I Can Talk with God

She includes scripture references to help parents and young readers know and understand the Bible better. Kids will learn that they can talk with God and that He will always listen to their prayers. Used book in Good Condition. Because he loves us, we can talk to god almost anywhere-in church, at home, on the playground, even on the moon! Debby Anderson explains this exciting truth in a colorful and fun story based on God's own Word.

Bees buzz and flamingoes flute, but only people were made to talk to God.

God Knows My Name

It seems almost unimaginable that the God who created the universe and all that is in it would know each and every one of our names! But the Bible says that it is so. God knows my name is a natural tool for every parent, grandparent and teacher to use in planting the Bible in young hearts. Scripture also tells us that he knows the number of hairs on our heads, that we cannot hide from Him, and that He hears our thoughts.

. In fact, god's word abounds with references about His tender care for all His creatures, both great and small. To help young children grasp these wonderful truths, Debby Anderson has created a fun, colorful book. This simple story brings to life more than a dozen Scripture verses, and the author has included the references so that kids can see these great promises in God's own book.


Kindness Counts!

Through colorful illustrations, and interactive exercises, Scripture references, Kindness Counts! helps children learn basic math skills while teaching them the importance of kindness. Each colorful illustration includes an interactive math problem for children to solve. This book makes it fun to learn math-and to share God's kindness with the world.

They will learn that god loves them and wants them to spread his kindness and love to others, and they will see that even the smallest acts of kindness matter. Parents and teachers will appreciate the practical ideas that children can apply in sharing kindness with others, such as collecting coins for the needy or helping their parents at home.

At the same time, subtraction, children are introduced to basic mathematical skills like counting, addition, and measuring. Used book in Good Condition.

Let's Explore God's World

This cheerful romp across god's wide world introduces children to environmental responsibility in a captivating way and celebrates the five senses that help humans explore it, in a book with environmental tips and interactive ideas. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

Jesus Is Alive Cuddle And Sing Series

This is the first seasonal book to be released in the series and continues the delightful tone that makes the first three books so popular. The hope of easter comes to life in Jesus Is Alive. Used book in Good Condition. Most importantly, they learn that in jesus all things are new! Cuddle and Sing is the bestselling board book series that teaches the love of Jesus to children ages zero to three.

Used book in Good Condition. Through colorful pictures of a child’s day with family and friends, little hearts learn about the time leading to Jesus’s death and resurrection.

Jesus Is Coming Back!

Won't that be wonderful? until then, we can get ready for Jesus by praying and making sure we belong to Him. Debby anderson's colorful book is a simple way to teach young children about Jesus' return. They will learn what this means for the way they live every day. Used book in Good Condition. Jesus is coming back! teaches children to be expectant and joyful about the return of their Savior.

We will get to see His face every day. As readers travel through a child's day, they will develop a consciousness of the awesome reality that any moment they could be face to face with Jesus Christ. We should also read the bible and do the things he said to do-help people, be joyful, and share the story of Jesus with others so they can go to Heaven too! For Adults The Bible promises that Jesus will come back someday for His children-and it can happen at any time! When children understand this concept, they will come to anticipate Christ's return and live in a loving way that honors Him.

For kids while jesus is getting heaven ready for us, we are getting ready for Him! Jesus promised to come back and take us to live with Him forever in Heaven. Used book in Good Condition.

Jesus Loves the Little Children Cuddle And Sing Series

Used book in Good Condition. New cover designs add freshness. Used book in Good Condition. Ages 0-3. Cuddle and sing is the bestselling board book series that teaches the love of Jesus to children ages zero to three. This series teaches biblical truths through brightly colored art and tunes young children know and love.


Jesus Is Born Cuddle And Sing Series

Debby anderson’s vivid illustrations and delightful words teach little ones about the shepherds, the wise men, and why Jesus’s birthday is a time to celebrate! With a Faith Parenting Guide included, Jesus Is Born helps families talk about why Jesus is the best Christmas gift ever. Used book in Good Condition.

. Used book in Good Condition. This is the fifth book in the series, following Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Jesus Is with Me, and Jesus Is Alive. Cuddle and sing is the bestselling board book series that teaches the love of Jesus to children ages 3 and under.

I Love My Bible!

Used book in Good Condition. Through it we learn about Jesus and God's love for us. They will come to see scripture's importance to their lives and be equipped with the basic tools for beginning a lifelong love of the Bible. Used book in Good Condition. For kids the bible is the best book in the whole world! God's Word is full of wonderful, true stories.

It will inspire in them a respect for the truth, uniqueness, and authority of Scripture, and encourage them with the Lord's promises. More importantly, the Bible is God's instruction for us, teaching us the best way to live. Through a story of explorers searching for buried treasure, readers will see Bible study as a life-changing adventure.

For adults children have lots of questions about the bible: What's in it? Who wrote it? How is it different from other books? Why should I study the Bible? This book will help parents and children discover the answers to those questions. Did you know you can read your bible anytime and anywhere? you can memorize verses and share what you learn with others too! In I Love My Bible!, Debby Anderson teaches the truth of God's Word and shares many verses for us to learn.

By obeying what the Bible says, we can grow strong and know more about God every day.

Every Child Everywhere!

Every child everywhere! is a tool to pass on a global awareness to our children today, so they may make a difference in the world tomorrow. Used book in Good Condition. A fun, colorful tool for teaching young children about God's creativity and his love for all children, near and far. This book will touch young hearts with Christ's compassion and help children connect to children of other cultures.

Every child everywhere! celebrates children as reflections of the joy and creativity of God. This confidence will embolden children and families to step out of their comfort zones into the lives of others who need Christian friends. While informing readers about God's creativity, it inspires confidence that the love of Christ can be expressed across cultures.

Bright illustrations and joyful narrative teach young children that though we are all different, uniquely designed by God, family, certain undeniable similarities unite us–things like play, and imagination. Used book in Good Condition.

Jesus is With Me Cuddle And Sing Series

Jesus is with me is a toddler's board book brightly illustrated, teaches children that no matter where we are, or what we may be doing, Jesus is with us. Each of these books is designed to be sung to a familiar song and at the same time reinforce the simple biblical truths that Jesus loves and cares for us.

Recommended for ages 1 to 3. Debby anderson's whimsical illustrations and kid-like style is a perfect way to introduce your toddlers to Jesus. Used book in Good Condition. Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Used book in Good Condition. Isbn13: 9780781430760 . Condition: New. Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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