Hooked: Addicted to A Supreme Love

Growing up, Denim had it made. They want happiness, and fighting for it may seem like a daring task. After denim’s 16th birthday, her life would never be the same. Fast forward to the age of 24. Supreme, a quiet but deadly man, has many flaws but a genuine heart. He’s not your average hustler. Having casual sex doesn’t seem like a good thing anymore when things get rough, simply because in the end, the only one by her side is the man she shut out from her love.

Unique is supreme’s right hand man and his favorite cousin. Denim is at the lowest point she has ever been in her life; she’s ridiculed, and even beaten, talked about, but she’s strong. The heart wants what the heart wants, and no amount of fighting it can change that. In his mind, he’s finally done with unique until something so tragic happens, and he realizes that he doesn’t want to live without her and that Unique is the woman for him.

In this story, you’ll meet four people who go through every emotion there is. Black is at his breaking point until he meets another woman who steals his heart. Black, a person who’s loyal to the bone, doesn’t like to take no for an answer. It’s a battle as they try to figure out if love will reign supreme in the end.

She’s been in love with him the majority of her adolescent life, but sticking to her rule of Money over Men has caused her to think differently.

Hooked 2: Addicted to A Supreme Love

Come and take a ride with them as they try to figure out is love even worth it? The man who helped her, who became her saving grace, is now the man who’s caused all of her pain. And supreme is determined it won’t be him. She just can’t shake the thought of Choppa getting one over on her. Then you have Unique.

One minute, she wants to be his lady, and the next minute she wants to be a killer in the streets. He’s done some things in the past that he’s not proud of, but he only wants her forgiveness. She only has herself to blame when a secret comes out about her that she’s been holding back for years. Black doesn’t know which way to go with Unique.

Supreme loves Denim with all his heart. And when two people's chemistry is magnetic, it's impossible to let it go that easily. She was raised as a goon, but goons have hearts too. She doesn’t think she could ever forgive Supreme for his role in her parents' death, but they say that word love is a strong magnet.

Things have gone from Perfect to horrendous in Denim’s life. And hers is broken by the man she loves without a doubt. In this installment of Hooked, these two couples go through the rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Hooked 3: Addicted to A Supreme Love

But is fighting for a spot in his life worth the turmoil? She asks herself this question over and over again. He’s found a new love in carmella, a shoot first and ask questions later type of chick, but is it enough to fully get over Nique? Unique, has found herself in a world of trouble. He’s loyal to a fault, and he loves hard.

These couples will take you through the ups, ins, downs, and outs of a relationship. Love isn’t easy, and when you're hooked on someone, it becomes even more challenging to let them walk away. Denim feels saddened by the fact that her man, someone she loves and adores abandoned her on one of the most special and also the saddest day of her life, her birthday.

So, she does what any heartbroken woman would do. He makes her feel wanted and special. She loves black with all heart, and she can’t seem to let him go. In her eyes, supreme has disappeared without an explanation, and that speaks volumes to her. He doesn’t know how he’s going to get out of his predicament, but he’ll do everything in his power to make it out alive.

He couldn’t accept the lies and the deceit after learning that she kept their child away from him. All he can think about is denim while he goes through his ordeal, and his love for her is the only thing keeping him strong.

Hooked 4: Addicted to A Supreme Love

He’s never been a praying man, but they say prayer works, and he’s praying to the high heavens that she comes out unscathed. Can they make it?supreme and Denim have been through so much in the short period of time that they have been together. With denim clinging to life, Supreme doesn’t know if she’ll make it or not.

These couples will take you on their last ride to find out if love is worth all the trials and tribulations that they’ve been through. When you're addicted to someone, it’s hard to shake them, and these couples are hooked. Will he be able to withstand the betrayal? Unique has met Trap, and although he seems to be perfect for her, she still has some guards up.

Some couples will survive while others crumble, and new love will appear. Trap is trying everything he can to break down the barriers to Unique’s heart, but it’s harder than it seems. Black can't seem to find Carmella anywhere, but when he finds out her location, secrets are revealed. In the finale of hooked: Addicted to a Supreme Love, these couples go through one more test of love.


A Mayhem Love 3

In this final installment of a mayhem love, will Olena finally get her happily ever after, or will she spend the rest of her life mourning what could have been? Carrying precious lives is hard enough on its own, and possibly having the family of her unborn child on the hunt for her makes matters worse.

Olena’s worst fears of the bailey Family hunting for her are confirmed when she gets word that Frank has placed a bounty on her head. Never being alone before, and he is very eager to lend her a helping hand, Olena calls Noah, going above and beyond to keep her safe. The safe haven olena finds with noah is short lived when a health emergency leads her back to Chicago, where she finds herself facing a much bigger problem than the Bailey family.

Pregnant and on the run is something that Olena never had in the cards for herself.

When A Heartless Thug Holds Me Close : A True Love Story

Cash has got it bad for one of the townsend brothers, but between forming her own empire and her complicated relationship with Vito, Cash has to decide if she's willing to risk it all in the name of love. A walking oxymoron, Quade has a baby face with a heart bred cold courtesy of the streets. While putting on a brave face for the world, Cash hides her frustration with her boyfriend behind her Chanel sunglasses.

What's standing in her way? Savion Townsend. With her sense of self-worth challenged, Yara is content with loving Amir when Quade comes hurtling into her life. The youngest of the infamous Townsend Brothers, Quade isn’t your run-of-the-mill hustler. After years of looking, amir, until she discovers that while he may provide physical peace, Yara believes that she finds the embodiment of this philosophy in her boyfriend, the mental isn’t there.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Quade pursues Yara with the same recklessness that he handles business, and it makes for the start of a memorable love affair. Beneath her expensive clothing and designer handbags, Cashmere, Yara's best friend, is a woman tired of being kept at the expense of her sanity.

