Peugeot Zeli Duo Pepper and Salt Mill, 5-1/2″

Made in france; 2-year warranty on exterior of the mill; lifetime warranty on grinding mechanism. Each mill is equipped with a light underneath that illuminates when the mill is being used. Aesthetically pleasing, durability, PEUGEOT mills deliver the height of quality, reliability and innovation; making these mills the ones to which all others are compared.

Made in france. The mechanism is fully adjustable and offers a consistent high-output grind, with better precision adjustments. Each is designed to derive the most flavor and greatest aroma from its complementary spice. The set of two electric mills -one salt mill and one pepper mill is made of acrylic/ brushed nickel plated ABS.

Includes 6 AAA batteries for each mill. Peugeot mills are renowned by chefs and gourmet cooks the word over for the consistent grind results they produce, their incredible resilience and proven reliability. Set includes: pepper mill, salt mill, 12 -AAA Batteries. Peugeot: france, since 1810 Compromise is not a word that fits into the PEUGEOT vocabulary.

The zell duo is a set of two elegant and modern electric mills one salt mill and one pepper mill, each equipped with a light underneath the mill that illuminates when the mill is being used for precision seasoning. For each spice, there is one - and only one - PEUGEOT grinding mechanism: peppercorns; coarse dry salt; chilies; wet salts; and nutmeg.

Peugeot 25854 Linea Salt and Pepper Mill Tray, Acrylic

Peugeot manual mills for best results, hold mill and turn mill top in a clockwise direction only To adjust the Grind on manual mills not equipped with u'Select, turn the adjustment nut located on the top of the mill. The case-hardened steel mechanism efficiently cracks and grinds coffee beans to the desired consistency:from espresso fine to coffee- press coarse.

In 1840 peugeot created their burr style coffee grinder and adopted that design to accommodate peppercorns in 1874. It's all about the mechanism The primary difference between Peugeot and all other brands are the spice-specific mechanisms. A quality mill with a specifically designed grinding mechanism will release the aromas and essential oils of that spice.

Another advantage of using freshly ground spices or minerals salts is the control a mill provides for determining the coarseness size of a grind. The peugeot nutmeg shaver is equipped with a double stainless steel grater blade and a strong claw which enables the whole nutmeg to be very finely shaved, while keeping fingers safe.

During production, the helix-shaped grooves and grinding teeth of the pepper mechanism are individually cut before the steel is case hardened to make it virtually indestructible. The mechanism is then given a proprietary treatment to provide additional protection against corrosion. For each spice, there is one - and only one - Peugeot grinding mechanism, each made of the ideal design and constructed from the best material available for its intended use.

After more than 160 years, peugeot mills and grinders remain the benchmark of the industry and have earned their position as the mill of choice in world class kitchens.

Peugeot 25847 Linea Salt and Pepper Mill Tray, Wood/Stainless Steel

Will also catch excess ground pepper or salt. Intended for use with whole nutmeg nuts. The resulting pepper mechanism design is still used today in every Peugeot pepper mill. Works best with mills with a diameter of up to 2. 5 inches and a height of 6. 3 inches or less. Clockwise to obtain a finer grind - counter-clockwise to obtain a coarser grind Peugeot Electric Mill Electric mills permit single-handed use, leaving you free to cook at the same time.

Today, peugeot offers six unique spice-specific mechanisms plus the original burr-style coffee grinder. It is particularly effective with dried aromatic herbs such as thyme, oregano, parsley, basil, and herbs de Provence, as well as dried seeds such as cumin. Freshly ground pepper and spices have more aroma and better flavor than pre- ground.

Just press the button to start grinding. Made of chocolate stained bamboo with stainless steel top and chromed steel handle. The nutmeg shaving mechanism is made of treated stainless steel which is corrosion resistant, and offers superior edge retention. During use, the helix- shaped grooves guide whole peppercorns through the mechanism to crack, then grind to a consistent size by a double row of teeth.

During production, the helix-shaped grooves and grinding teeth of the pepper mechanism are individually cut before the steel is case hardened to make it virtually indestructible. This process releases the pepper's essential oils, resulting in more flavor and aroma for your dish.