Praying the Psalms: To Touch God and Be Touched by Him Praying the Scriptures Destiny Images

Dr. As you do you will cry when he weeps, shout when he rejoices, burn when he gets angry and fall on your face when he worships God. Praying the psalms is a wonderful way to meet God every day in your private devotions. You cannot get closer to god than when you pray the Scriptures, since the book of Psalms reflects the heart of God.

The psalmist poured out his soul to God concerning the things that deeply moved him. The psalms are about passion, and you should feel passionately when you read them. As you read the Psalms, you are taking a peak into his heart. Dr. Towns delicately presents the Psalms as a living language that will move you from your feet to your knees.

Bill bright praying the psalms carefully shapes the Psalms into personal prayers enabling you to identify with the Psalmist as he prayed. Therefore, you will get close to His heart when you pray the Psalms.

Prayer Warrior: The Power of Praying Your Way to Victory: The Power of Praying® Your Way to Victory

For anyone eager to answer the call of god on his or her life to pray while responding to the desire of his or her heart to see people and situations change, Prayer Warrior is a must-read. A war is going on between good and evil, and every believer is involved. For every christian who wants a meaningful prayer life that is more than just asking for blessings, bestselling author Stormie Omartian shows how to pray with strength and purpose—prayers resulting in great victory, not only personally but also in advancing God's kingdom and glory.

Readers will find help and encouragement in 12 practical and significant chapters that address knowing your Commander and standing on His sidebeing certain of your authority in prayerbecoming skilled with your spiritual weaponsfollowing God's orders to resist the enemyseeing what’s happening from God’s perspectiveStormie also provides many powerful prayers on numerous subjects that concern people today.

. No one can sit on the sidelines today when it comes to spiritual matters.

Songs From the Heart: Meeting with God in the Psalms - A Bible Study and Devotional Guide

Meeting with god in psalms will change your life! do you need encouragement or hope? Have you longed to know God, and experience God's presence? In Songs from the Heart, study the Bible, Dr. It will be a tool to enrich your spiritual life, to strengthen your prayer life, and to challenge you to meet with God in worship.

Join Dr. Songs from the heart can be viewed as a daily devotional through selected Psalms or as a resource to help you engage in Bible study. Riordan’s easy to read style and personal stories as he guides you through a Bible study that will help you find personal application of God’s Word. Tim riordan has provided a rich resource, based upon the Psalms, to encourage your spiritual journey and help the Psalms come to life in your heart.

. You will enjoy Dr. Riordan as he carefully leads you through an overview of this beloved Bible book and then directs you through a more detailed study of thirty different Psalms. Songs from the heart" was chosen by the christian Small Publishers Association as the 2016 Book of the Year in the categories of Bible Study and Theology.


An Appointment with the King: Ideas for Jump-starting Your Devotional Life

An appointment with the king discusses personal priorities, listening, place and time of day, meditation, increased power in prayer, the use of Scripture, and other helpful topics related to daily quiet time. This book will teach you how to spend quality time with God each day, refreshing your soul and preparing you for the day ahead.

. Third, this book inspires and motivates those who already have a quiet time to press ahead and grow in their intimacy with God. They feel frustrated or guilty when their attempts at personal devotions seem empty and unfruitful. Each chapter will provide practical suggestions on how to experience God more fully in your quiet time.

The book will help christians tap into God¹s resources on a daily basis, so that even in the midst of busyness they can walk with him in intimacy and abundance. This book first answers the question 'Where do I start?' with step-by-step instructions on how to spend time with God and practical ideas for experiencing him more fully.

Often, believers wish to pursue the goal but are not sure how to do it. With warm, encouraging writing, joel Comiskey guides readers on how to set a daily appointment with the King and make it an exciting time they will look forward to. With full calendars and long lists of things to do, people often put on hold life's most important goal--building an intimate relationship with God.

Second, victory over sin, it highlights the benefits of spending time with God, including joy, and spiritual guidance. The goal is to help you understand the whys and hows of spending time with God.

The 100 Best Bible Verses on Heaven

It also makes an ideal gift for those who love the Bible and seek the hope of God's promises. An easy-to-use guide to help Readers Learn about HeavenEveryone wants to know what happens after they die. The book's length and focus make it perfect as a daily meditation or to read as a family. Each verse is followed by a brief devotional reading that will help you find understanding and comfort from the text, and in the process draw ever nearer to God.

The 100 verses that are highlighted include the well-known passages as well as hidden treasures. Many authors have tried to describe and explain the mysteries of heaven, but what does the Bible say about it? The 100 Best Bible Verses on Heaven goes straight to the source of all Truth to give insight into the afterlife.


The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible: A Weekly Devotional

Classic weekly devotional through some of the bible's most fascinating stories How well do everyday Christians know the stories that have shaped their faith? More than just a collection of significant and entertaining stories, The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible impresses upon readers the beautiful interconnectedness of the varied narratives we find in the Bible.

It:· connects the dots, demonstrating how each individual story is really one chapter in the larger story· shows how Jesus, most importantly, is the point of the story, even when the Son of God is not a key player · helps readers build a biblical worldview that answers the ultimate questions of life Readers will gain a better grasp of the whole story of Scripture and, especially his death and resurrection, why these stories are the ones God chose to preserve for us through the writers of the Bible.


Handle with Prayer: Unwrap the Source of God's Strength for Living

He desires to move in our lives, help us through difficulties, and unveil the unseen. Yet few of us would claim to have a satisfying prayer life. This modern-day classic is a must-read for anyone craving a rich, intimate prayer life that produces results. God longs to communicate with His children. Handle with prayer is a definitive guide to the power and practice of prayer.

So why is it that so many christians struggle to open God’s precious gift of prayer? This revised and refreshed edition features new artwork, an enhanced study guide, and updated content to connect with today’s readers. With over 250, 000 copies sold,  handle With Prayer continues to inspire believers of all backgrounds to revive their time of prayer with God.


Release the Power of Jesus

Telling others about the miracles in your life makes God more real for others and causes faith to explode in those who hear what God has done for you. They will begin to see miracles in their own lives because of what God did for you!You will discover how to: Encourage His mercy in everyone around you.

Release the presence of God everywhere you go. Learn how your personal god stories will set your world on fire as you release the power of Jesus today! Live under the influence of His mighty presence. Leave a legacy of God's work in your life. Tell your story to everyone and releasethe power of jesus!

. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy Revelation 19:10 .

I Will Follow You, O God: Embracing Him as Lord in Your Private Worship

As a result, your life recharged, you’ll find your heart overflowing, and your spirit yearning to obey the God who loves you. Building on his compelling exploration of god’s character in the book, I Exalt You, O God, Jerry Bridges now equips you to respond in fresh, authentic ways to the God we come to know better through our personal worship.

What is the best way and the best place to learn what it truly means to walk with god as a disciple? i will follow you, o god focuses prayerfully on the four most fundamental aspects of discipleship: • living all of life under God’s authority • finding delight in genuine obedience • continually experiencing God’s conscious presence • truly depending on him for everything I Will Follow You, O God also includes a generous scattering of helpful prayers that will guide your heart in reverent praise and thanksgiving.


Smith Wigglesworth on Manifesting the Power of God: Walking in God's Anointing Every Day of the Year

Your invitation into a lifestyle of supernatural powerif all christians receive the same Holy Spirit, why do some operate in greater levels of anointing than others—delivering powerful miracles through supernatural grace?Smith Wigglesworth was an ordinary man who walked in the continuous miracle-working power of God.

He reveals that the key to manifesting god’s power is understanding this one essential key—how to let God’s anointing rest upon you!In this exciting book, featuring previously unpublished material, Wigglesworth shares Bible secrets that will help unlock the anointing within you and show you how to operate in a greater expression of God’s miraculous power! You will learn how to:release God’s anointing to bring healing, deliverance, and miracles.

Live a lifestyle that hosts the Holy Spirit and operates in His gifts. Access the infinite resources of God within you and draw strength, power, and faith. Make the supernatural natural in your everyday life. Receive revelatory insights from this respected pioneer of the miraculous. Discover how this anointing will impact your life and change your world through releasing the Holy Spirit’s supernatural power!


The BE Series Bundle: The Gospels: Be Loyal, Be Diligent, Be Compassionate, Be Courageous, Be Alive, and Be Transformed The BE Series Commentary

Wiersbe's commentaries on the Gospels, now available in one edition. This collection contains: be loyal matthew, be diligent mark, be compassionate Luke 1–13, Be Alive John 1–12, Be Courageous Luke 14–24, and Be Transformed John 13–21. Be loyal matthew: gain a better understanding of the King of Kings in this commentary and study of the gospel of Matthew.

Be diligent mark: the gospel of mark shares the life, love, and ministry of Christ, who provides the ultimate example for those longing to actively serve others and God. Be compassionate luke 1-13: The life of Christ was marked by His compassion for people. Based on the courageous life of Christ, this study encourages us to trust God, stand for what we believe, and embrace fearless living.

Be alive john 1-12: grasp the significance behind Jesus' life and ministry in this commentary on the first half of the Gospel of John—and come to know the living Savior like never before. Be transformed john 13-21: stand on the eternal promises of God and understand your role as a believer, both abiding in the Source and obeying Him as Lord, as beloved Bible teacher Dr.

Experience internationally known Bible teacher Warren W. Based on the minor prophets of the Bible, this dynamic study examines the amazing ways in which God works in the hearts and lives of His people. Be courageous luke 14-24: It takes courage to walk out our faith. This study explores the heartbeat of our Savior, and inspires us to share His compassion with the world around us.