The Back Stage Guide to Stage Management, 3rd Edition: Traditional and New Methods for Running a Show from First Rehearsal to Last Performance

The text is supported by sample documents, diagrams, and charts that straddle time-honored approaches with what can be generated by today's computer software. This guide remians the first choice for anyone who works in any branch of the profession, whether amateur, educational, or professional. From preproduction planning and first rehersals to opening night and final strike, all the essentials of the profession are presented here in a friendly, engaging style.

Blending how-to information with anecdotes from his own career, author Thomas A. The most widely used manual for aspiring and veteran stage Managers - Now Revised and ExpandedThe next best thing to shadowing a Broadway stage manager, this detailed, behind-the-scenes book as been brought completely up to date.

First published in 1991, it is widely used and has been lauded as the most comprehensive, educational book on stage management available. All the latest stage machinery is discussed, along with tips on finding employment. Kelly explains the entire theatrical process, including:- organizing all rehearsals and performances- Maintaining the working script, and daily records- Supervising the technical aspects of the show- Running shows outdoors and at other non-theatrical venues- Dealing with performers and crew members on all levelsThis new edition reflects all the latest developments and innovations in the industry and adds a totally new chapter on opera stage management, cue sheets, complete with an in-depth breakdown of the challenges this style of production presents.


The Stage Manager's Toolkit: Templates and Communication Techniques to Guide Your Theatre Production from First Meeting to Final Performance The Focal Press Toolkit Series

The stage manager’s toolkit provides a comprehensive account of the role of the stage manager for live theatre with a focus on both written and verbal communication best practices. Focal Press. This book was written for Stage Management courses in Theatre programs and for the working professional. The book outlines the duties of the stage manager and assistant stage manager throughout a production, discussing not only what to do but why.

The book identifies communication objectives for each phase of production, paperwork to be created, and the necessary questions to be answered in order to ensure success.

The Stage Management Handbook

The stage manager is the renaissance man of the theater. Used book in Good Condition. Many stage managers of long-running commercial productions believe that–once the show is up and running–only ten percent of their work is related to everything covered in Parts I, II and III. Part i takes the reader through the pre-production phase–research, planning and organization, the script, and auditions.

. Managing" human behavior and maintaining working relationships. Focal Press. The other ninety percent is associated with issues in Part IV; i. E. Part ii covers the rehearsal process–rehearsal rules, cues, information distribution, prompting, blocking, technical and dress rehearsals. He or she must have a working knowledge of how the various technical aspects of the theater work scenery, lights and sound, and be prepared to act as confidant, part playwright, costumes, props, be part director, part designer and part producer, counselor and confessor to everyone else in the company.

This book addresses all of these considerations in detail and offers the reader–professional or amateur, veteran or beginner–helpful guidance and practical advice, supported by many forms and examples to illustrate the points covered in the text. The three phrases of mounting and performing a show are covered.

Part iii discusses the performance phase–calling the show, maintaining the director's work, working with understudies and replacements, and more. Part iv provides insights into the organizational structure or some theaters and aspects of human behavior in those organizations.

The Backstage Handbook: An Illustrated Almanac of Technical Information

Its sturdy leatherette binding will stand up to years of constant use. The third edition updates this popular reference book with new terminology and materials, and adds dozens of new illustrations of grip hardware, film lighting equipment and painting tools. Used book in Good Condition. First published in 1988, with about 10, backstage Handbook is one of the most widely used stagecraft textbooks in the United States, 000 copies sold every year.

This handy reference book brings together under one cover an incredible variety of information useful to designers, technicians and students who work behind the scenes in theatre, film and television. Focal Press. Backstage handbook includes chapters on Tools, Shop Math, Hardware, Electrics, Materials, Architecture and Theatre.

There are hundreds of illustrations, to safe working loads for several kinds of rope, tables and charts which cover everything from the stock sizes and specs of wood screws, to illustrations of twenty-two types of standard lamp bases. Reference.

Technical Theater for Nontechnical People

While we don't aspire to publish a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are deeply committed to quality books that help creative professionals succeed and thrive. Allworth Press. Our titles cover subjects such as graphic design, theater, business and legal forms, film, writing, business practices, fine art, acting, interior design, branding, how to start careers, photography, and more.

We often publish in areas overlooked by other publishers and welcome the author whose expertise can help our audience of readers. A brand-new chapter on sound design has also been added, microphones, including draperies, lighting instruments, costume sketches, and every chapter has been updated with more information about the basics of theater technology, and more.

Focal Press. Used book in Good Condition. Here is help for actors, and sound to props, directors, stage managers, lighting, costumes, producers, and event planners who want to understand every aspect of technical theater—from scenery, and stage management. In this thoroughly revised new edition, led lighting, video projection, and show control systems, the popular guide firmly embraces the digital age with new content about digital audio, intelligent lighting, all explained in the same approachable style that has kept this book in the pockets of industry professionals for many years.

Reference. This book teaches:who’s who on a theatrical production teamwhat is needed to know about technical theater and whyWhat to look for when choosing a space for a showHow to communicate with lighting, audio, scenery, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, this book is an essential guide for working with every technical aspect of theater!Allworth Press, publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts, and costume designersHow to stage manage an effective show or presentationCovering both traditional and digitally supported backstage environments, with emphasis on the business of art.


A Survival Guide for Stage Managers: A Practical Step-By-Step Handbook to Stage Management

About the authormary ellen Allison is a working stage manager with over thirty years of professional experience from Broadway to community theatre. She teaches stage management at ramapo college of New Jersey and was named to Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 2003-2004. Her credits include shows with award-winning theatre artists, Jean Stapleton, such as: Horton Foote, Jim Dale, Andrew Lippa, Allison Janney, and Frank Langella.

