His Kind of Love Lonely Hearts Book 1

He has joel's favorite coffee, favorite books, and he knows exactly how Joel likes to be touched. It's almost too easy to fall in love with the mysterious man who happened to be in the right place at the right time. Gabriel's omissions come back to haunt him and he's left hoping Joel can see through the deceit to the man he really is.

When he's forced out of his apartment with nowhere to go, handsome stranger Gabriel swoops in and saves the day. He gives joel a place to stay, food to eat, and most importantly, something to hope for. It's taken extensive planning, but Gabriel finally has Joel right where he wants him. Joel didn't mean to fall for his wealthy savior, but Gabriel knows him too well.

The man he wants to be. As he's getting comfortable with his new life, Joel's happiness is snatched out of his grasp. Gabriel Hunter wants one thing. Joel Reading. Joel is alone in the world and down on his luck. His kind of love is a 68, 000 word gay romance set in the Lonely Hearts Universe. With his world spiraling out of control, there's only one person he wants to catch him, because.

When the Smoke Clears: Anthology

Authors include ann Grech, Becca Seymour, Bronwyn Heeley, L. J. Harris, L. J. When the smoke clears is a gay romance anthology that contains stories related to the 2019-2020 Australian bushfires and the heroes who helped control them and save lives. It is a multi-author anthology raising money for the Country Fire Authority and Wildlife Victoria.

Bellmond, & Zoe Piper. Hayward, naomi aoki, nic starr, Lisa Henry, Louisa Masters, Meg Bawden, T. A.

Rules to Ignore Davey's Rules Book 7

Davey’s revised rule #1: A good Daddy will love his boy with all his heart. Davey hendrickson doesn’t mind being forever single when he’s got his bestie at his side. No matter what life has thrown his way, nothing seems too hard with his best friend and roomie Davey at his side. It’s not that he wants to be single.

Even if he’s not naturally submissive, someone that fabulous is obviously meant to be a boy… right? Over the years, he’s dated every type of Daddy imaginable but not one of them could come close to meeting the requirements from his ridiculous list of rules. After losing his husband, Sammy Robustelli has learned to be strong while raising two children on his own.

He’s spent most of his adult life searching for his own perfect Daddy. Grab your fan and tissues because this series comes with both a high heat advisory and all the squishy feels you’d want from a Susan Hawke book. Until it isn’t. The very idea is a big joke. It only takes a few wake-up calls before Davey wonders what happens if a guy might be in love with the best friend he can never have.

When the two friends learn that people believe they’re a couple, they can’t help but laugh.

Virgin Flyer

Those hands, those lips. No names. Now i can’t get the handsome stranger who greeted me with soft kisses and gentle touches out of my mind. The terms are simple: no talking, no names. It isn’t as easy as it seems. No talking. So i decide to get it over with, play the V-card once and for all with an anonymous hook-up.

And don’t be surprised if I’m gone in the morning. After crushing on my best friend for years, I realize he’ll never want someone inexperienced like me. Hold me, make love to me, treat me like I’m the most important person in the world. But it was just a one-time thing, and I need to forget about him once and for all.

At least i know i won’t ever see him again—until I board a flight and catch sight of a familiar profile in the cockpit just as the door closes. Wanted: one night together, no strings attached.

Serving Mr. Chamberlain: An MM Service-Oriented BDSM Romance Different Hearts Book 3

Quentin davis never expected to crush on his new boss, his new straight boss. He was handsome with a quick wit, a dominant attitude, and piercing, gray eyes that could cut you with a look. Sometimes, Quentin is all he can think about. However, reading them all together will create a more complete and rich experience as past characters can and will make surprise appearances.

Maybe quentin isn’t so off-limits after all. This book features service-oriented BDSM. And not because he works there, but because he likes it. It was so cliché it hurt. During his first night out with his friends at the local BDSM club, Nolan locks eyes with the impossible. It was just that Mr. What wasn’t there to like?It would never work.

An accidental encounter. 61k wordsstory contains: mm sexual content, power exchange relationships, Service-Oriented BDSM, Kink, Bondage, Happily Ever Afters, Sweetness Overload, Fast Feelings, and Some Angst in Relation to Family Dynamics. With one best friend heavily entrenched in the bdSM lifestyle and the other recently finding happiness in an alternative relationship, vanilla, Nolan decides it’s his turn—which means leaving his painfully polite, sexy secretary alone.

Chamberlain was everything he’d ever wanted in a man. Warning: this book is intended for Adult 18+ readers.

