So Deep in My Feelings: A Hood Love Tale

Her mother a junkie, and her father absent, Ali only knew to get it by any means necessary. Her by any means necessary lands her in a predicament that ultimately has her back against the wall. With cioni refusing to break the girl code, Ledge stops at nothing to have her. Forced to make a decision to choose her life or HIS, she definitely chooses hers.

She was always in last place, but what she doesn’t know was that she was actually the hood’s gem. Knowledge “ledge” armstrong; at an early age always knew that he was a king. Growing up in the hood with messed up parents was the one thing that brought them all together. Choosing her life sent her spiraling out of control with only one thing that could save her…love.

Cioni was always the one that was overlooked due to her shy girl ways and not knowing her beauty and worth. 18- year old cioni ciCi Lee was just your ordinary around the way girl. Not even boys. Well…there was one boy.

So Deep in My Feelings 2: A Hood Love Tale

Soon, she realizes that she might be in over her head. Things are perfect, but her old meddling ways eventually comes back to haunt her. He is deep in the game, and no one around him wants to see him make it to the top. With the loss of her brother and then Self being killed right in front of her, Cionii is starting to feel like she might be the one under attack.

. With a new baby on the way, but the only problem is, she is ready to spark things back up with Ledge, things have changed drastically for him. But as long as the two of them have love, nothing or no one will stop them right? Madden has moved on with her new boo and ready to start her new life. She is no longer letting things slide and is out to get those whom she felt has gotten her.


Seven Minutes in Heaven: A Hood Love Story

All she wanted was to get into the nursing program of her dreams and make her parents proud. Unable to stay away from each other, Liam and Taleah decide to take a chance on love, but not everyone in their lives is thrilled. Will the young couple survive the forces arrayed against them? The last thing she had time for was guys, and especially not bad boys like nineteen-year-old Liam Maxwell.

Seventeen-year-old Taleah Morgan was an all-around good girl. He didn’t have time for the distraction of a relationship—his main goal was proving himself worthy of inheriting an empire. When taleah and liam’s paths cross one night at a house party, they find themselves reluctantly playing the game of Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Liam had quickly risen from a corner boy to the heir-apparent of San Antonio’s most infamous drug runner. What they experienced that night in a dark closet change both of them.

I Can't Let Go

At only sixteen years old, kimora was wise beyond her years but the four year age gap was an issue that her older sister, Kimiko, could not ignore. Her best friend, zoe, lived the life that she desperately wanted for herself and she was willing to do whatever necessary to get it. When lies are told and truths are revealed, it’s hard to decipher a friend from a foe.

He kept his word to her sister but he stayed close to the young beauty who captured his heart. Love at first sight is cliche but that was the only way that Santino “Tino” Dixon could describe his feelings for the beautiful Kimora Carter. All she wanted was her happy ending but outside forces seemed to always derail her plans.

Being the patient man that he is, Tino decided that Kimora was worth the wait. Find out what happens when enemies are disguised as loved ones and nothing or no one is who or what they appear to be. There was only one thing standing in the way of him having his heart’s desire - Venus, his girlfriend of two years.

Venus loved Tino almost more than she loved herself.

Seven Minutes in Heaven 2: A Hood Love Story

If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. Liam maxwell took that advice when he watched Taleah Morgan walk out of his life four years ago. Life throws a plot twist at them that threatens to end their engagement and tear them apart forever. Taleah is just as determined to resist him. If you love something, let it go.

Can liam get past the walls she’s built around herself to show her that he’s always had her best interests at heart?Tumultuous doesn’t even begin to describe the first few years of Kelsey Morgan’s and Kyriq Childress’s relationship. But things have been going smoothly the last two years for the couple—too smoothly.

Can they discover the identity of the person wreaking havoc on their business before it’s too late? Liam is determined to win back his first love, at all costs. He had to give her space to “go and grow, ” but now, her time is up. Now, at least one of those enemies has come back to destroy everything they’ve worked for.

During their climb to the top of the drug underworld, they made some dangerous enemies. She’s never forgotten—nor forgiven—what she believes was his betrayal. Is the love between kelsey and Chill enough to survive unexpected circumstances?Love troubles are not the only problems that befall Liam and Chill.


Dangerously in Love with a Ruthless Thug

One reckless decision. One mistake is all it takes to make a major impact on your life. Vashae king has beauty, brains and a body to match. What happened the night of the reception and which brother was responsible? On the other hand you had Zacari Hood, the complete opposite. There was the charming younger brother Zamari Hood.

One night. Finally deciding now was the best time to go back to school to secure a larger bag for her child, one night was all it took to knock Vashae back off her square that she worked so hard to plant her feet on. The infamous hood brothers were abandoned during their pre teen years and it affected them differently.

