Random Acts of Iniquity Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries Book 7

The one person who can help her figure out his identity is Detective Chase Dexter, her former fiancé. Though she manages to escape, too many baffling questions remain. The perpetrator, known as Doll Man, remains on the loose. When retro-girl holly anna Paladin is abducted and forced into a 1950s housewife scenario, terror seizes her.

The more holly uncovers, the more she realizes that nothing is as it seems. When all is said and done, will she come out the victor? Or will the final act of iniquity decide the ending of Holly’s story? The man broke her heart, and working with him again might leave it permanently shattered. Someone is determined to be the ultimate champion in a sick game.


Line of Duty Fog Lake Suspense Book 4

When jaxon and abby are thrown together in the killer’s crosshairs, they’re forced to depend on one another to survive. Will jaxon’s sense of duty be enough to help keep Abby safe? Or will deadly secrets lead to the penalty of death? Abby brennan always did her best to be the good girl and to live by the rules.

Jaxon wilder didn’t plan on returning home to Fog Lake, Tennessee, following his tour of duty in Iraq. However, a madman known as the Executioner is determined to find her and enact his own brand of justice. But after a gut-wrenching failure during his stint in the Army, he now faces a new challenge: his family.

When a wrong decision changes her entire life, she tries to hide from the world.

Rains of Remorse Lantern Beach Romantic Suspense Book 5

Can the truth prevail. With rebecca’s baby coming soon, there’s no time to waste. Since her estranged husband died suspiciously six months earlier, Rebecca has been determined to depend on no one but herself. Her chivalrous new neighbor appears to be an answer to prayer. Or will remorse overpower the best of intentions?

But who is levi stoneman really? Rebecca wants to believe he can help her, but she can’t ignore her instincts. As danger closes in, both Rebecca and Levi must figure out whom they can trust. Above all, she must protect the baby growing inside her. A stranger invades her home, leaving Rebecca Jarvis terrified.


Winds of Danger Lantern Beach Romantic Suspense Book 4

Wes o’neill is perfectly content to hang with his friends and enjoy island life on Lantern Beach. But the beautiful newcomer is hiding painful secrets beneath her cheerful facade. Police dispatcher paige Henderson came to Lantern Beach riddled with guilt and uncertainties after the fallout of a bad relationship.

Something begins to change inside him when Paige Henderson sweeps into his life. But there’s something Wes isn’t telling her—something that could change everything. As the winds shift, doubts seep into Paige’s mind. When she meets wes, she begins to open up to the possibility of love again. Can paige and wes trust each other, even as the currents work against them? Or is trouble from the past too much to overcome?


Clean Break Squeaky Clean Mysteries Book 15

Was it a blind date gone bad? is she injured somewhere all alone? Why hasn’t anyone heard from her since?With not a clue in sight, Gabby and the Cold Case Squad travel to Shady Valley to investigate. News of a dead body found in the local park intensifies the search for Evie’s missing mother. The mystery surrounding her disappearance haunts Evie.

Just what is the town hiding? is evie’s foster mom even still alive? Gabby and her team need to catch a break before time runs out. Evie manson’s foster mom vanished six weeks ago on a trip to Pennsylvania. When no one will answer their questions and hostility abounds around every corner, the crew determines something is definitely shady in the valley.

Gabby and the cold Case Squad tackle their most personal case yet. But will obstacles at every turn stop them? .

Joke and Dagger The Worst Detective Ever Book 8

At first, the changes seem like a joke. Someone has flipped the script, and chaos abounds. Joey darling thought she’d take a quick acting gig between filming her hit TV show,  Relentless,  and prepping for an upcoming movie. But can she figure out the killer before the final cut?other books in the Worst Detective Ever series:Ready to FumbleReigns of ErrorSafety in BlundersJoin the FlubBlooper FreakFlaw-Abiding CitizenGaffe Out LoudWreck the Halls coming soon .

Each day, more danger comes Joey’s way, and it’s clear the killer is becoming more unraveled. Someone alters the script, adding a mysterious death to the movie. Joey fears there’s a traitor on the set. But when real life imitates the script, Joey realizes there’s more to the story. Joey has no choice but to search for answers—with the help of her fiancé, Detective Jackson Sullivan, of course.

The peaceful island of lantern Beach seemed like a perfect getaway, especially when her fiancé joins her on location. But from day one on the set, things go awry.

