The Lure of a Rake The Heart of a Duke Book 9

Then she meets Cedric Falcot, the Marquess of St. After all, cedric has spent years protecting his heart, and keeping everyone out. As they continue to meet, passions stir. Now, it's up to cedric to prove to Genevieve that the love of a man is far more powerful than the lure of a rake. Length: full-length novel 105, 000 words***All books in "The Heart of a Duke" series can be read as standalone novels.

The heart of a dukefor love of the dukemore than a dukethe love of a rogue usa today bestselling novellaLoved by a DukeTo Love a LordThe Heart of a ScoundrelTo Wed His Christmas Lady novellaTo Trust a RogueThe Lure of a Rake. Even though she’s not given up on the hope of marrying for love, she’s wary of trusting again.

A lady dreaming of LoveLady Genevieve Farendale has a scandalous past. But with genevieve's hope for true love, she fears Cedric will be unable to give up his wayward lifestyle. Slowly, she chips away at all the walls he's built, but when he falters, Genevieve can't offer him redemption. But with her sordid history, Genevieve knows a rake can also easily destroy her.

An unlikely pairingwhat begins as a chance encounter between Cedric and Genevieve, becomes something more. Albans whose seductive ways set her heart aflutter. Jilted at the altar years earlier and exiled by her family, she’s now returned to London to prove she can be a proper lady.

To Redeem a Rake The Heart of a Duke Book 11

Can society's most notorious rake redeem his reputation and become the man Daphne deserves? And behaving means he must also help find a respectable companion for his youngest sister--someone who will guide her and whom she can emulate. However, Daniel knows no such woman. But daniel must resist his desire for a woman tarnished by scandal while Daphne is reminded of the boy she once knew.

But when he encounters a childhood friend, Daniel believes she may just be the answer to all of his problems. Having been secretly humiliated by an unscrupulous blackguard years earlier, Miss Daphne Smith dreams of finding work at Ladies of Hope, an institution that provides an education for disabled women.

Knowing daniel's history, she wishes to avoid him, but working for his sister is exactly the stepping stone she needs. Their attraction intensifies as Daniel and Daphne grow closer, preparing his sister for the London Season. He's spent years scandalizing society. Now, this rake must change his ways. Society's most infamous scoundrel, has been promised a small fortune if he can relinquish his wayward, Daniel Winterbourne, the Earl of Montfort, carousing lifestyle.

With her sordid past and a disfigured leg, few opportunities arise for a woman such as she.

To Woo a Widow The Heart of a Duke Book 10

She's far from shattered. Will philippa let down her guard and allow miles to woo a widow in desperate need of his love? *****To Woo a Widow is an approximately 40, 000 word short novel. Lady philippa Winston is never marrying again. They see a brokenhearted widow. It's up to him to break down every belief Philippa carries about gentlemen, proving that not only is love real, but that he is the man deserving of her sheltered heart.

Years ago, miles brookfield, the marquess of Guilford, made a frivolous vow he never thought would come to fruition--he promised to marry his mother's goddaughter if he was unwed by the age of thirty. Now, to his dismay, he's faced with honoring that pledge. After her late husband's cruelty that she kept so well hidden, she has no desire to search for love.

But when he encounters the beautiful and intriguing Lady Philippa, Miles knows his true path in life.

To Wed His Christmas Lady The Heart of a Duke Book 7

He’s returning home from a blissful eight years of traveling the world to see to his responsibilities. And william has to set aside all previous thoughts he’s carried of the polished ladies like Cara, to be the man to show her that love. Please note, this is an approximately 48, 000 word novella. As this gruff stranger breaks down the walls she’s built about herself, Cara has to determine whether she can truly open her heart to trusting that any man is capable of good and that she herself is capable of love.

Journeying home from her finishing school for the Christmas holidays, Cara's carriage is stranded during a winter storm. She’s forced to tarry at a ramshackle inn, where she immediately antagonizes another patron—William. He's avoiding his duty in favor of one last adventure:William Hargrove, the Marquess of Grafton has wanted only one thing in life—to avoid the future match his parents would have him make to a cold, duke’s daughter.

