Lawn Boy

Jonathan Evison's voice is pure magic. In lawn boy, at once a vibrant coming-of-age novel and a sharp social commentary on class, Evison offers a painfully honest portrait of one young man's struggle to overcome the hand he's been dealt in life and reach for his dreams. But then things start to change for Mike, and challenging trip, jarring, and after a raucous, he finds he can finally see the future and his place in it.

It's a journey you won't want to miss, with an ending you won't forget. Kristin hannah, author of the nightingalefor Mike Muñoz, a young Chicano living in Washington State, life has been a whole lot of waiting for something to happen. But how? in this funny, touching, and ultimately deeply inspiring novel, angry, bestselling author Jonathan Evison takes the reader into the heart and mind of a young man on a journey to discover himself, a search to find the secret to achieving the American dream of happiness and prosperity.

And it’s looking really good. That’s the birthright for all americans, isn’t it? if so, then what is Mike Muñoz’s problem? Though he tries time and again to get his foot on the first rung of that ladder to success, he can’t seem to get a break. Not too many years out of high school and still doing menial work—and just fired from his latest gig as a lawn boy on a landscaping crew—he knows that he’s got to be the one to shake things up if he’s ever going to change his life.

Lawn boy is an important, about overcoming cultural discrimination, and completely winning novel about social class distinctions, entertaining, and about standing up for oneself.

All About Lulu

But william is further weakened by the death of his mother, and his irrepressible crush on his new step-sister, the arrival of a new step-mother, Lulu. Emboldened by his turn as a late-night radio personality, Will rescues himself from the self-image of weakness he'd long wished to escape. This debut novel explores the fundamental difference between where we come from — and the endless possibilities of where we may go.

Weakness has always been a concern for William Miller: growing up vegetarian in a family of bodybuilders will do that to a person. As lulu faces down her own challenges, William watches his life shift into tumult and despair. Once lulu departs for college, ultimately, enduring friendship, and, a cruel dating world, Will goes into the world to find himself — discovering Western philosophy, his true calling.


The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving: A Novel

Over time, the relationship between ben and Trev, which had begun with mutual misgivings, evolves into a close friendship, and the traditional boundaries between patient and caregiver begin to blur. Hoping to find a new direction, he enrolls in a night class called The Fundamentals of Caregiving, where he will learn to take care of people with disabilities.

The bond between them strengthens as they embark on a road trip to visit Trev’s ailing father--a journey rerouted by a series of bizarre roadside attractions that propel them into an impulsive adventure disrupted by one birth, two arrests, a freakish dust storm, and a six-hundred-mile cat-and-mouse pursuit by a mysterious brown Buick Skylark.

. But when ben is assigned his first client--a tyrannical nineteen-year-old boy named Trevor, who is in the advanced stages of Duchenne muscular dystrophy--he soon discovers that the endless service checklists have done nothing to prepare him for the reality of caring for a fiercely stubborn, sexually frustrated teenager who has an ax to grind with the whole world.

For ben benjamin, all has been lost--his wife, his family, his home, his livelihood. He is instructed about professionalism, about how to keep an emotional distance between client and provider, and about the art of inserting catheters while avoiding liability. Bursting with energy and filled with moments of absolute beauty, this big-hearted and inspired novel ponders life’s terrible surprises as well as what it takes to truly care for another human being.

By the end of that journey, Trev has had his first taste of love, and Ben has found a new reason to love life. In the revised fundamentals of caregiving releasing june 24, has crafted a novel of the heart, author of the new novel This Is Your Life, Jonathan Evison, Harriet Chance! and the New York Times bestseller West of Here, 2016 as a Netflix Original Film titled The Fundamentals of Caring, starring Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez, a story of unlikely heroes in a grand American landscape.

This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!: A Novel

Evison writes humanely and with good humor of his characters, like the rest of us, muddle through, who, too often without giving ourselves much of a break. Jonathan evison’s writing crackles on the page. Jess walter, profound as it is hilarious, harriet Chance! is as sweet as it is inventive, author of Beautiful Ruins   “This Is Your Life, unflinching as it is bighearted.

Maria semple, inventive novel full of important ideas about how we live our lives as parents, author of Where’d You Go, partners, children, Bernadette  “An irresistible, and human beings . Evison is a ridiculously gifted storyteller. Jami attenberg, author of the middlesteins   “a generous and wise tale, told with Evison’s trademark verve and charisma, This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance! is a deeply felt and deeply comforting novel.

