Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Prelude

Featuring thor, odin, loki, Heimdall, Sif, Jane Foster, The Warriors Three. Collecting: marvel's thor adaptation 1-2, marvel's Thor: The Dark World Prelude 1-2, Thor: God Of Thunder 13. One volume collecting the official adaptation of marvel's thor and an all-new adventure leading you directly into the upcoming Marvel Studios blockbuster THOR: THE DARK WORLD ! First, get introduced to the world of Asgard and witness the origin of Marvel's mightiest hero! Then, find out what happened to your favorite Asgardians between the events of THOR and MARVEL 'S THE AVENGERS.


Marvel's Iron Man 3 The Movie Prelude

Featuring the first appearance and origin of war machine! then, it's an all-new story set between the events of Marvel's the Avengers and the upcoming Iron Man 3! What mysterious project has Tony Stark been developing since his alliance with SHIELD and his joining Earth's Mightiest Heroes? And how will it change the way he lives.

. Government going after iron Man? Plus, a mysterious figure from Tony's past returns - and he's got a vendetta. Forever?collecting: marvel's iron man 2 adaptation 1-2; marvel's Iron Man 3 Prelude 1-2, Iron Man 2005 1. The marvel cinematic universe returns! First, it's the comics adaptation of the blockbuster film Iron Man 2! Why is the U.


Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier Prelude

Prepare for marvel studios' newest big-screen blockbuster by boning up with this essential collection of classics! First, relive Steve Rogers' transformation from 98-pound weakling into the living legend of World War II. And the tragic loss of his best friend bucky! next, and the ulti mate introducti on of nick fury, the Black Widow's first encounter with the Amazing Spider-Man, the startling revelations that lurk behind the mask of the Winter Soldier, thrill to an all-new Infinite-style adventure set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! And experience the dynamic debut of Cap's partner the Falcon, Director of S.

H. I. E. L. D. Collecting: marvel's captain america: the first avenger adaptation 1-2, captain america 1968 117, the ultimates 2, marvel's captain america: the winter soldier infinite comic 1, captain america 2005 6, material from tales of suspense 1959 57; handbook PROFILES.

Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron Prelude

The avengers make their explosive return to the big screen this spring, and we've got everything you need to prepare right here! first, relive the historic first meeting between marvel's mightiest heroes as Loki's plot to gain ulti mate power sparks a worldwide manhunt, experience the dynamic classic comic book debut of Vision, thrill to an all-new Infinite-style adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, set between the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron! What world-shaking threats have the Avengers battled since their last film? And can anything prepare them for the looming threat of the mad mechanoid known as Ultron? Plus, a vicious war against the invading Chitauri in the heart of New York City, and relive some of the team's classic encounters with Ultron, and the founding of the mighty Avengers! Next, including the prelude story to the "Age of Ultron" event.

Collecting: marvel's the avengers 1-2, avengers 1963 57-58, Avengers: Cinematic Infinite Comic 1, Avengers 1998 22, Avengers 12.1.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude

Prepare for marvel studios' newest big-screen blockbuster with these all-new stories taking place just before the film! who is Nebula? What tragic events forged her unbreakable allegiance to her dark lord? And how does Korath the Pursuer fit in? Then, Drax and Iron Man take on Thanos, see firsthand why she is the considered the most dangerous woman in the universe! Plus, relive the Guardians' individual debuts as Gamora and Star-Lord burst onto the scene, as Gamora begins her quest for the Orb, Rocket Raccoon meets the Hulk.

. And groot tries to enslave the earth! collecting: marvel's gua rdia ns of the galaxy prelude 1-2, iron man 1968 55, marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comic 1, Incredible Hulk 1968 271; material from Tales to Astonish 1959 13, Strange Tales 1951 181, Marvel Previ ew 4; Handbook profiles.

Marvel's Ant-Man Prelude Marvel Ant-Man

Get ready for marvel's next smash-hit film with this all-new official prequel! Before Scott Lang becomes Marvel's shrinking sensation, his predecessor, Dr. Hank pym, and witness a dramatic change for the original ant-man, ant-man 2015 1, marvel premiere 47-48, ant-man: cinematic infinite comic 1, so get on board now! collecting: marvel 's ant-man prelude 1-2, hank pym! the action-packed buildup to marvel' ant-man begins here, will pull on the Ant-Man helmet and leap into action on a death-defying mission that will take him into the icy heart of Cold War East Berlin! Then, Age of Ultron 10AI Marvel's ant-man prelude by Will Pilgrim 2015, thrill to an all-new Infinite-style adventure set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as explosive new details in the history of the astonishing Ant-Man are revealed! But can the lessons of his past prepare him for the trials he is about to face? Plus: Experience Scott Lang's comic-book transformation into Ant-Man and the first chapter in his all-new adventures, Paperback.


Marvel's Doctor Strange Prelude

The doctor will see you now! ahead of the master of the mystic arts' major motion picture, magical stories from doctor strange's comic book history, meet the cinematic Stephen Strange -the man who will one day be Earth's Sorcerer Supreme - in this prelude adventure! Plus, from his sensational origin to his entry into the modern Marvel era! The mysterious Ancient One may have much to teach the wounded surgeon Strange - unless the malevolent Mordo has his way! The Doctor faces the nefarious Nightmare and takes an incredible journey back to the very dawn of time.

But when he gets shot, can the night nurse save his life?collecting: marvel's doctor strange prelude 1-2; marvel's doctor strange prelude infinite comic 1; doctor strange: the oath 1; doctor strange 2015 1; strange tales 110, 115 doctor strange storieS; MARVEL PREMIERE 14 Marvel's ant-man prelude by Will Pilgrim 2015, Paperback.


Marvel's Captain America: Civil War Prelude

Marvel cinematic universe: official tie-in"--Cover. Marvel Comics. Marvel's ant-man prelude by Will Pilgrim 2015, Paperback.

Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok Prelude

Marvel Comics. The stage is set for 2017's far-out fantasy epic, loki and thor himself stand ahead of the next blockbuster chapter in asgardian lore! and revisit the origin of ragnarok's other headline star, the incredible hulk! plus: classic comic-book tales featuring the two mightiest Avengers of all! Thor enters the underworld to face Hela - and the Hulk does savage battle on an alien world! It's cinematic action in the Mighty Marvel Manner! COLLECTING: MARVEL'S THOR: RAGNAROK PRELUDE 1-4, THOR 1966 361, INCREDIBLE HULK 2000 95 Marvel's ant-man prelude by Will Pilgrim 2015, Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok! Catch up on the incredible events of Thor: The Dark World and learn where major players including Odin, Paperback.


Marvel's Black Panther Prelude

Collecting: marvel's black panther prelude 1-2, tbd marvel's ant-man prelude by Will Pilgrim 2015, Paperback. The most technologically advanced nation in the world is protected by the mighty black panther! before this fall's black panther film, learn how T'CHALLA became the legendary hero of Wakanda in this ALL-NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-TOLD tale set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! See how the mantle was passed to the future king, in a time when super heroes were just emerging in the larger world.

. Marvel Comics. Wakanda.

Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War Prelude

Marvel Comics. Follow the avengers of the marvel cinematic universe in their adventures leading up to this summer's blockbuster event, thanos annual 1 marvel's ant-man prelude by Will Pilgrim 2015, INFINITY 1, Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War! Plus, tales from the long and villainous history of the Mad Titan, Thanos! COLLECTING: MARVEL'S AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR PRELUDE 1-2, Paperback.