She’s longing to be loved:lady cara falcot has only served one purpose to her loathsome father—to increase his power through a marriage to the future Duke of Billingsley. As such, she's built protective walls about her heart, and presents an icy facade to the world around her. But when a winter storm interrupts his trip and lands him at a falling-down inn, he’s forced to share company with a commanding Lady Cara who initially reminds him exactly of the woman he so desperately wants to avoid.

A christmas snowstorm ushers in the spirit of the season:At the holiday time, these two people who despise each other due to first perceptions are offered renewed beginnings and fresh starts.

One Winter with a Baron The Heart of a Duke Book 12

As a bluestocking who values hard, empirical data, Sybil needs help with her research. Can this clever woman look beneath the veneer of a coldhearted rake to see the man Nolan truly is? Nolan pratt, one of society's most scandalous rakes, Baron Webb, is the perfect gentleman to help her. When sybil presents him the opportunity to earn much-needed funds, he can't refuse.

A winter to remember: however, what begins as a business arrangement becomes something more and with every meeting, Sybil slips inside his heart. After all, he inspires fear in proper mothers and desire within their daughters. A notorious rake:society may be aware of nolan Pratt, Baron’s Webb’s wicked ways, but what he has carefully hidden is his miserable handling of his family's finances.

A clever spinster: content with her spinster lifestyle, Miss Sybil Cunning wants to prove that a future as an unmarried woman is the only life for her.

To Enchant a Wicked Duke The Heart of a Duke Book 13

His plot hinges upon Lord Rutland's innocent, empty-headed sister-in-law, Justina Barrett. Until now. With his rival finally happily married, Nick is able to set his ruthless scheme into motion. With each carefully orchestrated encounter, with her quick wit and strength, never anticipating that Justina, he slips further and further inside the lady's heart, will break down his own defenses.

A devil in disguiseyears ago, watched his family destroyed at the hands of a merciless nobleman, when Nick Tallings, the recent Duke of Huntly, he vowed revenge. As nick's plans begins to unravel, he's left to determine which is more important--Justina's love or his vow for vengeance. Nick will ruin her, marry her, and then leave her brokenhearted.

Even with her ruthless father determined to sell her off to the highest bidder, Justina never gives up on her hope for a good, honorable gentleman who values her wit more than her looks. A not-so-chance meetingnick's ploy to ensnare Justina falls neatly into place in the streets of London. But can justina ever forgive the duke who deceived her?

A lady dreaming of lovefrom the moment Justina Barrett makes her Come Out, she is labeled a Diamond. But his efforts had been futile, as his enemy, Lord Rutland is without weakness.

The Heart of a Scoundrel The Heart of a Duke Book 6

And phoebe who desires love at all costs, has to determine if she can ever truly trust the heart of a scoundrel. Except, he’s thwarted by another, more enticing target—Miss Phoebe Barrett. Miss phoebe barrett knows precisely the shame she’s been born to. After a chance meeting with the Marquess of Rutland, she is captivated by the mysterious man.

All edmund wants in life is power. As she’s drawn into the darkness of his world, Phoebe risks being destroyed by Edmund’s ruthlessness. After he was publically humiliated by his one love Lady Margaret, he vowed vengeance, using Margaret’s niece, as his pawn. Ruthless, wicked, and dark, the Marquess of Rutland rouses terror in the breast of ladies and nobleman alike.

Because her father is a shocking letch she’s learned to form her own opinions on a person’s worth. He, too, is a victim of society’s scorn, but the more encounters she has with Edmund, the more she knows there is powerful depth and emotion to the jaded marquess. The lady wreaks havoc on Edmund’s plans for revenge and he finds he wants Phoebe, at all costs.


To Love a Lord The Heart of a Duke Book 5

And he is determined to find out just what it is. All they need is each other: as Gabriel and Jane confront the truth of their feelings, the lies and secrets between them begin to unravel. Now she finds herself in the Marquess of Waverly’s household. All she wants is security:The last place finishing school instructor Mrs.

