One Day a Dot: The Story of You, The Universe, and Everything

But the biggest question of all cannot be answered: Where did that one dot come from?One Day a Dot is a beautiful and vibrant picture book that uses the visual motif of circles as to guide young readers through the stages of life on Earth. One day a dot explores the age-old question: where did we come from? Where did everything come from?Starting with one tiny dot and continuing through the Big Bang to the rise of human societies, the story of our universe is told in simple and vivid terms.


Grandmother Fish: A Child's First Book of Evolution

Meet Grandmother Fish. Told in an engaging call and response text where a child can wiggle like a fish or hoot like an ape and brought to life by vibrant artwork, Grandmother Fish takes children and adults through the history of life on our planet and explains how we are all connected. The book also includes comprehensive backmatter, including:- An elaborate illustration of the evolutionary tree of life- Helpful science notes for parents- How to explain natural selection to a child.

Charles darwin's theory of common descent no longer needs to be a scientific mystery to inquisitive young readers. Where did we come from? it's a simple question, but not so simple an answer to explain—especially to young children.

Bang!: How We Came to Be

Author and illustrator michael rubino conveys not only the facts but also the excitement of the scientific explanation of our world, from the origin of the universe in the big bang to the present reality of our planet, teeming with life but threatened by overpopulation and pollution. Parents looking for an easy-to-understand guide to the scientific worldview for their children will find the perfect source here.

Bang! and that was it, the beginning of everything. So begins this beautifully illustrated, panoramic story of evolution. This book is an eloquent blend of art and science that tells the most important story so far known. The formation of stars and galaxies; the origin of our solar system and planet Earth; the epochal march of life from single-celled organisms through sponges, dinosaurs, worms, insects, fish, birds, and early mammals; and the evolution of the first humans from their simian cousins-it's all here.


The Belief Book

What is belief and why is it soimportant? Where did it come from andwhat does it do? This book answers allof those questions and more!David G. No matter how old or how young you are, this easy-to-read book can help you learn more aboutreligions and gods and beliefs in general. It will also teachyou about something called the scientific method, but more importantlyyou will see why your questions, and all questions for thatmatter, whichis how we learn new things about the world!By the time you're done reading you will know the answersto some of life's biggest questions, are so important.

Mcafee, an author who studies religions, teamedup with writer and illustrator Chuck Harrison to createThe Belief Book. This book is the first in aseries of books all about belief, gods, and religion.

Annabelle & Aiden: The Story Of Life

Young readers will gain a basic understanding of evolution, what we can learn from it: to be kind to one another, and perhaps more importantly, as we are all related in the same family tree. Join our characters as they visit outer space, watch the Earth go through its earliest stages, and gaze in wonder at the earliest forms of life.

. In this inspirational storybook written in rhyme, in neat sets of two? what made my eyes? And what made my nose? And the shape of my body, the way that we do? With hands and feet, Annabelle asks "Why do we look, from my head to my toes?" A wise owl answers by taking the characters on an incredible journey through Darwinian evolution.


Born With a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story

Lots of people have gotten very excited about this book and its sequels. It succeeds at telling the amazing story of the universe and the creation of Earth with scientific accuracy but without diminishing the mystery and wonder. The final book is mammals Who Morph: The Universe Tells Our Evolution Story. As cosmologist and author Dr.

The second book is from Lava to Life: The Universe Tells Our Earth Story. The three books together tell OUR STORY. Brian swimme said: In the magic of this story. Suddenly, we have the feeling that we BELONG.

Star Stuff: Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos

This book introduces the beloved man who brought the mystery of the cosmos into homes across America to a new generation of dreamers and star gazers. Star stuff follows carl from his days star gazing from the bedroom window of his Brooklyn apartment, through his love of speculative science fiction novels, to his work as an internationally renowned scientist who worked on the Voyager missions exploring the farthest reaches of space.

. For every child who has ever looked up at the stars and asked, "What are they?" comes the story of a curious boy who never stopped wondering: Carl Sagan. When carl sagan was a young boy he went to the 1939 World's Fair and his life was changed forever. From that day on he never stopped marveling at the universe and seeking to understand it better.


Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years Our Universe Book 1

Beloved children's book author Stacy McAnulty helps Earth tell her story, and award-winning illustrator David Litchfield brings the words to life. Hi, i’m earth! but you can call me Planet Awesome. Prepare to learn all about earth from the point-of-view of earth herself! In this funny yet informative book, filled to the brim with kid-friendly facts, readers will discover key moments in Earth’s life, from her childhood more than four billion years ago all the way up to present day.

The book includes back matter with even more interesting tidbits. This title has Common Core connections.

The Book of Gods

If you want to learn more about gods from around the globe, including where they came from and how belief in them has spread over time, this easy-to-read book is for you!The fully illustrated and interactive Book of Gods is for readers and thinkers of all ages, including kids and kids at heart. What are gods and why do people believe in them? Where did they come from and what do they do? This book answers all those questions and more!David G.

Mcafee, who studies religions and writes books, has teamed up with writer and cartoonist Chuck Harrison to help everyone learn about beliefs, gods, which is all about why people believe the things they do, and religion! The first book in this series was The Belief Book, and now they are taking the next step by bringing you The Book of Gods.

. It doesn’t matter how old you are.

The Book of Religions

What are religions and why do people follow them? Where did they come from and how have they shaped our lives? This interactive book answers all those questions and more!David G. Mcafee and chuck harrison have once again teamed up to help everyone learn about beliefs, then continued with The Book of Gods, and now it's time to learn all about religions, gods, even how to create one of your own!The fully illustrated and interactive Book of Religions is for readers and thinkers of all ages, and religions! It all started with The Belief Book, including kids and kids at heart.


It Started with a Big Bang: The Origin of Earth, You and Everything Else

They’ll learn about the big bang theory, how life on earth began in the oceans and moved to land, how our solar system and planet were formed, what happened to the dinosaurs and how humans evolved from apes to build communities all over the planet … and even travel to space!Kids will be enthralled by this out-of-this-world look at how the universe began! .

An accessible and engaging primer on the history of the universe and life on Earth. In this delightful book, kids can follow the fascinating story of how we got from the beginning of the universe to life today on the “bright blue ball floating in space” called Earth.