Reference. An essential read for the novice stage manager in high school, college or community theatre. This "survival guide" gives detailed descriptions or examples of all the forms and lists the stage manager must use in production. Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Allworth Press. Used book in Good Condition.

Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. Focal Press. Tracking provided on most orders. This step-by-step, user friendly guide covers every aspect of stage management and can take any would-be stage manager at any level of theatre and turn them into an expert who will be the ultimate asset to your production.

Tom paster, nj"it's entertaining, informative and practical - a great resource for the "how-to" questions, Northern Highlands Regional High School, Director of Musical Theatre, and a terrific overview for anyone involved in the process of making theater.

Production Stage Management for Broadway: From Ideas to Opening Night & Beyond

Isbn13: 9781432766511. Condition: New. Getting a new show up and running? planning a revival? taking over a long-running show? Going on the road? On Broadway, off Broadway, or on tour, in regional repertory, the only book you need as your professional companion is Peter Lawrence s comprehensive and definitive Production Stage Management for Broadway: From Idea to Opening Night and Beyond.

With this book, tony award-winning peter lawrence has turned his decades of experience on Broadway into a thoroughly modern approach to the art and business of production stage managing and successfully pursuing a stage manager s career. Written for a wide range of readers from the beginning stage manager with high school or college experience to the professional assistant stage manager already working in commercial theatre to seasoned Broadway professional Production Stage Management for Broadway is, at its heart, an invaluable map of how to get from the beginning through the end of a production.

Filled with industry-savvy advice, including: who s who on a stage production and how they all interact; Getting the job; The pre-production period, including pre-rehearsal duties and responsibilities; Production meetings from early conceptualizing through rehearsals and previews: Choosing and organizing a stage management team: Handling rehearsals; Running technical rehearsals; Organizing your calling scripts; Managing previews; Planning for opening night and the critics Structuring the running of an ongoing show.

Plus, indispensable charts and graph templates and examples that include: production calendar; musical pit layout; PSM s casting notes format; Daily rehearsal report; Wardrobe breakdown; Prop list; Tech table layout; Ideal layout of the PSM s calling desk; Cues to begin dry tech; Musical calling script; Dance calling script; Daily performance report; Weekly stage manager s report; Weekly schedule Focal Press.

Allworth Press. Reference. Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Stage Management

In addition to sharing his own expertise, regional, community, Stern has gathered practical advice from working stage managers of Broadway, off-Broadway, touring companies, and 99-seat Equity waiver theaters. Used book in Good Condition. Focal Press. Isbn13: 9781432766511. Allworth Press. Condition: New. In its 11th edition, the book is now fully in color and updated to include new information on Equity contracts, social media applications in stage management, and working with high school productions.

Quite specific Media Group. Revered as the authoritative resource for stage management, including checklists, examples, diagrams, this text is rich with practical resources, forms and step-by-step directions. Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This book is written for Stage Management courses in university Theatre programs. Tracking provided on most orders. Stage management offers readers a practical manual on how to stage manage in all theatre environments. Reference.

The Production Manager's Toolkit: Successful Production Management in Theatre and Performing Arts The Focal Press Toolkit Series

Isbn13: 9781432766511. Through interviews and case studies, the history and techniques of production management are explored throughout a variety of entertainment venues: theatre, dance, opera, and special events. Condition: New. Tracking provided on most orders. Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Used book in Good Condition. Focal Press. With a focus on management theory, scheduling, hiring, maintaining safety, advice from top production managers provide insights into budgeting, meetings, and more. The book discusses management techniques, communication skills, and relationship building tactics to create effective and successful production managers.

Our theater world is so much better with this book in it, and even better with Cary and Jay at the helm. David stewart, director of production for the guthrie Theater The Production Manager’s Toolkit is a comprehensive introduction to a career in theatrical and special event production for new and aspiring professionals, given by expert voices in the field.

Quite specific Media Group. Focal Press. The book includes references, venues, templates, tools, and checklists; and a companion website contains downloadable paperwork and links to other useful resources such as unions, and vendors. Allworth Press.

Stage Manager: The Professional Experience

Reference. It offers an extensive discussion of what makes a good stage manager, and takes the reader through each phase of a production from getting hired, to auditions and rehearsals, to the run and closing of the show. Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. Allworth Press. Isbn13: 9781432766511.

A practical guide to all aspects of the stage manager's jobInterviews with professionals about on-the-job experiencesBoth basic and more advanced information is included to provide a single reference for students and beginning professionals Focal Press. Used book in Good Condition. A comprehensive working vocabulary offers an excellent reference for anyone working or hoping to work in this field.

Quite specific Media Group. An overview of the stage manager's working week provides a clear view of the many details involved in the smooth running of a production. Using interviews with other professional stage managers, the author provides a practical, experience-based guide for students and aspiring professionals alike.

In every theatrical production, lighting, a single indispensable person is responsible for ensuring that scenery, actors, directors, sound artists are in sync. Stage manager: the professional Experience takes the reader through all aspects of the craft of stage management, from prompt books and laptops to relationships and people management.


Stage Management Forms & Formats: A Collection of Over 100 Forms Ready to Use

Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. Condition: New. Allworth Press. Quite specific Media Group. Designed to provide a head-start on the task of organizing and recording production information, "State Management Forms & Formats" contains 112 full-size, blank forms which can be used in the book or removed and added to a separate production log.

Isbn13: 9780896762282. Cast and scene breakdowns, sign-in sheets, rehearsal and performance reports, expense sheets, and property plots are just a few of the forms included. Performing Arts Focal Press. Isbn13: 9781432766511. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Condition: New.

Focal Press. Reference. Used book in Good Condition. Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Tracking provided on most orders. Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee.