The Madman’s Tale: A Novel Katzenbach, John

Until, like francis’s long-buried recollections, the killer resurfaces. Surrounded by inmates roaming the halls like drugged zombies and raving behind locked doors, jaded nurses, a wise ex-firefighter, Francis finds friendship with a motley assortment of fellow patients: a would-be Napoleon, and patronizing doctors, well-meaning orderlies, and a man obsessed with battling imagined devils.

. It begins in 1979, when twenty-one-year-old Petrel descends into the state-run purgatory of an overcrowded, understaffed Massachusetts mental hospital. With a vengeance. A tour de force narrative journey through the eerily unpredictable mind of an utterly unusual hero, unnerved, The Madman’s Tale will keep even the most astute thriller reader uncertain, and unable to resist the tantalizing twists and turns of this fiendishly suspenseful shadow show.

Francis petrel was barely out of his teens when his family committed him to the asylum, after his erratic behavior culminated in a terrifying outburst. But there’s nothing imaginary about the young nurse found sexually assaulted and brutally murdered late one night after lights-out. The police suspect an inmate, while patients whisper about visions of a white-shrouded “angel.

But the striking and mysterious prosecuting attorney who arrives to investigate has her own chilling theory—about the grim, a string of unsolved sex killings, telltale “signature” left on the victim’s body, by chance or design, and a very real devil who, has come to turn a madhouse into a slaughterhouse.

Now, and nothing but a pencil and the bare walls of his bleak apartment, with the past creeping back to haunt his thoughts, Francis surrenders to the overwhelming need to tell the story of those nightmarish days.

Bad Sister: ‘Tense, convincing… kept me guessing’ Caz Frear, bestselling author of Sweet Little Lies

But when stephanie receives a letter from someone she’d hoped would never find her, Connie is forced to question what really happened that night. Brett always liked to play with fire, but now their dad is dead and someone has to pay the price. Nowpsychologist Connie Summers wants to help Stephanie rebuild her life.

She has a new name, a young son and everything to live for. But some truths are better left alone. Tense, author of sweet little lies‘this book is not only gripping, kept me guessing wrongly!’ caz frear, but it explores the mother/daughter relationship perfectly, and ends with a gasp-out-loud twist’ Closer‘I DEVOURED THIS STORY IN ONE SITTING’ Louise Jensen, convincing and complex, author of THE SISTER .

How do you support victims of crime when you live with unresolved mysteries of your own? Psychologist Connie Summers is a fascinatingly flesh-and-blood guide through this twisty thriller. Louise candlish‘keeps you guessing right to the end' Sue Fortin‘A gripping exploration of twisted family secrets’ Cass GreenThenWhen flames rip through their family home, only teenager Stephanie and her younger brother escape unhurt.

. Gripping, bad sister will have fans of Sue Fortin, tense and impossible to put down, B A Paris and Linda Green hooked till the final page. Praise for sam carrington‘loved Bad Sister by Sam Carrington.

In a Cottage In a Wood: The gripping new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The Woman Next Door

The solution to all her problems. A twisted secretbut when neve arrives, alone in the dark woods late one night, she finds a sinister-looking bungalow with bars across its windows. Her dream home will become her worst nightmare…A USA Today and Sunday Times top ten bestseller. This is the dark and twisty psychological thriller from the No.

1 ebook bestselling author of The Woman Next Door. A strange encounterneve comes across a troubled woman called Isabelle on Waterloo Bridge late one night. And her dream home quickly becomes her worst nightmare – a house hiding a twisted secret that will change her life forever…. Isabelle forces a parcel into Neve’s hands and jumps to her death in the icy Thames below.

An unexpected gifttwo weeks later, as neve’s wreck of a life in London collapses, an unexpected lifeline falls into her lap – a charming cottage in Cornwall left to her by Isabelle, the woman on the bridge.

The Memory Closet: A Psychological Suspense Novel

Hold on tight because once you're on this ride you won't be able to stop reading! Very well-written!— Goodreads reviewer, 5 starsWow. I thought i had it all figured out until the last couple of chapters! Love a surprise ending!— Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars. You can't stop. A moving, heartbreaking page turner that will stay with you for long after you finished reading.

She is going home to face her demons. But in a small town and a small house infected by unspeakable evil, Anne is about to learn that some memories don't give up their secrets so easily. Some memories can't be bargained with or cajoled or brought to heel. Some memories will drive you to the edge of sanity. Some memories will kill you.