Patrick dewitt, harriet chance! has all the wonderful snap and sizzle we’ve come to expect from Jonathan Evison’s work, author of The Sisters Brothers   “This Is Your Life, and as much heart as any novel I’ve read in recent years. Ben fountain, author of billy lynn’s long halftime Walk “Both uplifting and melancholy, funny and thought-provoking, this entertaining read speaks directly to the importance of acceptance and healing.

Booklist. Part dysfunctional love story, reexamination, nothing is what it seems in this tale of acceptance, part poignant exploration of the mother-daughter relationship, and forgiveness. But what she hoped would be a voyage leading to a new lease on life becomes a surprising and revelatory journey into Harriet’s past.

Jonathan evison has crafted a bighearted novel with an endearing heroine at the helm.

Home After Dark: A Novel

Eerily foreboding yet filled with uncanny psychological insights and stray glimmers of hope, Home After Dark confirms Small’s place as a modern master of graphic fiction. Here, a boston globe best book of 2018, in home after dark, small provides a “painfully honest” and “haunting work of unfolding surprise” Jules Feiffer that renders the brutality of adolescence in the 1950s.

Through “gorgeous and expressive drawings” roz chast, telling the story of thirteen- year- old Russell Pruitt, Small “recaptures the inchoate chaos of youth” Jack Gantos, abandoned by his mother, who, follows his father to the sun- splashed land of California in search of a dream. Suddenly forced to fend for himself, Russell struggles to survive in Marshfield, a dilapidated town haunted by a sadistic animal killer and a ring of malicious boys.

Among the most masterful storytellers alive today” Gene Luen Yang, “few creators mine the pathos of a dark midcentury childhood like Small” Washington Post. Since the publication of stitches a decade ago, David Small has emerged as one of the seminal authors in the genre of graphic literature.

The Assembler of Parts: A Novel

And only then does the Assembler’s purpose become clear. From the moment of her birth, it was obvious that Jess is unlike other children, for she suffers from a syndrome of birth defects that leaves her flawed. A dual kirkus best fiction and best Debut Fiction selection, this stunning novel is an emotional fable about love, forgiveness, and what most makes us human.

At the outset of this extraordinary first novel, eight-year-old Jess finds herself in heaven reviewing her short life. With prose that is rich in emotion and eloquence and that distills poetry from the language of medicine and the words for ordinary things, Raoul Wientzen has delivered a novel of rare beauty that speaks to subjects as profound as faith, what makes us human, and the value of a life.

Skyhorse publishing, wilde, satire, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction—novels, literary classics including Shakespeare, classic literature, and Good Books imprints, historical fiction, mystery, comedy, political and medical thrillers, as well as our Arcade, Yucca, erotic and love stories, folklore and mythology, novellas, Dumas, romance, Cather, and much more.

While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home. She is guided in this by a being she calls the Assembler of Parts, and her task seems to be to grasp her life’s meaning.

But by her very imperfections, from the parents who come together over her to the grandmother whose guilt she assuages, she has a unique ability to draw love from—and heal—those around her, to the family friend she helps reconcile with an angry past. Yet, it is only when she comes to her sudden death—for which her parents are suspected of neglect, unleashing a chain of events beyond her healing—that her sense of her life truly begin to crystallize.

A Philosophy of Ruin: A Novel

His family is in debt, and desperate to help them, Oscar agrees to help his student Dawn with a drug run. A philosophy of ruin rumbles with brooding nihilism, then it cracks like a whip, hurtling Oscar and Dawn toward a terrifying threat on the road. His mother, on her way home from Hawaii with Oscar’s father, has died midflight, her body cooling for hours until the plane can land.

Deeply grieving, Oscar feels his life slipping out of his control. Mancusi is a writer to watch. Alexander chee, author of how to write an autobiographical novelA young philosophy professor finds himself in the middle of a drug-running operation after his personal life derails in this taut, white-knuckle debut for fans of Breaking BadOscar Boatwright, a disenchanted philosophy professor, receives terrible news.

An insidehook best Book of the Year“Riveting fun to read. New york times book reviewa TIME Magazine Best Book of SummerA Vol. 1 brooklyn book of the montha lithub most anticipated Book of SummerAn Evening Standard Summer Reading PickAn InsideHook Best Book of the Month“An unforgettable debut. Can oscar halt the acceleration of chaos? or was his fate never in his control?Taut, ferocious and blazingly intelligent, A Philosophy of Ruin is a heart-pounding thrill ride into the darkest corners of human geography, and a philosophical reckoning with the forces that determine our destiny.


Green: A Novel

A coming-of-age novel about race, privilege, written by a former Obama campaign staffer and propelled by an exuberant, and the struggle to rise in America, unforgettable narrator. David greenfeld is one of the few white kids at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. Praise for Green“Prickly and compelling.

. Graham-felsen lets boys be boys: messy-brained, impulsive, goatish, self-centered, outwardly gutsy but often inwardly terrified. The new york times book review Editors’ Choice“A coming-of-age tale of uncommon sweetness and feeling. The new yorker“a fierce and brilliant book, poignant, perfectly observed, comic, and blazing with all the urgent fears and longings of adolescence.

Helen macdonald, author of H Is for Hawk “A heartfelt and unassumingly ambitious book. Slate. A riot of language that’s part hip-hop, part nerd boy, and part pure imagination. The boston globeBoston, 1992. But as dave welcomes his new best friend into his world, he realizes how little he knows about Mar’s.

Mar’s a loner from the public housing project on the corner of Dave’s own gentrifying block, and he confounds Dave’s assumptions about black culture: He’s nerdy and neurotic, a Celtics obsessive whose favorite player is the gawky, white Larry Bird. Before long, mar’s coming over to Dave’s house every afternoon to watch vintage basketball tapes and plot their hustle to Harvard.

The Age of Dreaming

The carefully restrained voice of its narrator recalls Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day. Alison lurie, pulitzer prize winnerjun nakayama was a silent film star in the early days of Hollywood, he is living in complete obscurity—until a young writer, Nick Bellinger, but by 1964, reveals that he has written a screenplay with Nakayama in mind.

Jun is intrigued by the possibility of returning to movies, but he begins to worry that someone might delve too deeply into the past and uncover the events that led to the abrupt end of his career in 1922. Nina revoyr deserves to be counted among the top ranks of novelists at work today. Jerry stahl, fatty“this is a riveting, wise, author of I, and gorgeous novel.

Mary yukari Waters“Brilliant and original. The age of dreaming is a masterpiece of the sort that doesn’t just seduce the reader—it leaves you transformed. She is the author of two previous novels, winner of the ferro-grumley and lambda Literary awards, The Necessary Hunger and Southland, which was a Book Sense 76 pick, a finalist for an Edgar Award, and one of the Los Angeles Times’ “Best Books of 2003.

She lives and works in Los Angeles. These events include the changing racial tides in California and the unsolved murder of his favorite director, Ashley Bennett Tyler. The age of dreaming is part historical novel, part mystery, and part unrequited love story.

West of Here

A failed accountant by the name of Ethan Thornburgh has just arrived in Port Bonita to reclaim the woman he loves and start a family. West of here is a grand and playful odyssey, turning America’s history into myth, that chronicles the life of one small town, a multilayered saga of destiny and greed, adventure and passion, and myth into a nation’s shared experience.

At the foot of the elwha river, the muddy outpost of Port Bonita is about to boom, fueled by a ragtag band of dizzyingly disparate men and women unified only in their visions of a more prosperous future. Ethan’s obsession with a brighter future impels the damming of the mighty Elwha to harness its power and put Port Bonita on the map.

More than a century later, a middle manager at a failing fish- packing plant, is destined to oversee the undoing of that vision, his great-great grandson, as the great Thornburgh dam is marked for demolition, having blocked the very lifeline that could have sustained the town.

Strangers in Budapest: A Novel

Eight months after their move, their efforts to assimilate are thrown into turmoil when they receive a message from friends in the US asking that they check up on an elderly man, a fiercely independent Jewish American WWII veteran who helped free Hungarian Jews from a Nazi prison camp. Annie, unable to resist anyone’s call for help, while will, pragmatic and cautious by nature, recklessly joins in the old man’s plan to track down his former son-in-law and confront him, insists they have nothing to do with Weiss and his vendetta.

Jessica keener has written a gorgeous, lyrical, and sweeping novel about the tangled web of past and present. What annie does not anticipate is that in helping Edward she will become enmeshed in a dark and deadly conflict that will end in tragedy and a stunning loss of innocence. They soon learn that the man, has come to Hungary to exact revenge on someone he is convinced seduced, married, Edward Weiss, and then murdered his daughter.

Atmospheric and surprising, loss, a “dazzlingly original tale about home, Strangers in Budapest is, as bestselling novelist Caroline Leavitt says, and the persistence of love. ”. Suspenseful, perceptive, fast-paced, and ultimately restorative. Susan henderson, with ties to a shadowy, author of Up from the Blue Budapest: gorgeous city of secrets, bloody past.

It is to this enigmatic european capital that a young American couple, Annie and Will, move from Boston with their infant son shortly after the fall of the Communist regime. For annie, it is an effort to escape the ghosts that haunt her past, and Will wants simply to seize the chance to build a new future for his family.