Safe Harbor Lantern Beach Blackout Book 2

But when they’re thrown together in a fight for survival, both must learn to trust. When he’s asked to guard a pop star during a music festival on Lantern Beach, he’s all set for what he hopes is a breezy assignment. Until he meets bree jordanbree hasn’t found fame to be nearly as fulfilling as she dreamed.

When a stalker’s threats become deadly, her life—and career—are turned upside down. Danger rises up the chartsfrom the start, bree sees her temporary bodyguard as a player, and Dez sees Bree as a spoiled rich girl. A job as easy as sunday morningguilt over past mistakes haunts former Navy SEAL Dez Rodriguez.

Instead, she’s more like a carefully crafted character living out a pre-scripted story. Can dez protect bree—and his carefully guarded heart? Or will their safe harbor ultimately become their death trap? .

Ripple Effect Lantern Beach Blackout Book 3

Doing the right thing was his hardest task yetgriff mcintyre never expected his ex-wife, Bethany, and two-year-old daughter, Ada, to show up on his doorstep. When disaster strikes, can Griff keep his family safe? Or will past mistakes bring the ultimate failure? . Maybe in the process she’ll learn why he really left.

A shocking secret threatens everythingas danger ripples through their lives, Griff and Bethany must work together to uncover the truth about who’s behind these acts. But an unseen enemy wants something from them. But she’ll do anything to protect her daughter—even if it means playing nicely with Griff.

And will stop at nothing to get it. After someone tried to abduct Ada, Bethany is desperate to find safety. Now griff’s not letting either of them out of his sight. Desperation is the tie that binds them bethany knows griff is the only one who can protect them, despite the fact that he broke her heart.

Wreck the Halls: a Worst Detective Ever Christmas novella The Worst Detective Ever Book 9

And they just might succeed. Other books in the worst detective ever series:ready to fumbleReigns of ErrorSafety in BlundersJoin the FlubBlooper FreakFlaw-Abiding CitizenGaffe Out LoudJoke and DaggerWreck the HallsGlitch and Famous coming soon. As more facts emerge, the mystery of what happened up on the housetop continues to grow.

Joey’s fiancé, detective Jackson Sullivan, is on the case. Danger. Joey darling and her friend Starla McKnight are all set to host a new TV Christmas light special. Deck the halls with boughs of. Legs—with a human body attached—are sticking out of the family’s chimney, wrecking the feel-good holiday show.

Things turn even more perilous when they discover their victim is a felon recently released from prison. Joey tries to stay out of the investigation, but she’s as curious as a kid on Christmas morning. But someone else is determined to wreck Joey’s Christmas special. But, before filming even begins, things go awry.

Brink of Danger Fog Lake Suspense Book 3

. When another incident nearly claims her life, she turns her thrill-seeking ways into a fight for survival. Permanently. As a killer watches their every move and the forest fire threatens to destroy their scenic town, both Ryan and Ansley hover on the brink of danger. But a near-death experience two years ago changed everything.

Plus, there seems to be a strange connection with these incidents and his best friend’s little sister, Ansley Wilder. Not only is a wildfire blazing out of control, but a malicious killer known as “The Woodsman” is enacting crimes that appear accidental. One wrong move could send them tumbling over the edge.

Ansley wilder has always lived life on the wild side, using thrills to numb the pain from her past and escape her mistakes. Ryan philips left Fog Lake to chase adventure far from home. Now he’s returned as the new fire chief in town, but the slower paced life he seeks is nowhere to be found.

Dark Water Lantern Beach Blackout Book 1

The only person she trusts to help her is her husband’s best friend, Colton Locke. The fight for justicesomeone wants Elise dead. Desperate for a new start, and forms Blackout, North Carolina, he moves to Lantern Beach, a private security firm. But those very secrets might just tear the team apart.   . A former navy seal haunted by his pastcolton locke can’t forget the black op that went terribly wrong.

Despite his hero status, he can’t erase the mistakes he’s made. A widow with secretsfor the past year, elise oliver hasn’t been able to shake the feeling that there’s more to her husband’s death than she was told. When she finds a hidden box of his personal possessions, more questions—and suspicions—arise.

Is it because she knows too much? Or is it to keep her from finding the truth? The Blackout team must uncover dark secrets hiding beneath seemingly still waters.