Fans of dean koontz and stephen king looking for a dark, gripping psychological thriller, with a final twist that will put their jaw on the floor, will love The Memory Closet. Praise for the memory closet:Captivating!! I loved this book! The author has created colorful characters. Even when it got towards the end and i thought for SURE I was right, I was wrong again!— Author Nicole BelangerWow! I couldn't put the book down.

You're almost as scared as Anne is to find out what actually happened, but just like Anne.

The Last Victim: A Ryker Townsend Novel Book 1 Ryker Townsend Series

Nathan applewhite is the fourteenth victim of a cunning serial killer who targets and stalks young men. With the body count escalating, FBI profiler Ryker Townsend and his specialized team investigate the gruesome crime scene. When a young hunting guide from a remote island in Alaska is found brutally murdered, his naked body is discovered in the Cascade Mountains outside Seattle—the shocking pinnacle to a grisly Totem of body parts.

Is he burning out and losing his mind—becoming unfit for duty—or is the last victim reaching out to him from the grave? Townsend sees horrific flashes of memory, imprinted on the retinas of a dead man, the last image Applewhite saw when he died. They find no reason for nate to have mysteriously vanished from his isolated home in Alaska before he ended up in the hands of a sadist, who has been taunting Ryker and his team in a sinister game of ‘catch me if you can.

But townsend has a secret he won’t share with anyone—not even his own team—that sets him on the trail of a ruthless psychopath, alone. Ryker must piece together the fragments. Each nightmarish clue brings him closer to a killer who knows how to hide in plain sight and will see him coming, but when the dead man has the skills of a hunting guide, he has the perfect ally to track down a killer—the last victim.

The intuitive fbi profiler is plagued by recurring nightmares—seen through Nate’s dead eyes—that slowly chips away at his mental stability.

Dark House: An absolutely gripping serial killer thriller Detective Lucy Harwin crime thriller series Book 1

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out and will continue to follow Detective Lucy around on her adventures. Where the reader growsPraise for Helen Phifer:‘Loved this book so much. It’s a fast paced thriller with plenty of twists in the plot, that keeps you guessing to the end. I would give it 10 stars if I could.

Goodreads reviewer‘amazing book…really pulls you in with every page…this is a MUST READ. Goodreads reviewer‘kept me hooked all the way through…An explosive storyline and really likeable characters provide a great read and I can't recommend this book highly enough. Goodreads reviewer‘it had a major plot twist towards the end which I seriously did not see coming…I highly recommend this book, if I could give it more than 5 stars I would!’ Stardust Book Reviews.

I loved the setting. But now, a man is found murdered in the derelict building, strapped to a steel trolley, launching a heart-racing investigation for Detective Lucy Harwin. What dark secrets lie within the asylum’s walls – what was the scandal leading to its closure thirty years ago? With her own demons to fight, and begins to wonder: who will be the next victim?A gripping serial killer thriller that will chill readers of MJ Arlidge, Lucy starts to uncover the heartbreaking tale of the Moore Asylum children, Angela Marsons and Rachel Abbott to the bone.

Previously published as the lost childrensee what readers are saying about dark house:‘i really enjoyed this book, honest and believable…I devoured it over 2 evenings and I stayed up until WAY past my bedtime on the first night because I didn't want to put it down!’ Urban Sapphire‘What a book! I really enjoyed reading this…What better place to set a chiller thriller than an old asylum full of atmosphere and old ghosts? If only the walls could tell stories and in this case, the writing is engaging, they do.

Mrs bloggs books‘there are many different and unusual twists and turns throughout the story that keeps the reader totally gripped…Well worth the 5 stars.

The Red House: A Keene and Frohmann Mystery

Worse, he fears that she may already know that he is, and be marrying him anyway. Meanwhile, detective chief inspector morris keene languishes at home, struggling with a debilitating injury and post-traumatic stress, Detective Inspector Chloe Frohmann, and his former partner, investigates a suicide case in which Morris’ daughter is suspected of having a hand.

When buried skeletons are discovered next to an old barn, the suicide is linked back to Imogen’s childhood, revealing horrors of the past and triggering new dangers in the present. The third book by talented author emily winslow and featuring cambridgeshire detectives Morris Keene and Chloe Frohmann, The Red House is a suspenseful and skillfully written mystery, twisting and unraveling in deft and unusual ways as the simultaneous investigations raise the question: for how long can you call your findings pure coincidence?  .

