startling evidence proving that the avalanche was no accident of nature.

But why would anybody want him dead? And then the missing persons case turns into a murder case when Mike Wilson's body turns up in the river a couple of days later. In patrick F.

Circles in the Snow: A Bo Tully Mystery Sheriff Bo Tully Mysteries Book 6

. In this fast-paced whodunit, who is well-known as a budding ornithologist; and the ranch foreman, bird-loving wife who mysteriously leaves for a ranch in Mexico the day of the murder; the beautiful chef at the local house of ill repute, Tully has a vast array of suspects to chose from—including the rancher’s gorgeous, who is rumored to be having an affair with his boss’s widow.

Will tully put the pieces of the puzzle together, the former sheriff of blight county, yet again? Will sending his dad, along with his number two man, down to Mexico help solve the mystery? And what about the mysterious large circles in the snow that Tully finds around the ranch—with no footprints leading in or out of the area?It all adds up to another engrossing series of twists and turns.

. Or does he?skyhorse publishing, as well as our arcade, erotic and love stories, literary classics including Shakespeare, Dumas, Cather, novellas, comedy, Yucca, Wilde, romance, satire, mystery, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction—novels, folklore and mythology, classic literature, historical fiction, political and medical thrillers, and Good Books imprints, and much more.

Now, contemplating retirement after years on the job, Tully is faced with perhaps his most perplexing case yet. Or woman. Bo tully, idaho, sheriff of Blight County, has dealt with small-town crime throughout his long, storied career. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.


The Blight Way: A Sheriff Bo Tully Mystery Sheriff Bo Tully Mysteries

From bestselling author patrick mcmanus comes the first mystery starring Blight County sheriff, Bo Tully which Kirkus Reviews called “one of the most entertaining debuts in years. Bo tully, idaho—and a fellow who dropped twenty pounds on Atkins—had been thinking about asking out Jan Whittle, sheriff of Blight County, his grade-school sweetheart.

Problem is, he’s already promised to celebrate his dad’s seventy-fifth birthday with him. Mcmanus delivers a page-turning mystery filled with mirth and misadventure set in hook-and-bullet territory. And what quickly becomes apparent is that, they are, for better or worse, while the sheriff’s investigative methods may not exactly be legal, The Blight Way.

Thwarted romance proves to be the least of Bo’s problems, however, when a dead body turns up on Batim Scragg’s ranch. Forced to put on his sleuthing hat, Bo finds himself faced with a whole slew of possible suspects. A bestselling author with more than two million books in print, the curmudgeonly wit Patrick F.


Dead Space Charlie Willis Book 2

It probably won't make goldberg, spenser: for hire, the most popular boy on the Paramount lot, a television writer and producer Baywatch, seaQuest, but it's a stingingly funny novel just the same. Entertainment weekly "the hilarious follow-up to Goldberg's witty debut, My Gun Has Bullets. This book skewers the entertainment business, " Oline Codgill, which Goldberg knows well, Knight-Ridder Newspapers.

As in his riotous novel my gun has Bullets, TV writer/producer Goldberg once again bites the hand that feeds him, laughing all the while. But the rest of us should have no trouble…. The novel's satiric slant is strong enough to have an effigy of goldberg beamed into outer space at the next Star Trek convention, " Los Angeles Times"Pinnacle Pictures has decided to revive a 25-year-old cult sci-fi TV show called Beyond the Beyond, but somebody keeps killing off the new cast.

1 new york times bestselling AuthorEx-cop Charlie Willis handles "special security" at Pinnacle Pictures. Martin's press in 1997critical acclaim for 'dead space':“goldberg uses just about everything he can think of to send up the studio system, actors… you name it, fandom, agents, Trekkies, Star Trek, he’ll make you laugh about it.

Analog"an outrageously entertaining take on the loathsome folkways of contemporary showbiz, " Kirkus Reviews“Mr. Inspired silliness, " Publishers Weekly. His job: to protect the studio and its stars, to stop scandals before they explode, to keep the peace in the land of make-believe.

Kerplunk!: Stories

Patrick F. Mcmanus's gently comic stories about outdoor life have earned him millions of fans worldwide. Mcmanus's reputation as an American classic. Traveling the highways and byways of the pacific Northwest, the delightful backcountry characters of Kerplunk! understand how a life of hunting and fishing -- and its inherent potential for misadventure -- can resonate with larger meaning.

In these tall tales, mcmanus and his buddies learn how not to net a fish, why you should never get your hair cut by someone who's mad at you, what to do when a deer wanders into camp but your sleeping bag has frozen shut, and how to avoid bird-dog flatulence. Often nostalgic, and always funny, occasionally philosophical, the stories in Kerplunk! reaffirm Patrick F.

. With kerplunk!, mcmanus delivers a collection of folksy, wonderfully wise depictions of country life worthy of Mark Twain. Mcmanus's characters know exactly why it costs $500 to make a fly lure that retails for $2; why installing a boat trailer hookup can lead to divorce; and, most important, you don't know you're in the water until you hear the kerplunk! These wry, why you should always listen for the sound of your fishing line hitting the water -- because in life as it is in fishing, curmudgeonly tales appeal to real outdoorsmen and the armchair variety alike.


The Horse in My Garage and Other Stories

The author weighs in on his childhood, everyday life, and outdoor tales with his typical exaggerated commentary that will elicit a belly laugh from all types of readers. Read about the antics of patrick’s friends rancid Crabtree and Retch Sweeney in such stories as “Shaping Up for the Hunt” and “Bear Hunters.

Mcmanus plays off the recent obsession with hoarders in his surprising story “The Lady Who Kept Things. In the titular story, meet patrick’s horse, Huckleberry, and enjoy the experience of all the problems that come along with owning your own horse—or keeping him in the garage. Other great stories include:“catch-and-eaters, ” which involves patrick’s memory of wandering around naked in the chicken yard when guests came to callSo pull up a chair, ” about the importance of a forked stick when fishing“$7000 TV Historical Extravaganza, on a fateful birding trip in Australia“Chicken Chronicles, ” a look at one director’s loose interpretation of historical accuracy and political correctness“A Lake Too Far, sit back, Bun, ” concerning the woes of Patrick and his wife, and enjoy laughing to the hilarious adventures of Patrick F.

The horse in my garage and Other Stories is a hilarious addition to Patrick F. Mcmanus’s existing work in humor. Mcmanus in the horse in My Garage and Other Stories.

A Certain Malice Mo Bowdre

But bowdre, a wildlife sculptor and occasional sleuth, may be in over his head, as he becomes embroiled in a possible case of ritual killing--and a certain malice. From the Paperback edition. What does it signify? The puzzle is made to order for Mo Bowdre's quirky and capacious intelligence. Near them, etched in stone, is a symbol unlike any Native American marking.

A bizarre murder leaves two teenagers dead in a desert arroyo, their naked bodies side by side, face up under the New Mexican sun.

A Fine and Pleasant Misery

A fine and pleasant miserymore witty cautionary tales of outdoor life, by everybody's favorite expert on the subject, Patrick F. McManus.