Insects of the North Woods Naturalist Series

The book includes hundreds of color photos of beetles, wasps, grasshoppers, bees, crickets and more. Used book in Good Condition. Insects of the north woods will help you identify more than 300 species of six-legged critters native to Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Butterflies of the North Woods, 2nd Edition Naturalist Series

The innovative format makes field identification a snap! Features include easy-to-use red bar phenograms, a phenology flight chart, habitat guide and binocular buying guide. This is your guide to all 120 species of butterflies of the North Woods.

Dragonflies of the North Woods Naturalist Series

The new maps are larger and updated with the latest survey data, and each dragonfly species has a full 2-page spread of images and information! Which dragonfly eats large butterflies and other dragonflies? Learn about all 102 species of dragonflies in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ontario. Over 250 new photos and 30-plus new illustrations have been added to the third edition of the best-selling Dragonflies of the North Woods, which won a National Outdoor Book Award.


Spiders of the North Woods, Second Edition Naturalist Series

The easy-to-follow format makes field identification of 135 species simple and fun. Which spider spits venom and sticky threads? Why don't Northerners need to fear the Black Widow? These answers and more are found in Spiders of the North Woods.

Damselflies of Minnesota, Wisconsin & Michigan Naturalist Series

As part of the popular north woods naturalist Series, this handy field guide by Robert DuBois and Mike Reese contains detailed information and features an innovative format that makes field identification a snap. It is the first comprehensive guide to damselflies in all of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Fascinating natural history facts and more than 170 photographs create a perfect guide to carry with you. The range maps are larger and updated with the latest survey data, and red-bar phenograms help you know when each species is on the wing. Fieldmark arrows point out the best distinguishing characteristics.

. All 51 species of damselflies in minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan Get the new edition of Damselflies of Minnesota, Wisconsin & Michigan. Amazingly detailed art clearly illustrates the claspers and abdomen tips, further helping to distinguish between closely related species.

Ferns & Allies of the North Woods: A Handy Field Reference to All 86 of Our Ferns and Allies Naturalist Series

Some ferns are as tiny as golf tees, and others may tower to head height. Horsetail stems contain so much abrasive silica that they can be used to scour pots! did you know that the spores from certain clubmosses are highly explosive and were used in creating flashes to light photos taken in the 1800s? This interesting addition to the Naturalist Series covers all 86 species of ferns, spikemosses, and clubmosses found in the North Woods of Minnesota, Wisconsin, quillworts, horsetails, Michigan, and Ontario.

Learn to identify ferns in the North Woods Ferns and allies are a surprisingly diverse group with a fascinating natural history. You’ll find more than 300 photos and dozens of color illustrations, including detailed art that clearly illustrates the life history of ferns and their allies, as well as range maps for all species.

The innovative format, with fieldmark arrows that point out the best distinguishing characteristics, makes field identification a snap. With its handy field guide size, Ferns & Allies of the North Woods by Joe Walewski conveniently fits in your backpack or back pocket.

Lichens of the North Woods Naturalist Series

Lichens have the capability to dissolve granite. Used book in Good Condition. They are very colorful; oranges, greens, blacks and whites adorn trees, yellows, bedrock and even gravestones. This field guide spotlights 120 species, shown in color photos with natural history text.

Reptiles & Amphibians of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan Field Guide

An easy-to-use identification guide of all the turtles, snakes, lizards, frogs and toads in Minnesota, salamanders, Wisconsin and Michigan, Used book in Good Condition.

Orchids of the North Woods;North Woods Naturalist Naturalist Series

Used book in Good Condition. Did you know that fifty species of orchids survive and thrive in the North Woods? But not all are tall, pink and gaudy. This guide also includes maps showing exact range for Minnesota, public locations to search, Wisconsin and Michigan, close-up photos of the flowers and many photos of seed pods.

Photographer/writer/naturalist couple Kim and Cindy Risen have scoured the buggy biomes searching out all our orchids. There are many small green species that are equally amazing. Used book in Good Condition.

Mammals of the North Woods Naturalist Series

Every page will provide an “aha” moment and an exclamation of “I didn’t know that!” You thought you knew our northern mammals. Until you read this book! Used book in Good Condition. All native and introduced species are covered from lynx to Least Chipmunk, from wolf to Woodland Jumping Mouse and from Snowshoe Hare to Short-tailed Shrew.

From the massive moose to the miniscule mole, Wisconsin and Michigan mammals are described in vivid detail by mammalogist Roger Powell of Ely, 68 species of Minnesota, Minnesota. Roger is a professor emeritus of North Carolina State University with a broad range of expertise from Black Bears to fishers to weasels.

Used book in Good Condition.

Kaufman Field Guide to Nature of the Midwest Kaufman Field Guides

Used book in Good Condition. Wonder what it is. Used book in Good Condition. Wow, that’s a cool-looking mushroom. The only field guide to bring along to identify the birds, reptiles, wildflowers, mammals, insects, and sky of the MidwestEven if we focus on certain things in the outdoors, ferns, rocks, trees, amphibians, spiders, fish, mushrooms, most of us are curious about everything else that might turn up.

With authoritative yet broad coverage, wisconsin, nontechnical language, Indiana, this book is an essential reference for nature lovers living in or visiting Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, and more than two thousand color photographs, Illinois, and Iowa. Hey, look at that weird insect. Birds, amphibians, mammals, ferns, fish, reptiles, grasses, insects, spiders, mushrooms, wildflowers, trees, even constellations overhead and rocks underfoot—it’s all here.

Serious birders, and entomologists all have their specialized guides, botanists, but this book is the guide to “everything else"—the one guide to take when you go out for a walk.