Magical Crimes: Twenty-Four Inches From Tulsa

But don’t worry, the penis in this story is used purely for the purpose God intended – humour and crimefighting – not lustful titillation. Seb kemp is a psychic profiler with a problem. Something might drop off. He needs help but, pete, his forensic magician partner, 000 miles away working on another case and Tulsa, Seb’s new partner, is 3, is of the young and female persuasion.

The two of them are thrown together to solve a high profile locked room mystery where the utmost tact and diplomacy is required – not easy for a man with unpredictable trousers. Magical crimes is just over 13, 000 words in length which equates to about 65 pages of a mass market paperback. Reviews:"fun main characters and a couple of twists.

The little something else being two foot long and lurking in the hero’s trousers. 5 stars - "reminded me of jasper fforde, " TiggrieMagical Crimes is a fun CSI with magic and ‘a little something else’ story. Not to mention extremely hot. After a night out drinking some men wake up with an unexpected tattoo.

To make matters worse, magic doesn’t work well with living tissue. The spell might fade after a few days or.

An Unsafe Pair of Hands

The humor is delightful and the plot is complex enough to keep you turning pages to the end. Shand responds by inventing a lead, and keeps on lying - to the press, his boss, his team - telling himself that he'll solve the case before anyone finds out. And then another murder occurs. An unsafe pair of hands by Chris Dolley is a masterful addition to the British mystery genre.

Barth siemenspeter shand is the 'safe pair of hands' - a high-flying police administrator seconded to a quiet rural CID team to gain the operational experience he needs for promotion. On his second day he's thrust into a high-profile murder case. He's desperate, pursued by an amorous psychic, increasingly unpredictable, and somehow gaining a reputation for arresting livestock.

Which will break first? the case, or Shand?Chris Dolley is a New York Times bestselling author. Reviews"this mystery is so much fun. This is by far one of the best summer reads of 2011. Jensview"one of the best I've read in years. Laura belgrave"I loved this book. Bookworm"This is a very good read. The media is clamoring for answers, but everything about the case is baffling.

What Ho, Automaton! Reeves & Worcester Steampunk Mysteries Book 1

Dolley's tone is spot on Wodehouse and the steampunk elements tie into both plot and silliness admirably. Gail carriger, author of soullessreggie, an avid reader of detective fiction, knows two things about solving crime: One, occasionally, the guilty party is always the person - and, the orang-utan - one least suspects.

Wodehouse, steampunk and a touch of Sherlock Holmes. Dolley is a master at capturing and blending all these elements. With the help of reeves's giant brain and extra helpings of fish, he conducts an investigation that only a detective of rare talent could possibly envisage. Mystery, zeppelins, Aunts and Humour.

Wodehouse, steampunk and a touch of Sherlock Holmes. A homage to Wodehouse without being sycophantic, this is fantastic. Sueo23. Which, frankly, is VERY hard to do. More than fascinating, this work is also rip-roaring fun! But where Dolley really excels is in capturing the atmosphere and humor of the Bertie and Jeeves stories.

I don't think i've actually laughed out loud this much while reading a book in a very long time. Erisaerie"dolley's collection of Wodehousian steampunk is entertaining and often spot-on parody.

Reggiecide Reeves & Worcester Steampunk Mysteries Book 2

This book was good by the end of the first sentENCE - 'It is a truth universally acknowledged that a chap in possession of a suffragette fiancee is in need of a pair of bolt cutters. As you can guess this story is a treasure trove of homages as well as just a jolly good romp. A fun blend of P. G. Treat yourself to this joyride.

Media junkie"Funny, extremely well-written, short and sweet. He might be a mere pawn in a plan of diabolical twistiness. Only a detective with a rare brain - and Reggie's is amongst the rarest - could possibly solve this 'five-cocktail problem. With the aid of reeves, his suffragette fiancée, Emmeline, and Farquharson, a reconstituted dog with an issue with Anglicans, his automaton valet, Reggie sets out to save both Queen Victoria and the Empire.

This 19, what ho, 000 word novella is the sequel to the wsfa Small Press Award finalist, Automaton!REVIEWS"I find that a good book is enjoyable by the end of the first chapter. Wodehouse, steampunk and a touch of sherlock holmes, " - sF Revu Guy Fawkes is back and this time it's a toss up who's going to be blown up first - Parliament or Reginald Worcester, gentleman consulting detective.

But guy might not be the only regicide to have been dug up and reanimated. All those words come to mind after reading this little masterpiece. Zjordi"a delightful mix of comedy and conundrums. Sf revu.

The Unpleasantness at Baskerville Hall Reeves & Worcester Steampunk Mysteries Book 4

I highly recommend this book. Howard Poston. Laughs abounded. Wodehouse steampunk version of the hound of the Baskervilles!“Jeeves and Wooster meet Holmes and Watson with a touch of steampunk in the hilarious first full-length Reeves and Worcester tale. Dolley channeled Wodehouse beautifully. Mary R. G. Luckily the young master has Reeves, his suffragette fiancée, and Emmeline, his automaton valet, on hand to assist.

This stand alone novel is the fifth Reeves & Worcester Steampunk mystery and is set a few months after The Aunt Paradox. Could things get any worse for the baskerville-smythe family?As the bodies pile up, only a detective with a rare brain – and Reggie’s is so rare it’s positively endangered – can even hope to solve the case.

