The Invisible Culture: Communication in Classroom and Community on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation

She reveals the ways in which the daily interactions among the teachers and students place the Indian children in a subordinate position not only by virtue of their status as children and students relative to adult teachers, but also as Indians relative to the dominant Euro- American culture. A classic in the fields of educational anthropology and sociolinguistics, this volume offers much to the understanding of the organization of communication in the classroom.

While this book is ostensibly about the experience of the Warm Springs children, it also expresses important insights for anyone who seeks to understand the role of language in culture. With an approach that balances both theory and application, Philips explores the experience of Warm Springs Indian children in an American school.

Visit waveland. Com for a complete list of modern and classic ethnographies on Apache, Sioux, Comanche, Pueblo, Crow, Navajo, Shoshone, Papago, and other American Indian cultures. Used book in Good Condition.

Amish Children: Education in the Family, School, and Community Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology

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Preschool in Three Cultures: Japan, China and the United States

In china, for example, preschools are expected to provide an antidote to the spoiling that Chinese fear is inevitable in an era of single-child families. As the numbers of mothers in the workforce grows, and parents feel under greater pressure to give their children an educational headstart, industrialized societies are increasingly turning to preschools to nurture, the role of the extended family diminishes, educate, and socialize young children.

 . The method used is innovative: the authors first videotaped a preschool in each culture, then showed the tapes to preschool staff, parents, and child development experts. Through their vivid descriptions of a day in each country's preschools, conformity, we are drawn into a multicultural discussion of such issues as freedom, creativity, and American evaluations of their own and each other's schools,  Japanese, and Chinese, photographs made from their videotapes, and discipline.

Drawing on their backgrounds in anthropology, tobin, human development, and Davidson present a unique comparison of the practices and philosophies of Japanese, and education, Wu, Chinese, and American preschool education and discuss how changes in childcare both reflect and affect larger social change.

In all three nations, rather than being radical or transforming, preschools, function to conserve values believed to be threatened by social change. Americans look to preschools not only to teach reading and to encourage children to be creative, expressive, and independent but also to provide a stability and richness otherwise missing from many children's lives.

Japanese preschools, surprisingly for many Americans, deemphasize discipline and academics and instead stress the teaching of group interaction to a generation of overly sheltered children.

Ethnographic Eyes: A Teacher's Guide to Classroom Observation

For carolyn frank, ethnography provides the perfect lens through which to view them. Ethnographic eyes extends ethnography beyond the work of university researchers and proves what an accessible and instructive observation tool it can be for inservice and preservice teachers. You'll also discover how an ethnographic perspective can help you expand your cultural perspective and reflect critically on your practice.

Teachers who are interested in taking their own ethnographic journeys and better understanding their students and communities will find all the guidance they need in this book. Along the way, you'll learn how to record, analyze, and represent the particular kind of classroom culture that is being created.

The challenge to classroom observers is to understand and reveal these implicit patterns. Frank draws on extensive experience in teacher education, demonstrating how ethnography can help you see beneath the surface of classroom life, gain new understanding of diversity, and recognize that difference can be a resource for community building.

Whether you realize it or not, there is a hidden side of classroom life: everyday practices so ordinary and so routine that they often become invisible. Professors interested in using ethnography with their preservice teachers will particularly appreciate the book's theoretical framework and open-ended assignments.


"To Remain an Indian": Lessons in Democracy from a Century of Native American Education Multicultural Education Series

Argues that the maintenance of Indigenous languages is a fundamental human right. Offers lessons learned from Indigenous America’s fight to protect and assert educational self-determination. What might we learn from native american experiences with schools to help us forge a new vision of the democratic ideal―one that respects, protects, and promotes diversity and human rights? In this fascinating portrait of American Indian education over the past century, the authors critically evaluate U.

S. Used book in Good Condition. Rebuts stereotypes of American Indians as one-dimensional learners. Schools. In the process, they refute the notion of “dangerous cultural difference” and point to the promise of diversity as a source of national strength. Featuring the voices and experiences of native individuals that official history has silenced and pushed aside, this book: Proposes the theoretical framework of the “safety zone” to explain shifts in federal educational policies and practices over the past century.

Examines the standards movement as the most recent attempt to control the “dangerous difference” allegedly posed by students of color, poor and working-class students, and English language learners in U. S. Education policies and practices, from early 20th-century federal incarnations of colonial education through the contemporary standards movement.


Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Set in mississippi at the height of the Depression, pride, this is the story of one family's struggle to maintain their integrity, and independence in the face of racism and social injustice. Puffin. And it is also cassie's story—cassie logan, an independent girl who discovers over the course of an important year why having land of their own is so crucial to the Logan family, even as she learns to draw strength from her own sense of dignity and self-respect.

A vivid story. Winner of the newbery Medal, this remarkably moving novel has impressed the hearts and minds of millions of readers. Entirely through its own internal development, love, the novel shows the rich inner rewards of black pride, and independence. Booklist,  starred review Used book in Good Condition.


On Ethnography: Approaches to Language and Literacy Research NCRLL Collection

Used book in Good Condition. Keeping language and literacy the central concern, this volume offers practical ways for ethnographers to sustain their attention to a constant comparative perspective and to patterns of co-occurrence in language structures, uses, and values. Used book in Good Condition. The authors use their stories to illustrate the power of curiosity, connection, and continuity in ethnographic pursuits.

Stresses that “doing ethnography” involves engagement with public life and cannot be separated out as an academic activity. Includes examples of ethnographic studies in Australia, South Africa, Iran, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Readers learn of the motivations and mishaps behind the authors’ own classic ethnographic studies of language, multimodal literacies, and community practices.

Their stories take us outside the usual progression of how-to-do-ethnography, which moves from research question to data collection and analysis to publication. Appropriate for new and experienced researchers, informal communities of learners, this readable volume: Illustrates three primary learning environments for the work of ethnographers: self-directed learning, and instructional settings within formal education.

The authors weave together narratives of practice and theory that draw on their own field work and that of a novice ethnographer. Puffin.

Ways with Words: Language, Life And Work In Communities And Classrooms Cambridge Paperback Library

In tracing the children's language development the author shows the deep cultural differences between the two communities, whose ways with words differ as strikingly from each other as either does from the pattern of the townspeople, the 'mainstream' blacks and whites who hold power in the schools and workplaces of the region.

Used book in Good Condition. Ways with words, first published in 1983, is a classic study of children learning to use language at home and at school in two communities only a few miles apart in the south-eastern United States. Puffin. Employing the combined skills of ethnographer, the author raises fundamental questions about the nature of language development, and teacher, social historian, the effects of literacy on oral language habits, and the sources of communication problems in schools and workplaces.

Roadville' is a white working-class community of families steeped for generations in the life of textile mills; 'Trackton' is an African-American working-class community whose older generations grew up farming the land, but whose existent members work in the mills. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.


Health Education: Elementary and Middle School Applications

The new edition has been updated to include the newest national recommendations and statistics. Used book in Good Condition. Valuable activities in each chapter are aligned with National Health Education Standards and include sample assessment strategies. Used book in Good Condition. Puffin. The practical approach emphasizes the skills necessary to teach health while providing background information on key health topics.

Health education is a methods book that introduces pre-service elementary and middle school teachers to health programming. Used book in Good Condition.

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Puffin. But none of them can believe margaret doesn’t have religion, and that she isn’t going to the Y or the Jewish Community Center. She’s just moved from new york city to farbook, and is anxious to fit in with her new friends—Nancy, New Jersey, Gretchen, and Janie. Margaret is funny and real, and her thoughts and feelings are oh-so-relatable—you’ll feel like she’s talking right to you, sharing her secrets with a friend.

She can talk to god about everything—family, even Moose Freed, friends, her secret crush. Used book in Good Condition. Atheneum Books for Young Readers. When they form a secret club to talk about private subjects like boys, bras, and getting their first periods, Margaret is happy to belong. What they don’t know is Margaret has her own very special relationship with God.

Used book in Good Condition. Margaret shares her secrets and her spirituality in this iconic Judy Blume novel, beloved by millions, that now has a fresh new look. Margaret simon, likes long hair, tuna fish, almost twelve, the smell of rain, and things that are pink. Used book in Good Condition.

A Man Without Words

The book vividly conveys the challenge, the frustrations, and the exhilaration of opening the mind of a congenitally deaf person to the concept of language. Susan schaller, then a twenty-four-year-old graduate student, encountered him in a class for the deaf where she had been sent as an interpreter and where he sat isolated, since he knew no sign language.

For more than a quarter of a century, lived in total isolation, a Mexican Indian, Ildefonso, set apart from the rest of the world. Used book in Good Condition. She found him obviously intelligent and sharply observant but unable to communicate, and she felt compelled to bring him to a comprehension of words.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. This second edition includes a new chapter and afterword. Puffin. University of California Press. He wasn't a political prisoner or a social recluse, he was simply born deaf and had never been taught even the most basic language. Atheneum Books for Young Readers.