. There's nothing picture perfect about the couple, and with each of Vito’s antics worse than the last, Cash finds herself seeking a backup plan in the event that her days of being a hustler’s princess are cut short. Growing up in a home ridden with domestic violence, Yara was taught at a young age that if it isn’t painful, then it isn’t love.

Loving You Without Limits

The thing about Rodney is that football is his first true love. Eva is the woman that men salivate over and hope to one day have a woman even half as beautiful. He had his baby mama, troy washington, who he loved and he thought she felt the same until he finds out that Troy’s intentions with him weren’t genuine.

Rodney Wiggins. The people who he thought cared about him exited his life as soon as it was clear that his future may not be as bright as they'd hoped. Years later, things have changed, and Rodney is stuck raising a child on his own. She works as a chief executive for a very successful magazine company and could pretty much have any man she wants, but what is it about Rodney that has her willing to look past his flaws and see the man she knows he has the potential to be?

Rodney is a senior in high school, and just about every university wants him to pick their school for college due to his phenomenal skills on the football field. Growing up in a foster home and being transferred to group homes his entire life, Rodney never really knew what love was. That name rang bells through just about every part of South Florida.

Something happens to Rodney that put his football career in jeopardy. Feeling hopeless and defeated, he meats Eva Vasquez.

Loved by a Memphis Hoodlum

Not just by God, but by their earthly father. Will the return of the humphreys brothers be the end of the Gaye’s reign and the beginning of love for all… or will Ivory find a way to make them bow to his rule? Ivory gaye has headed the largest criminal organization in Memphis for the past twenty years.

There is no room for love. That changes the moment they meet the Gaye sisters. As ivory ages, he stresses more and more the importance of learning the family business, getting degrees in his chosen fields and marrying the men he chose for them all. Because of this, ivory makes it his mission to marry his daughters off one by one as they finish college.

And because of who he is, his daughters are known as royalty. Haze, cruz, carl, and quest humphreys travel all across the United States taking over every cartel that their father, commands. His iron fist gained fear and respect, while his community involvement gained love. When these brothers return to Memphis, they expect business to be their priority as usual.

For all of their lives, the gaye sisters have grown up under their father’s leadership, control and order – willingly going along with his plans every step of the way. Ives, wren and maverick Gaye’s lives were planned out for them before they were even born. Marriage in his eyes is a matter of power, wealth and partnership.

Tampering with A Thug's Heart

Truths will be told. Louis heavy cocaine pusha, Israel Townsend all in the same night. Israel townsend's family name is known throughout the city. He carries his strong dominance everywhere he goes, and his great looks always capture the souls of the lusting women. Tiphani walton is living her best life with longtime boyfriend, Benji.

Not one to get too heavily involved, he finds himself doing the unthinkable when it comes down to Miss Tiphani. What happens when you accidentally fall in love with someone who is identified as a best friend?Tampering with a Thug’s Heart can be a deadly situation, but in this read, you’ll see the fight to remain solid in the game of love.

. The four-year relationship with Benji quickly turns into a toxic situation. With time, you can’t count on things to remain the same, but these two seem to uphold a friendship like no other. Read on to see what all will be revealed. Feelings will be hurt. The last thing she expected was to run into St. The one day that should have been full of love led her to handcuffs and homelessness.

Friends become lovers. The two start off as merely friends, and soon it blooms into something they never imagined.

A Boss Finessed My Heart

See how a boss finesses his way into one’s heart. Her guard is now all the way up. Will keya give something new a chance, or will she stick to her old ways? Will Jin be able to withstand the heat coming from dealing with something he’s never dealt with before? Or will they all end up being miserable? Read this story on lies, betrayal and new love.

He finds himself on an island during one of the most important times of the year for people trying to show and have a good time to somebody he knew didn’t really deserve it. With new relationships comes old flames. A chance encounter with a beauty leads to something he didn’t even know he wanted. He finds himself doing things he’s never done before but isn’t mad about it at all.

She knew she had it all until life hit her right in the gut. A trip to a tropical island with a whole new itinerary changes her whole attitude on life. A vacation is exactly what she needs. Getting rid of them is easy but picking up the pieces may be the hard part. Jin is a boss who’s all about his money and his daughter.

. Somebody isn’t happy about this unforeseen union.

Baby, You're Messing With A Savage

But what sybil failed to remember was they called him Savage for a reason!In the end, she pushes him into making a decision that sends him on a path of truth that he wasn’t expecting. Savage by name and savage by nature. But sybil is not going to let the empire and her king go so easily, and she gives him an ultimatum that he agrees to in order to spare Autumn.

Not knowing who his father was, Khaution hits the streets as Savage, and it’s not long before he ends up in jail. During a ten-year bid, but eventually, he is suddenly released early from jail by none other than his father! Things between the two start off strained after not having him around in his life, the two create a bond.

Khaution ‘savage’ livett was a child who couldn’t stay out of trouble, no matter what his mama said or did. A bond that enables them to take over the city of New York. Never being in love before, he wants nothing more than to smash and walk away. Follow this man as he embarks on a world of love and lies; some more devastating than others!

But it comes with a price that khaution wasn’t ready to pay, nor did he know he had to pay!With a queen on his arm that he doesn’t want, Khaution meets the mysterious, Autumn Kennedy. However, autumn pulls him in a way he didn’t see, and he finds himself in love for the first time. Unable to care for him any longer, his mama sent him away, and wanting to hide the fact that she was dying from cancer, hoping to save her son from a life of trouble.

Determined to get back to his mother, but when his mother dies before he can get back to her, Khaution deals with the abuse he faces in foster care, he turns to a life of crime to survive.