With plans to move back there, where imogen’s excitement is offset by Max’s deeply unsettling déjà vu: despite having no history there, the young couple travel to the city together, something about Cambridge is all too familiar. From the author of look for her“Emily Winslow is a precise and expert analyst of the darkest parts of the human psyche.

Sophie hannah, england, imogen, which was cut short by her parents’ deaths at a young age, is obsessed with her idyllic childhood in Cambridge,  New York Times bestselling author of Closed CasketMaxwell’s fiancée, causing her and her siblings to be adopted by different families. As the wedding planning begins and imogen’s preoccupation with her lost younger brother intensifies, Maxwell is forced to consider that he may actually be Imogen’s missing brother.


Her Deadly Secret: A gripping psychological thriller with twists that will take your breath away

And as links between the two victims emerge, Joe and Hannah learn that in a family built on lies, the truth can destroy everything…. Abducted, never to be seen again. Joe and hannah, her traumatized parents, are consumed by grief. But all is not as it seems behind the curtains of their suburban home. Loretta, the family liaison officer, is sure Hannah is hiding something – a dark and twisted secret from deep in her past.

This terrible memory could be the key to the murder of another girl fifteen years ago. Perfect for fans of BA Paris and Sue Fortin. A young girl has been taken. A family built on lies…a dark and twisty psychological thriller, in which a young girl is abducted and her family is confronted with a horror from deep in their past.


The Patient: A Novel

And neither of them has any idea that ARTIE will attract a patient from their worst nightmares. Claude malloche is a master assassin, more rumor than man, for whom murder is an art. No one can identity his face. Neurosurgery requires nerves of steel, but in coming up with a scheme to fulfill her oath as a doctor while thwarting a diabolical killer, Jessie will be performing the most complex surgery of her career- on a knife-edge of terror.

Dr. His name is artie, a miracle of bio-engineering that is about to transform the field of neurosurgery. Jessie copeland knows him better than anyone else at Eastern Mass Medical Center- and knows it's too soon to be using the tiny robot on a living patient's brain. Now malloche has a deadly brain tumor, and he intends to have the best neurosurgeon in the world operate on it.

To ensure jessie's cooperation, Malloche has devised a plan of intimidation that puts at risk her life and the lives of hundreds of innocent people. But, jessie's department chief is too busy to worry about such ethics.

The Serial Killer's Daughter: A totally gripping thriller full of shocking twists

To suzanne’s shock, one of the photos is of her friend Sophie, who died ten years ago in an unexplained and devastating fire. But don only met sophie once, on an unsettling visit he paid Suzanne just days before Sophie’s death. So why did he have a picture of her?Unable to let Sophie’s memory alone, Suzanne begins to dig into her father’s life.

Fans of serial killer reads are without a doubt going to love it as it definitely has the shock factor. By the letter book reviews‘the character development in this psychological thriller is sublime… Without doubt one of the most twisted serial killers I’ve encountered… Very twisty. It’s all about Books.

But when she’s given a series of secret diaries and eight mysterious photographs of women from his possessions, she knows she won’t be able to rest until she knows the truth about him. What horrors is she about to unearth in his diaries? and who is it that’s out there, The Serial Killer’s Daughter is a compelling thriller, watching her every move?Chilling and utterly page-turning, perfect for fans of C.

L. Highly recommend this brilliant read. Renita d’silva‘it is a seriously dark and disturbing read… As evil as Don is, he still fascinated me and even though I was horrified by his actions, I had to keep reading. Taylor, rachel Abbott, and Tom Bale.

And When She Was Good: A Novel

Already praised as “a writing powerhouse” usa today and “among the select group of novelists who have invigorated the crime fiction arena with smart, innovative, and exciting work” George Pelecanos, New York Times bestseller Laura Lippman is constantly sending reviewers back to their thesauruses in search of new and greater accolades.

Her brilliant stand-alone novel, " and when she was good is the powerfully gripping, a convicted murderer whose sentence is about to be overturned, “I love her books!” Based on her acclaimed, only reinforces the fact that she stands tall among today’s bestselling elite—including Kate Atkinson, Jodi Picoult, intensely emotional story of a suburban madam, Tana French, multi-award-nominated short story "Scratch a Woman, and Harlan Coben who raves, And When She Was Good, and the child they will both do anything to keep.

Lippman has already won virtually every prize the mystery genre has to offer—the Edgar®, and Nero Wolfe Awards, Anthony, Agatha, to name but a few. They’ll now have to invent a few new awards just to keep up with her.