The Black Sea Horde USS Stonewall Jackson Book 3

For her weapons officer, Lieutenant Commander Nathan Blake, this is the patrol from hell. Ukraine’s secret weapon is young spy Yana Borisova. The russian bear is still up to his old tricks of intimidation and oppression. Great read and I would recommend it to anyone. Great book series… You could feel the suspense of the crew.

Keep the books coming. If you have not read one of this series then you are missing out on some good books!’. I have really enjoyed them. Another good book in the series. Uss nyc is the tripwire and first line of defense. Very entertaining. Great book! Had a hard time putting the book down. But yana has another agenda.

Stood alone against the black Sea Fleet is one submarine, one man, and his vow: ‘They shall not pass. Stand with nathan onboard the USS New York City as he faces the Black Sea Horde. What amazon readers are saying about the book:★★★★ ‘I enjoyed the thought process of taking the reader into the war drama and the regimentation.

Every chance I had, I continued it. The writer is quite knowledgeable about the workings of equipment, and he can keep your interest all thru the book.

The Spratly Incident USS Stonewall Jackson Book 2

Disputed islands. The plot is an eye opener and seems convincing. Good book to read; keeps your interest the whole time. Excellent reading, provocative, and very scary. Two super powers. He’ll need every man and woman aboard to excel when they face the most cunning, formidable foe that they’ve ever encountered.

It’s time to stand tall; America needs to take a stand. Commander nathan blake controls the most powerful and silent diesel-electric submarine to ever patrol the deeps: the USS Stonewall Jackson. Together with his crew, Nathan will sail into deadly peril, into the Dragon’s lair itself. Will recommend to all my friends.

Whole series is consistently terrific. ’. But this isn’t the age of the pirates, it’s the present day, and the smaller Asian nations are powerless to stop this piracy. Only one nation on earth can face down the People’s Republic: the USA. The people’s republic of china is taking possession of what they consider their territory, building vast sea fortresses and airbases in the area.

Invasion, peoples expelled, plundering of territory, piracy and armed clashes on the High Seas. Stealth, guile and brute force will be called for. Can the united states prevail against the might of the People’s Liberation Army Navy? Follow Nathan and his crew as they take their stand.

The Iranian Blockade USS Stonewall Jackson Book 4

This series of books keep you in suspense on how they deal with the enemy. This is the 4th of the series and each one has a new twist. As the oil price tumbles, the Iranian nuclear submarine Genie is released. The call goes out to the Commander of the one submarine who can slay the Genie. Great characters. All of the series have been very good books.

Hard to put down. Strong-armed by the west, Saudi Arabia and Israel, Iran signs a deal rejecting nuclear weapons. But all is not what it seems. Iran and north korea sign a deal for the joint development of nuclear weapons. Armageddon looms. Even surface warfare Officers can visualize what it might be like to go into combat on a sub.

Bring forth the champion, the man, Commander Nathan Blake. I like this set of books. This book has much to offer in its exciting rendition of submarine warfare and the dangerous insertion and exfiltration of American agents into Iran… It’s a damn good read with an action-packed ending. ’. Can nathan prevail? it’s your duty to take a stand alongside Nathan and his crew on the USS Stonewall Jackson.

His sword of vengeance is the USS Stonewall Jackson.

The Tiger and the Dragon USS Stonewall Jackson Book 5

For years there have been tensions between the two countries, with China wanting unification but many in Taiwan preferring independence. Fate is cruel; get used to it. For nathan, it’s his conflicting rules of engagement, whereas May is undercover in the enemy’s lair but finding warmth in the snake’s coils.

You’ve been called up. At stake: $4, 000 billion of the world’s trade and 20% of the population. It all came down to fate. The taiwanese tiger and the Chinese Dragon are squaring up at last. The island of taiwan, long coveted by the Chinese, is separated from China by 100 miles of the Straits of Taiwan. They must both wrestle with their own demons to prevail.

You will serve on board the USS Stonewall Jackson and go along with May Hsin into the backstreets of Shanghai. Now billions of lives are threatened in a nuclear exchange between America and its trade partner and foe across the Pacific, China. It all came down to two people: Commander Nathan Blake and May Hsin.

He’s commander of the submarine uss stonewall Jackson; she’s an officer with the National Security Bureau, Taiwan’s intelligence agency. It’s down to you now. The conflict has reached boiling point and the USA has sworn to defend the island.

USS Stonewall Jackson

To date i have read 7 of the author’s books. Five stars. Its answer? the most powerful and silent diesel-electric boat ever to patrol the deeps: the USS Stonewall Jackson. It would require a cunning warrior of the seas to command such a boat. Cometh the foe, cometh the submarine. In exercises against allied diesel-electric boats, the United States Navy watched and learned.

This one will capture your attention. Submarine warfare at its best. It’s time to take out this threat and take apart North Korea’s People’s Navy one boat at a time. They say cometh the hour, cometh the man. Have read book 2 and am now reading book 3. Good reading! Fiction on the verge of reality. I have always enjoyed a good submarine story.

. Succinct and current. A gripping read. Fast moving; hard to put down; close to accurate as a submarine story can be. Excellent writing.

Ninety Degrees North USS Stonewall Jackson Book 6

Hunted on the arctic icecap by the Russian military, a Danish scientist has information that the US can’t afford them to obtain. It could lead to victory or end his life. Alone against such a powerful enemy, can the USS Stonewall Jackson and her Commander Nathan Blake prevail? Never in history have unseen shadows fought each other in a secret naval battle.