Vowing to never wed, she’s been scuttled around from post to post. Jane munroe belongs, is in polite Society. But soon, she discovers Gabriel is unlike any gentleman she’s ever known. All he wants is a companion for his sister: what Gabriel finds himself with instead, is a fiery spirited, bespectacled woman who entices him at every corner and challenges his age-old vow to never trust his heart to a woman.

And jane is left to decide whether or not it is ever truly safe to love a lord. But…there is something suspicious about his sister’s companion. She’s never met a nobleman she liked, and when she meets the pompous, arrogant marquess, she remembers why.

Beguiled by a Baron The Heart of a Duke Book 14

But her peaceful existence—expanding her mind with her study of rare books—is threatened with an ultimatum from her evil brother—steal a valuable book or give up her son. Wary from having his heart broken in the past, it should be easy enough to keep Bridget at arm’s length, yet desire for her dogs his steps.

Bridget has no choice; her son is her world. A lord with a purpose… vail Basingstoke, Baron Chilton is known throughout London as the Bastard Baron. Now bridget and vail will have to overcome the horrendous secrets and lies between them to grasp a love—and life—together. As they spend time in each other’s company, but when Bridget’s integrity is called into question, understanding for life grows as does love, Vail’s world is shattered—as is his heart again.

A lady with a secret… partially deaf, with a birthmark marring her face, Bridget Hamilton is content with her life, even if she’s been cast out of her family. The chance to sell a highly coveted book for a financial windfall is his only thought. Two paths collide… when bridget masquerades as the baron’s newest housekeeper, he’s hopelessly intrigued by her quick wit and her skill with antique tomes.

After battling at waterloo, he establishes himself as the foremost dealer in rare books and builds a fortune, determined to never be like the self-serving duke who sired him. He devotes his life to growing his fortune to care for his illegitimate siblings, also fathered by the duke.

To Trust a Rogue The Heart of a Duke Book 8

And eleanor must decide if it’s ever safe to trust a rogue. With all the betrayals and secrets between them, Marcus has to open his heart again. Eleanor collins, fled london and the only man she ever loved, Marcus, Viscount Wessex. He will offer her a place in his bed, but not anything more. Under that façade, dwells a man whose dreams were shattered almost eight years earlier by a young lady who captured his heart, however, pledged her love, and then left him, with nothing more than a curt note.

Even though they’re next door neighbors, she vows to avoid him, just in case, there is little reason for her to move in the same circles as Marcus, for he reminds her of all she lost when she left. Reunitedas their paths continue to cross, Marcus finds his desire for Eleanor just as strong, but he learned long ago she’s not to be trusted.

The more time they spend together, the protective wall they’ve constructed to keep the other out, begin to break. Only, eleanor has no interest in this new, roguish man. A roguemarcus, the viscount Wessex has carefully crafted the image of rogue and charmer for polite Society. She has now returned to serve as a companion for her elderly aunt with a daughter in tow.

A widoweight years earlier, faced with no other choice, Mrs.

Loved by a Duke The Heart of a Duke Book 4

Auric, the duke of Crawford enjoys Daisy's company. Not when he has no right to her heart. But perhaps, just perhaps, she can forgive the past and trust that he’d forever cherish her heart—but will she let him? Unfortunately, Auric sees her as his best friend's sister and nothing more. For ten years, lady daisy Meadows has been in love with Auric, the Duke of Crawford.

The last thing he is interested in however, is pursuing a romance with a woman he’s known since she was in leading strings. But perhaps, if she can manage to find the fabled heart of a duke pendant, she will win over the heart of her duke. He couldn’t. Not with the guilt he carries over his past sins. This season, daisy is turning up in the oddest places and he cannot help but notice that she is no longer a girl.

But auric wouldn’t do something as foolhardy as to fall in love with Daisy. Ever since his gallant rescue years earlier, Daisy knew she was destined to be his Duchess.