Monkey Business

They get down to business. What they do have is an army of foul-mouthed monkeys who want them dead, a caffeine-addicted demigod who wants to be worshipped, a beautiful woman who wants some answers, a sex-crazed tribal chief, and a telepathic skull who just wants a little excitement. Unfortunately they have no real resources, no good plans, and no idea what the hell they're doing.

. Ron and willy are stranded on a tropical island and they really want to get home. Monkey Business. Through nonstop comedy and good old-fashioned adventure these guys are facing some long odds but do Ron and Willy give up? No they don't.

You Are Dead. Sign Here Please

After nathan haynes dies, he discovers that the afterlife is run by straight-laced bureaucrats, but when he refuses to sign his 21B he is punted back to life in his insane home city of Dead Donkey. He can't rest easy, though - the bureaucrats are out to get him and they will put his papers in order, no matter the cost.

Sign here Please! You are Dead. Will our hero die again? will the bureaucrats trick him into filling the proper forms in? Will Nathan ever get to do his laundry? Find out in You Are Dead. Sign here please is a madcap comedy of truly ludicrous proportions.

Inspector Hobbes and the Blood: Comedy Crime Fantasy unhuman Book 1

The inspector’s offer of a spare room for a few days or months seems like the only option…Andy agrees to accompany the inspector to investigate a sudden surge in crime and soon finds himself immersed in a world beyond humanity. If you like intriguing characters, hilarious wit, and small-town whodunits with fantasy flair, then you’ll love Wilkie Martin’s fast-paced supernatural tale.

Buy inspector hobbs and the Blood to join the madcap mystery today! It turns out that inspector Hobbes eats raw bones, their housekeeper collects teeth, dwarves, and their guests include trolls, and ghouls. But when his latest expose on the strange and scandalous Inspector Hobbes backfires, Andy is left broke and homeless.

An inspector with something to hide. At least he has a job. The cotswolds’ newest odd couple is on the case…Of all the journalists at his small-town paper, Andy Caplet is far and away the worst. As andy tries to piece together the inspector’s true identity, his new partner is hard at work solving unexplainable murders, suicides, and robberies.

If they can’t learn to work together and solve the mystery in time, the chilling fate of their charming town will be sealed…Inspector Hobbs and the Blood is the first book in a series of comedy crime fantasy novels. A reporter with nothing to lose.

You Are A Ghost. Sign Here Please You Are Dead. Book 2

Can he find his way back to his home city of dead donkey, ducks with telepathy, or will he be trapped in bureaucracy forever? Aero-literary thermopsychologists, marauding bands of opera signers, and a man who's convinced he's not Napoleon - all in You Are a Ghost. Sign here Please! Nathan haynes dies again, but is startled to discover that Director Fulcher refuses to continue restoring him to life.

The second, hotly unanticipated freewheeling comedy in Andrew Stanek's "You Are Dead" series.

Inspector Hobbes and the Curse: Comedy Crime Fantasy unhuman Book 2

Mad, this is the next instalment in the adventures of Inspector Hobbes, bad and dangerous to gnaw’ Cotswold LifeSet in the Cotswolds, Mrs Goodfellow and Dregs, as narrated by the still disaster-prone Andy Caplet. It is a rip roaring, funny and moving tale of Andy's infatuation with a dangerously beautiful woman, starting off during investigations into sheep deaths and the mysterious disappearance of pheasants.

This is the second novel in the series featuring the same memorable characters, but it is not necessary to have read the first, as all the books are stand-alone novels and can be read individually. From reviewers:'far out fantasy full of odd characters and action' Jo Ann Hakola http://bkfaerie. Blogspot. Co.

Uk'inspector hobbes and the curse is very much the funny mans Sherlock Holmes' Scarlet Aingeal http://scarletaingeal. Booklikes. Com‘an amusing fantasy take-off on Sherlock Holmes and Watson’ Nancy Famolari http://nancyfamolari. Blogspot. Co. Uk‘i had fun relaxing with this novel, cigar in hand’ Anders Mikkelsen http://koeur.


Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers: Comedy Crime Fantasy unhuman Book 3

Start enjoying the unhuman world by getting this today and you'll never look at The Cotswolds in the same way again. Comments from reviewers‘hobbes and andy follow the hobbes-watson dynamic’, ‘had me giggling’ book reviews forevermore‘Once again I was transported into another world’, ‘This author has become one of my favorites’ Koeur’s Book Reviews Blog ‘dastardly villains’, ‘serves well as a stand alone novel’ carolyninjoy’s blog review .

Since hobbes has to solve a gold robbery and contemplate some perfectly ordinary rocks, Andy must entertain Kathy while trying to protect his new love from a monstrous opponent working for the sinister Sir Gerald Payne. Despite his usual blunderings and an inability to throw straight, Andy displays genuine courage.

Hobbes: 'i always knew you'd get ahead one day'can andy survive dinner with a vampire? Can Hobbes recover the gold? And what is Kathy’s relationship to Hobbes? This, the third in Wilkie Martin’s unhuman series of fast-paced comedy crime fantasies will reveal all. These are standalone novels and can be read in any order.

As inventive as they are entertaining’ cotswold life Receiving unwanted attention after foiling an armed robbery, with Andy, his accident-prone friend, and Dregs, the unhuman Inspector Hobbes takes a long-overdue camping holiday, the delinquent dog. In the bleak and dangerous blacker mountains, Andy stumbles across something shocking, before falling for an attractive widow, while Hobbes wonders why an old gold mine has reopened.

On their return to the sleepy cotswold town of Sorenchester, Hobbes is dumbfounded when Kathy, a reminder of his hippy days, turns up on the doorstep with her baggage.

Humancorp Incorporated

Humancorp incorporated is another wacky comedy adventure from author Andrew Stanek. After being fired, Sean can't find a job and enters a downward spiral. He becomes depressed, turns to drinking, and experiences thoughts of suicide and sociology professorship. Then, an idea dawns on him. He writes a letter addressed to "whoever runs the world" and asks for a job.

The letter he gets back contains a job offer from a company he's never heard of before: Humancorp Incorporated. Homeopathic suicide pills, giraffe catapults, and the Mandatory Organization of Anarchists - all in Humancorp Incorporated. Meet Sean. Sean is the worst employee in the whole world.

You Are Doomed. Sign Here Please You Are Dead. Book 3

The legally required third installment in Andrew Stanek's award-adjacent You Are Dead series. Sign Here Please. Lost beavers, and the committee to Murder Nathan Haynes, suborbital rocket-powered unicycles, all in You Are Doomed. Nathan haynes has escaped the city of Dead Donkey, but the administrative reach of the cosmic bureaucrats follows him even on the road to Las Vegas.


Inspector Hobbes and the Bones: Cozy Mystery Comedy Crime Fantasy unhuman Book 4

There’s going to be trouble. Amazing both himself and his unhuman friend Inspector Hobbes, he heroically rescues flood victims and uncovers something shocking. Andy caplet’s wife goes away, someone is out to get him, and he loses nearly everything in a storm. Is andy being set up for blackmail by the apparently charming young woman who attempts to seduce him, or is something even more sinister afoot? Hobbes certainly believes so, and he’s getting worried.

This is the fourth in Wilkie Martin’s unhuman series of cosy comedy crime fantasies. Praise for wilkie martin‘odd, and genuinely very funny indeed’ Katie Jarvis, inventive, Cotswold Life‘I enjoy how silly everything is. Jo ann hakola, The Book Faerie.

You Are Undead. Sign Here Please You Are Dead. Book 4

The triumvirate of one, and the bag on Nathan's head, the Cult of Pacman, all in You Are Undead. Part four of andrew stanek's internationally condemned you Are Dead series is here! Director Fulcher has a plan to put Nathan's papers in order once and for all, but Nathan has one chance to stop him: through the awesome power of local politics.

Sign Here Please.

And Then They All Died: A Dark Comedy With No Survivors

Only one thing's for sure: he and his friends won't survive this story. The institute for higher specious reasoning, the mime mafia's code of silence, and what to do when an alpaca spits on you - all in And Then They All Died: A Dark Comedy With No Survivors, the true nature of the human soul, another madcap comedy adventure from Andrew Stanek.

. Thomas loses his wallet, and his day kind of goes down hill from there.