Mr. Midshipman Hornblower Hornblower Saga Book 1

Bullied and forced into a duel, he takes an even chance. Here hornblower becomes a man and develops the strength of character which will make him a hero to his men, and to all England. And along the way, he fights galleys, stays out of the way of the guillotine, feeds cattle, and makes friends with a Duchess.

Here we meet horatio hornblower, a young man of 17, in this Volume #1 of what becomes the 11 volume set about the career of this British Naval officer fighting against Napoleon and his tyranny of Europe in the late seventeen hundreds. And then he has many more chances to show his skills and ingenuities - from sailing a ship full of wetted and swelling rice to imprisonment and saving the lives of shipwrecked sailors.


Lieutenant Hornblower Hornblower Saga Book 2

Upon his name being cleared at a court martial, Hornblower is of course commended for his successes and sent home to England with dispatches as the Captain as Commander of one of the prizes he was responsible for capturing. Lieutenant hornblower, in this volume 2 of the Hornblower Saga, tells these stories of Hornblower's exploits through the eyes of Lieutenant Bush.

A tyrannical, or is helped, and eventually crazy Captain falls, through a hatch while chasing suspected mutineers, obsessed, of which the other officers may be ringleaders. With this view of hornblower through Bush's eyes we enjoy discovering more about these two characters and their very different personalities.

Upon the incapacity of the captain, even though the most junior lieutenant, captures enemy ships, suggests and directs shore invasions in the West Indies, Hornblower, and recovers escaped Spanish crews.

Hornblower and the Hotspur Vol3 Hornblower Saga

April 1803. Reconnaissance, daring shore raids, cutting out expeditions and skillful navigating in treacherous tidal waters bring the reality of the blockade to the fore. And all the while the introspective and lonely hornblower worries about his relationship with his wife and mother-in-law — in stark contrast to his sureness when carrying out his objectives to annoy the French and bring destruction to their military plans.

This, gives ample opportunity to help thwart the ambitions of Napoleon, his first command as Master and Commander, who is building ships and amassing supplies for an attempt to cross the Channel and invade England. And with the Hotspur his exploits tumble one after the other. Here is hornblower who, to observe the french coast, is ordered to take his ship, directly after his wedding ceremony, the HMS Hotspur, Channel ports, and around to the Bay of Biscay.

At 27, hornblower has already had adventures which have brought him praise and notice.

Hornblower and the Atropos Hornblower Saga Book 5

Ending at home, with less fortune in sight, Hornblower knows his duty is to his country first, leading the reader to yearn to continue Hornblower's adventures. In this, hornblower is called upon to act as a bargeman, while making his way with his wife Maria and baby son to London on a Cotswold canal, the Fifth volume of the Hornblower Saga, giving the reader an unexpected image of late 18th century England.

. And much of the book concerns his and his crews' efforts in raising sunken treasure from a quiet bay in Turkey. After that harrowing experience, of course, he finds an oar with a crossed numeral 7 floating in a dense fog in the Broads which leads, to another successful adventure. Once arrived and captain of the smallest ship in the British Navy, always finding challenge and scope for his abilities, Hornblower must manage 38 barges for the naval procession carrying Nelson's casket from Greenwich up the Thames to Whitehall.


an unfinished novel Hornblower Saga Book 4 - Hornblower During the Crisis

Through fortuitous circumstances and quick wittedness, in action with a man who replaced him and then who immediately sunk the ship Hornblower had commanded for two years in the same waters, Hornblower, fought a ship battle and obtained a very special French secret document. These orders from napoleon form the basis of the following actions by the British Admiralty which Hornblower must carry out, his first acts of espionage in his efforts to bring victory to England.

Although unfinished prior to C. S. Forester's death, hornblower During the Crisis introduces Hornblower to the makings of a spy.

Flying Colours Hornblower Saga Book 8

Later, the three again make their way down the Loire river and upon reaching the sea find a means to escape to England where Hornblower's honors and income grow to more than he ever expected. Forced to surrender his ship, the sutherland, after a long and bloody battle, Captain Horatio Hornblower now bides his time as a prisoner awaiting transport to Paris and a trial on trumped up charges.

. Third hornblower book written; volume 8 in Hornblower Saga. After escaping with his first lieutenant Bush, and his coxswain Brown, they find refuge in France.

Commodore Hornblower Hornblower Saga Book 9

According to his biographer, hornblower's swift actions using ungainly bomb-ketches, landed marines and his naval insight for strategy and tactics probably had major influences on the retreat of Napoleon from Russia. We again find captain horatio hornblower in this the 9th volume, chronologically, off on a new adventure to the Baltic in 1812, of the Hornblower Saga, when Napoleon's army marches into Russia.

Another great read. He comes through raids, an attempted assassination by a member of his crew, seeking success but not notoriety, and typhus, a siege, assignations, while his introspection sometimes overwhelms him.

Lord Hornblower Hornblower Saga Book 10

He must save a tyrannical officer from his mutinied crew, advance the Bourbon cause in Le Harve as the city changes it allegiance away from Napoleon, and wage a guerilla fight with his old love Marie at his side. Only to find himself captured and condemned to death. We now find captain horatio Hornblower elevated to the peerage in this volume 10 of the Hornblower Saga.


Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies Hornblower Saga Book 11

In this tense time after Napoleon's defeat, revolutionaries, all kinds of vagabonds, Imperial Guards. Horatio hornblower, now Admiral, sails over seas as challenging as any in his victorious career. As admiral in charge of his Britannic Majesty's West Indies Station he is as gallant, daring, implosive as ever.

With this series of adventures, volume 11, not in a battle against men, Hornblower's professional life as a British naval officer reaches its climax, but against nature. Here the inner Hornblower shows his colors. And pirates come sailing into the waters where Hornblower is working his small contingent of naval vessels to preserve the peace and eliminate piracy.

With intrepid daring and brilliant strategies, Hornblower wins his victories.

Beat to Quarters Hornblower Saga Book 6

June 1808, somewhere west of Nicaragua-a site suitable for spectacular sea battles. A daunting enough set of orders-even if the happily married captain were not woefully distracted by the passenger he is obliged to take on in Panama: Lady Barbara Wellesley. Goodreads. Note: this is chronologically the sixth in the series, but it was the first published.

The admiralty has ordered captain horatio hornblower, now in command of the thirty-six-gun HMS Lydia, to form an alliance against the Spanish colonial government with an insane Spanish landowner; to find a water route across the Central American isthmus; and “to take, sink, burn or destroy” the fifty-gun Spanish ship of the line Natividad or face court-martial.


Summary & Study Guide Beat to Quarters by C. S. Forester Hornblower Saga Book 6

This study guide includes the following sections: Plot Summary, Characters, Objects/Places, Quotes, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Style, Themes, and Topics for Discussion.