The first two mysteries were published in the ebook What Ho, Automaton! The first four were published in the trade paperback What Ho, Automata. Reviews"a sheer delight to read and Mr. Reading reggie's attempts to emulate famous detectives and solve this Baskerville mystery is hilarious. And reginald Worcester turning up on the doorstep.

It perfectly catches the spirit and the humour of the original PG Wodehouse works while adding a whole new dimension. Hopback"chris dolley does an excellent job of imitating Wodehouse's writing style and pays a bit of homage to Oscar Wilde.

The Aunt Paradox Reeves & Worcester Steampunk Mysteries Book 3

Wodehouse, steampunk and a touch of Sherlock Holmes. A murder mystery where facts can be rewritten, and the dead don’t always stay dead. More than fascinating, this work is also rip-roaring fun!" - SF Revu. This 100 page novella is the third instalment in the Reeves and Worcester Steampunk Mysteries. But things get complicated.

Dolley is a master at capturing and blending all these elements. Hg wells has a problem. Dead bodies start piling up behind Reggie’s sofa, as he finds himself embroiled in an ever-changing murder mystery. Now she’s rewriting history!reggie worcester, and his automaton valet, gentleman’s consulting detective, Reeves, are hired to retrieve the time machine and put the timeline back together.

The fourth instalment, a novel - the unpleasantness at Baskerville Hall - which comes out on February 9th 2016, can be pre-ordered now. A fun blend of P. G. His aunt charlotte has borrowed his time machine and won’t give it back.

Free Cornish Army: And Other Stuff I Could Have Been Arrested For

A short memoir of a huge hoax. The true story of a student who, to publicise Plymouth Charities Week, created the Free Cornish Army and convinced the UK media that Cornwall had risen up and declared independence. As he told police at the time, "It was only a small country, and I did give it back. But how do you follow a hoax that pushed the 1974 general election result off the front page?Well.

. This 36-page memoir contains five hilarious stories from Chris's early life - from the Free Cornish Army and other outrageous Rag Week stunts, to the day he created the most aggressive chess program the world has ever seen. Chris dolley's first memoir - french fried: one Man's Move to France With Too Many Animals and an Identity Thief - was a New York Times bestseller.

A splendid hoax, " - Punch.

French Fried: one man's move to France with too many animals and an identity thief

The irish say it's French as that's where all the correspondence came from. French fried is the unfortunately true account of Chris Dolley's first eight months in France and has been described as 'A Year in Provence with Miss Marple and Gerald Durrell. Just when chris and shelagh think nothing more could possibly go wrong, they discover that Chris's identity has been stolen and their life savings - all the money from their house sale in England that was going to finance their new life in France - had disappeared.

And the spanish are on holiday - and can't even think about investigating any bank account for at least four weeks. New york times bestseller **"exceptionally funny and entertaining book" - RomonkoAnimals behaving badly, other people's misfortunes and the most bizarre true crime story ever. But unlike fictional detectives he has an 80 year-old mother-in-law and an excitable puppy who insist they come along if he's going anywhere interesting - like a stakeout.

Reviews"this was a fantastic read. So chris has to solve the crime himself. Literally laugh out loud in several places I'm glad I'm the only one home! Librarything "chris dolley's humour reminds me of James Herriot at times, with my husband shushing me in the middle of the night. It had me laughing so much that i nearly got relegated to the sofa! once i had started reading this book, I was even quite happy to miss my favourite TV programmes!" - Bookmarked "When I downloaded this book this morning, I could not put it down, I had every intention of putting it on my phone and reading it in dribs and drabs.

The characters, especially Nan, were life-size.


I enjoy having an author keep me interested in the story and caring about the characters. To the outside world he's an obsessive compulsive mute - weird but harmless. It should win an award—it is that good. And how, together, they hold the key to the future of a billion planets. Reviews:"resonance is a tremendously accomplished book.

. Are judged. Marshall lord"i have read a lot of science fiction and have gone through tons of plots, so when I find one that is unique I certainly take notice. I don't know about you but I like being surprised by a story. If it is as big a hit as it deserves, it may well be this book which becomes the standard by which SF stories about.

. The writing is clever, the concepts are ingenious, and the characterizations are first class. Highly recommended. Gayle surrette, SFRevu"An exceptional first novel. Robert M. In fact, as an inspired new take on a familiar SF idea it's original enough to stand comparison with "The Time Traveler's Wife" or "Memoirs of an Invisible Man.


His novelette - what ho, automaton! - was a finalist for the WSFA Award for best short fiction of 2011. First contact, seventies style!a fun short story where murder isn’t the only mystery, and our detective’s clothes are far from plain. 1940s noir detectives meet 1970s Glam. The story begins as a bizarre murder case in an unusual location, but nothing is as it seems.

And the fate of an entire civilisation rests on a man with spiky red hair and six-inch platform shoesChris Dolley is the author of the bestseller French Fried.

Clovenhoof's Diary: May

He’s got to take his two girlfriends on separate romantic weekends away and hopes that at least one will want to keep him afterwards. Clovenhoof, politics, the former prince of hell, has spent the past two months on the run but now he’s back in Boldmere and ready to tackle the big issues of the day – religion, alcohol and romance.

His town is being over-run by dictatorial mayors and religious fanatics. To make matters worse, his favourite boozer has been closed by the council. Join clovenhoof as he continues his year-long journey….