The epitome of tall, rich, handsome, dark, reckless and ruthless. He was tall, chocolate, rich and intelligent with a smile that made women crumble inside. His reputation alone made him a feared man worldwide. In this standalone, two people while be bonded for life because of one reckless night. You will embark on four segments as you watch this story unfold firsthand and watch some characters grow together while others grow apart while answering the question that’s burned everyone’s mind.

She had men flocking to her on a regular basis but being severely hurt in her past made her solely focus on her daughter and herself.

Her Hood Knight in Shining Armor

Thinking they’d done all they’ve can for each other, they eventually go their separate ways, only to reunite years later. Closing her eyes tightly, she waited for darkness to finally succumb so she could reunite with person she missed the most. Is the love still there? will they still be able to count on one another despite their differences or has someone changed for the worst?

In this unpredictable hood love story, you’ll go through three phases with these characters. They met under unfortunate circumstances, but make the best of their situation. Factor in his dominating character, addictive hood charisma, breathtaking smile, his intimidating body stature, and he left women speechless.

The sparks still fly but so much has changed. Until he met the beautiful McKenna Johanson, who somehow snatched the key to his cold heart. The eyes of jonairo Knight alone captivated every woman he’d encountered. In this explosive love story, intelligent, beautiful, you will embark on a journey with a young, timid, McKenna Johanson.

None of that mattered, because Jonairo Knight had nothing to smile about since age 15. Only to open her eyes, after waiting and nothing happens, to the warmest pair of coal black eyes she would never forget. Just when she finds the courage to pick up the pieces, she faces another unfortunate event.

Hood Supreme

Enters miyani and Gavin Mills. Their father is knee deep in criminal activities with the Alexander Crime Family. Their political connections have helped them to solidify themselves as the Upper Echelon of crime families. Follow these criminal and political families as war is waged in the streets that can only end with bloodshed and broken hearts.

Meet givenchy, Prada, and Fendi Alexander. With the help of their OG grandmother Ms. From the beginning of time criminals have partnered with political figures in an effort to retain control. The neglected daughters of Malcolm Mills the Mayor of Chicago. Their love for the street life has overshadowed the importance of building their own families.

Team supreme is a criminal organization that has done just that. It’s always been said that Chicago is one of the most corrupt cities in the nation. With their friend dream Brooks along for the ride the women find themselves torn between family and love. These partnerships have kept criminals a step ahead of the law and politicians richer.

Gladys they’ve become a force to be reckoned with on the streets of Chicago.

Her Hood Knight in Shining Armor 2

Jonairo knight has been betrayed in the past. In this explosive, highly anticipated part 2, we pick up where we left off. So when all answers point to the one he’s trusted the most, he has a few decisions to make. Mckenna has been betrayed by those closest to her, and finds herself fighting for her freedom.

Who is responsible for dragging mckenna in this mess? will Jonario trust his gut? Or will he get hurt because the woman who has his heart is not who he used to know? In this finale, all of the answers to your questions will be revealed.

When A Rich Thug Still Loves the Nanny

Facing his problems, will his anger cause him to lose the woman he fought so hard to get back? Will Noelle be able to forgive Cyan for all he’s done to make sure she’s hurt to the core? How would the two of them handle their problems while having obstacles hitting them in every direction they turn?

She had to think about herself above anyone else. Finding their way back to each other took the two on a whirlwind of emotions. Problem after problem hit the two all at once. When a situation comes knocking at cyan’s front door, he had to tackle it with an iron-fist to the chest, which knocked him off his game and pushed him further over the edge.

How far would you go to protect your peace? how far would you go to realize your peace is with the one you love the most? Cyan found out the hard way when he pushed the woman he loved out of his life and into the arms of another man. Realizing he needed noelle in his life more than anything, Cyan stops at nothing to make sure Noelle is back in his heart, his arms, and his home where she belonged.

Moving on from the man she loved was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Now finding out the man she’s with will put her life in danger had her running to the hills and looking for a way to be rescued. Noelle didn’t take rejection too well, and she had to do what was best for her, no matter how much she loved the person.


When A Rich Thug Loves the Nanny

Would patricia put her hurt aside to help landon out knowing she needs a job? will Landon be able to break down the wall Patricia have around her heart when it comes to him and let him in? Will Patricia be able to forgive Landon for the pain he caused her? Come hell or high water, Landon will soon finds out how it is when he loves the nanny.

Fresh out of jail, headstrong Patricia is ready to get her life back together after losing a year of it behind bars. Life took a turn for the worst when Millionaire Tycoon Landon caught his wife cheating on him with someone, he considered a friend. Not only does landon wants patricia to be there taking care his kids, he also wants her in his life—his bed and his heart.

Shocked, guilt, and regret filled Landon at once when he laid eyes on Patricia again after what he did to her nearly 5 years ago. Needing a place to stay and a job, she turned to her brother. When landon’s best friend told him about someone who could help him take care his kids, Landon jumped at the chance of meeting the person.

Now a single father, landon didn’t know who to turn to when it comes to taking care his kids for him when he’s a working man. Not knowing it was his first love.