He must be rescued. The free world unleashes its best: the USS Stonewall Jackson. The mission for commander Nathan Blake and the world’s most dangerous submarine escalates. For the pentagon, it’s a must-win situation. As the fight in the dark underworld reaches its climax, Nathan is given a solitary task.

It becomes a struggle to prevent one foreign power from dominating the Arctic’s trade and 22% of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas. 220 years of naval history weigh heavily as the US Navy takes on the might of the Russian Northern Fleet in the blackness under the ice cap.

Beneath Sunless Waves The Tom Hilton Series Book 1

Great plot. At the height of the cold War, he fell for the enemy: Irina, a Soviet naval officer. The task is illegal and deniable, but failure is not an option; millions of lives are at stake. With the british submarine hms sultan and the soviet submarine Arkhangelsk facing each other down like gunfighters, Tom’s confronted with a harsh realisation: Irina’s on the other side, playing for the opposition.

Informative indeed. The streets of moscow are a world of subterfuge, but they must keep their secret from the KGB. When war erupts in the South Atlantic, Tom is forced to abandon Irina. It is a very good read. A good mix of adventure, romance… Keep up the good work, suspense, Stephen. This was a lot of fun. Excellent book.

With the soviets on his tail, he leads his dive team into the most dangerous place on Earth: a shipwreck with live nuclear weapons. Amazing book including a look at both sides of the superpowers as well as Great Britain all heading into a showdown to include nucs. Then comes an amazing ending. The main characters are a British marine officer and a Russian female officer who become involved with each other.

You now have a fan not just for Tom and Irina but all the rest of your books.

A Fall into Darkness The Tom Hilton Series Book 2

Irina petrenko, a soviet naval officer, faces Ragnarok: the end of the world. Mi6 and the soviet submarine Arkhangelsk, with Irina in command, are in action again. Beneath the swamp of deceit, the East and West have joined forces. On both sides of the iron Curtain, shadowy groups and factions of the KGB lurk and bide their time.

But nuclear war looms. Irina uncovers an apocalyptic secret: the cabal, an extremist organisation in the Soviet Union, has contacted its counterparts and the military-industrial complex in the West. In alaska, 269 souls board a fateful Korean Airlines flight to Seoul. Drawn in, innocent and unknowing, they’ll be the first victims of the struggle.

It’s time to face the foe. The cabal has messed with the wrong people. Can she prevail?there are signs of a thaw in the Cold War, and not all are happy with it. Irina’s partner, tom Hilton, leads the British Special Forces against cabal units. They will give no quarter. Join irina and tom now in the harsh North Pacific as they battle to prevent Armageddon.


HMS Holy Ghost

I found them to be a good read. The nuclear missile crises are present today and could very well happen. Good, quick read. This brought back so many cold war memories! A great read and I can't thank you enough for being a contributor to the Unlimited side of the house. An interesting tale about a sub chase. Another in this upcoming author’s series of books.

Flowed well. Pretty good read here. They should be required reading for all adrenaline junkies as they are guaranteed to take you on a ride of your life. A submarine thriller that could quite possibly become a reality. Enjoy!’. I learned something about submarines and warfare to boot. War in the ocean – good stuff.

Good explanation of the internal activities preparing for contact… I will read more from Mr Makk. Kept my attention. Dark fate has chosen his encounter point: the straits at the southern entrance of the Red Sea, known as the Gate of Grief. On his mission, luke faces a personal dilemma in the form of sultry Savita, his Weapons Officer, who is sending out flirtatious signals.

The story was believable, patriotic without being political, and appropriate, as I read it on July 4th.

Deception Abyss The Tom Hilton Series Book 3

They’d pose as naval officers assisting the People’s Liberation Army Navy with undersea warfare. Their journey leads them to deceit, torture, and pursuit through the deadly snowy forests of Siberia, until they reach some of the deepest waters on Earth. The kgb and british and russian Special Forces are drawn in when they learn what Tom and Irina have uncovered.

Who will take on the mission? Tom Hilton, a Royal Marine, and Irina Petrenko, a Soviet naval officer. Dark and mysterious events are stirring. Somebody needs to enter the Dragon’s lair to investigate. Anger ate away at his soul. Years ago, his brother joined the People’s Liberation Army and he’d joined the Navy.

They’d stolen china’s birthright as the leading power on Earth. For lieutenant tao Yu, now it’s time to get even. Something is afoot at the Hainan Island Naval Base, China’s nuclear ballistic submarine facility. They have land and resources aplenty, but the Russians always wanted more. Will they or the dragon prevail? Follow them now, into Deception Abyss.

. Then, at a battle in siberia, the Russians had killed his brother; he hadn’t been able to protect him.

Cuban Deep The Hunter Killer Series Book 3

He has spent years modernizing Venezuela’s military while the poor of his country starved. When a venezuelan admiral attempts an ambitious power grab, america’s elite warriors must stop a disaster of unimaginable scale. This team spins a great tale. W. E. B. And when the time is right, he will strike. But the real key to his victory lies to the north.

Now admiral valdez is convinced that Bolivia, Columbia, and Peru are all well within his grasp. Griffin, brad Thor, and Mark Greaney. Former us navy submarine commander george wallace and award winning author Don Keith are the authors of the novel HUNTER KILLER, now a major motion picture starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman.

Wallace and keith are at the top of their game!" —andrew watts, usa today bestselling author______________________________________What people are saying about Wallace and Keith and Cuban Deep:★★★★★ ". Superb. The most realistic submarine story I have ever read. I haven't seen this since tom clancy's original works in the '80s!"Cuban Deep is the third book in The Hunter Killer Series.

Highly recommended for fans of Tom Clancy, W.