Montana Guardian: A Guardian Security Novella The Kings of Guardian

Van wheeler was an elite team leader of Guardian's Sierra Team. He'd never regretted an assignment, until he met her. Cassie knew she and her tiny son would share the fate of her dead mother if she didn't escape. For cassie valentine, life was anything but hearts and chocolates--starvation and physical abuse at the hands of her father and uncle was the norm.

On foot and ill-prepared, in the form of a Guardian, she set out into the wilderness of mountainous Montana, unaware that fate, was about to intervene. A cruel glimpse at happiness that she could never obtain. Compelled by a threat to her mother, Cassie returned to the shack in the Bitterroot Mountains. He'd fought in wars, survived firefights in forsaken hell-holes and moved like a ghost in foreign countries.

Her intellectual genius at solving code brought her to the attention of Guardian and a man who showed her what life could have been like. The sweet, brilliant code breaker who'd devastated not only the enemy’s communication cyphers, but also his heart. Without a word, she vanished, leaving Van Wheeler, the man who loved her, to forever wonder why she'd left.

A year later, broken, and protecting her child, battered, she fled her family's cabin at the top of the Bitterroot Mountains. His team performed missions flawlessly.

A Backwater Blessing: A Kings of Guardian and Heart's Desire Crossover Novella

When cole, Mr. She wants to hate him—but she can’t. Their attraction is hotter than the sultry southern sun. And cole would never commit career suicide by staying in a backwater Mississippi town…not for any woman…especially not for Isabella Logan Church. Fbi, local cop and reigning ice princess, and Logan, hook up to solve a case of Mississippi corruption at the highest judicial levels, sparks fly.


Christmas with the Kings The Kings of Guardian

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into the family life of my Guardians. I hope you enjoy this heartfelt holiday novella honoring love and joy, hosted by the King Family. Please note: there is no backstory included in thiS NOVELLA. This novella is not for you if you haven't read the previous books in this series. You will not understand the characters or the dynamics.

You are cordially invited to a Christmas with the Kings. If you have not read all the Kings of Guardian and Guardian Shadow World series, please consider not buying this story. For my readers who have followed me on this journey. This story—all tied up in shiny paper and wrapped with a satin bow—is an offering to all those readers who have fallen in love with the characters in Kings of Guardian and the Guardian Shadow World series and made them their own.


Drake The Kings of Guardian Book 11

She wasn’t “Silly Jilly” anymore. Jillian Law. For the first time in decades, Drake watched Dixon embark on a dangerous assignment without him. Jillian law, and it appeared people were intent on killing her. While visiting with an old mentor, Drake's past reintroduced itself in the shapely form of one hell of a distraction.

Life wasn’t fair. Their past had so savaged their souls no amount of “confronting their demons” could heal them, but Drake’s twin refused to acknowledge that truth. He’d never viewed her as anything other than a friend, and she’d hidden her feelings behind her thick glasses and shy behavior. Drake simmons and his identical twin, Dixon, had had that lesson beaten into them early and well.

If circumstances were determined to throw them together again, the least she could do was make Drake see her as Dr. Of all the people in the world her father could have asked to protect her, why did it have to be him? She’d known Drake, and of course Dixon—you didn’t get one without the other—through her teens and early twenties.

So, he did the only thing he could do; he prayed hard and pushed forward. For years, she’d painfully adored Drake with the raw passion a young woman could only feel for her first love. The girl was gone, forever, but the woman who remained had never forgotten Drake. Though torn and distracted by the absence of his twin, Drake grows to realize this benign shadow from his past might be the key to his future—if he can keep her alive.

Dixon The Kings of Guardian Book 12

Her true identity was as dead as her heart. Dixon simmons piqued her interest, and what started as lust turned into another “L” word. However, redemption comes at a high cost. They must first save the world from a merciless force known only as Stratus. To protect all he’d come to love, he was willing to pay whatever price was demanded—even if the price was his soul.

She went by many names. Alone, isolated from the vast resources of Guardian, Dixon Simmons reentered a world that had left him impossibly damaged as a child. They’d have to stay alive for that to happen. Caught in a violent abyss of ultimate malevolence and ominous threats, two damned souls find in each other a redemptive love that defies reason.

Until him. He stepped back into that evil by choice. The man was every bit as lethal as she was and deliciously sexy. She gave a “forever after” with him no hope.

Justin The Kings of Guardian Book 10

Danielle grant has built a life separate from the power and influence of her father, the owner of Phoenix Armament. He craves the rush gained by facing danger and triumphing—be it heli-skiing, rappelling, suit jumping from the peaks of Mt. Finding her and getting her back will require Justin do the one thing he has avoided all his life—ask for the help of his family.

As acquisitions manager of jk holdings, she’s made herself indispensable to Justin King on a professional level, his steady constant as she watches the gorgeous women in his private life come and go. It's the best-kept secret of his very public life. Being ceo of flourishing JK Holdings isn't a sufficient challenge for millionaire restaurateur Justin King.

Never once did she allow herself to dream the romantic attentions of her boss would turn her way—until fate perched them side-by-side at the precipice of a deadly drop. But nothing does it for him like breaking into impenetrable fortresses and rifling their vaults for Guardian Security. Just as justin and dani realize what they could be to each other, a malevolent force rips them apart, and Dani vanishes without a trace.

Everest or racing performance cars.

Jade The Kings of Guardian Book 9

A fun one-night stand, multiple orgasms, and absolutely no strings attached. An operation that they may not survive. Right? If only. When the elusive head of the triad maliciously plans and executes an event that devastates an entire city, it catapults Jade and Nic into a Guardian sanctioned operation. One he couldn’t refuse…but man, could he screw it up.

When one of the guardian’s family members is targeted for death, attachments, Jade is pulled from her much deserved vacation and into Nicolas DeMarco’s world—a world complete with strings, feelings, and danger. Now, forty years old and in charge of guardian’s domestic Security, he’s done with the biological catch and release game that used to thrill him…until Jade King let herself into his office and made him an offer.

His love ‘em and leave ‘em mentality served him well…until it didn’t. Jade king lives life at full speed. Nicolas demarco has a library stocked with little black books, and his bedpost is nothing but notches. After over a year undercover for the dea, she’s back in play and wants what any hot-blooded woman who’s gone a year without sex would want: an alpha bad boy who is convenient, delicious and disposable.


Jewell The Kings of Guardian Book 8

Good riddance. Handling the information and data systems for Guardian required 28 hour days and triple her current staff. Obsessive. Zane reynolds waded through several weeks’ worth of empty energy drink cans, cast off candy wrappers and stale pizza boxes, and viewed Jewell's office with a resigned sense of deja vu.

Well. The last one had kinda weaseled his way into her daily routine with his compulsive cleaning and insistence on health foods. She had frustrated his first attempt by the slimmest of margins. But that didn't matter. He should walk away like all the others, except he couldn’t. Witch. He’d seen through the woman’s veneer and had witnessed the true kindness of the person hiding under the beautiful, yet caustic façade.

This time, zane had non-negotiable conditions before he'd agree to return as Jewell King's personal security, and he told the CEO of Guardian as much. He'd tried before. She had no time for emotions. She didn't care. On her shoulders rested the weight of defending Guardian against a brilliant hacker determined to take down all billionaire David Xavier had built and destroy her family in the process.

Asp Guardian Shadow World Book 2

Her decision to stay and care for the dying man would usher in the greatest love of her life, but it could also threaten everyone else she held dear. He completed his assassination according to plan - more or less - but no amount of careful planning could have prepared him for the dire circumstances he found himself in.

As a shadow, Asp planned his assassinations with meticulous care. But, the cost of a return ticket was out of reach, and Lyric found herself maturing from carefree teen to responsible woman on a remote Colombia banana farm. His work required one thing, that the Council direct his kills. She found her grandfather—and an unconscious man near death.

Lyric gadson was an unwilling expatriate. When her beloved grandfather failed to return from his yearly pilgrimage to his wife’s shrine, Lyric thought nothing of packing her kit and hiking into the Andes mountains to find him. He'd resigned himself to dying alone, just not this soon. She’d trade her grandfather’s farm in the foothills of the Andes for her old life in Jacksonville, Florida in a heartbeat.

As he faded in and out of consciousness due to a life-threatening bullet wound, he knew he might not get home. The coded target became a "sanctioned hit” and that distinction was vital.

Chief The Kings of Guardian Book 7

For reasons that she wouldn't acknowledge, she wanted to protect this one man from the retribution rapidly approaching. Neither knew the other's true mission but even as mortal adversaries, they'd each given the other a part of their soul and now only devastation and sorrow waited. Cloaked in the identity of david xavier, a billionaire player in multiple world theaters, Mike White Cloud worked to enter the Russian Mafia’s lair, by stalking a shadowy creature named "The Concierge.

The russian woman brokered young innocents into slavery and Mike meant to destroy her and the organization she worked for. She'd found it easy to loathe the wealthy men who bought her "toys"—until David. He should have despised her for the atrocious crimes she facilitated, but too often love and hate are the flip sides of the same coin, and what Mike felt for Taty was not hate.

Driven by heartbreak, and for eight years, tatyana petrov joined the elite British M16 unit, wormed her way into the trust of the Bratva as she strove to identify the human filth selling those innocents to billionaires like David Xavier. He'd destroy the bratva and all its associates—even if it meant part of his soul sat in prison for the rest of her life.

It didn't matter.

Jasmine The Kings of Guardian Book 6

He's got a front row seat to the destruction of his wildly successful and carefully constructed life. Now, positions are reversed as the country star reaches back to a military past to help free Jasmine from a bloody confrontation. Jasmine king loved her chosen profession, until she was assigned as Chad Nelson's personal security officer.

Regardless, the self-absorbed bad boy was now hers to protect, and she'd be damned if she'd fail-despite the singer's best efforts to make things difficult. One minute chad nelson was the reigning king of country music and the next, an FBI murder suspect in not one, but two murders. As if that's not bad enough, he's in the crosshairs of someone who wants him dead.

The sex-fueled country superstar was either a stone-cold killer or the target of a deranged psychopath. Jasmine and chad are plunged into a deadly situation when the race to get him to safety reveals pursuit by not only Chad's enemies, but worse, Guardian's. Thankfully, chad's not the shallow performer Jasmine originally suspected, and she'll use any advantage to protect her man as Guardian scrambles to find the killer.