Open Play Kink Chronicles Book 3

He was the boy i needed, the man I wanted, and it’s been the just two of us ever since. Sure, we play with others—but for one night only. But when geoff called me with an intriguing offer, I couldn't refuse. But now we’re in a place I never thought we’d be. My job and this city no longer hold my interest like they used to.

Neither one of us expected that involving Lukas, Geoff’s ex-lover and best friend, would give us both something we didn’t know we needed. One weekend of fun wasn’t supposed to change my whole world, but now, I have some decisions to make. This is the continuation of misha, Geoff, and Lukas’s story in Open Encounters Kink Chronicles Book 2.

*. He’s sharing our bed and stealing our hearts. I’m a daddy who longs for a boy to take care of…to love. Mishait’s been three years since I met him, since he became my everything. Asking my best friend—a man i trust above all others—to help fulfill my boy’s fantasy, wasn’t a hard decision. Geoffmy life changed the moment I saw him.

Now we just have to make it work, one man giving me a world filled with passion and desire, because instead of one man owning my heart, there are two. How do i find my place in the hearts of two men who have loved each other for so long? Because one thing is clear: They both own mine completely.

Eryx: A Spartan Tale

Loyalty. My father once told me, above all else. Live and die for Sparta. Honor. Although told in an alternate point of view of the events in Axios, it includes extended scenes and more content. It made you weak. So why did i feel stronger with him by my side?*Eryx: A Spartan Tale is a 149k word historical gay fiction featuring a love story between Spartan warriors.

Duty. But then axios stood in my way, ever vigilant, never failing to bring me back to myself. Love had no place in Sparta, they said. These were the things that mattered most. And then axios came into my life, teaching me other lessons: humility, brotherhood. It can be read as a complete standalone. *. Love. There were moments when the brutal training stripped me of my humanity, where it turned me into a mindless beast of flesh and muscle set to destroy everything in my way.


Temptation Breaking the Rules Book 2

Colton never thought he would amount to much, but Sage and Derek Osbourne never let him believe otherwise. He knew that his attraction to the other boys was nothing more than God testing him. A husband, a simple job, a house with a picket fence, and maybe a dog. Marcel goes out for a drink to forget, and walks away with an attachment to a younger man who has no business wanting to be with someone as messy as Marcel.

Marcel tremblay’s life has been a strange juxtaposition of privilege and struggle. His wealthy parents in their nomadic lifestyle ensured that Marcel and his twin brother would want for nothing. He knew that if he just kept to his faith, he’d overcome the temptation of sin. And it was with a place he could call home that Colton let himself believe he had a future.

Colton insists he knows what he’s getting into, but Marcel likes him far too much to subject him to all the ways Marcel’s life will hurt him—whether he wants it to or not. Colton davidson knew what his life was supposed to be like. All of that seems so far out of his reach, when in spite of how hard he works, though, he’s rarely given a chance to be just like everyone else.

If only he were stronger… after being sent to a camp to fix boys like him, Colton knew his only chance for survival was to run. He didn’t know where the streets would take him, and he certainly didn’t think he’d end up at a place like Ted House, where boys like him were nurtured and cared for.

Exasperating Elite Protection Services Book 3

When that relationship ends in humiliation and heartache, Robby meltdowns epically, landing him in county lockup and on the radar of Calder Seton, who he hasn’t seen in over a month. Robby shaw spent most of his life sheltered from the world until he lands a role in an LA kid’s show and becomes the fake boyfriend of A-list actor, Elijah Dunne.

. Calder seton is an unapologetic manwhore. That’s fine with Calder. A sizzling hookup leaves both robby and calder questioning their life choices, and when Robby’s life is threatened, Calder doesn’t hesitate to step in, free of charge. Unfortunately, robby hires elite before he can volunteer, putting himself on Calder’s list of untouchables until they can solve a murder.

The rules of romancelandia state only a virgin can tame a manwhore, but both Robby and Calder have a pile of baggage and everything from a cult to anonymous killers standing in their way. He has a new playmate anyway, virginal actor Robby Shaw. Calder has a habit of sleeping with Elite’s clients and they’ve told him to keep it in his pants or find a new job.

Can they find a way to heal from their pasts so they can have a future?EXASPERATING is the third book in the Elite Protection Services Series and contains age-gap, high-heat romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Warning: This book references past childhood abuse. His employer wishes he’d do the same for his body.

May The Best Man Win

And to top it off, he’s my best friend Sam's brother. I’d become really good at avoiding Jasper since high school, but then Sam asked us both to be the best men at his wedding. One of us isn’t going to survive this, so may the best man win. Now, not only do i have to work with him to plan a bachelor party in vegas, we need to survive a destination wedding…in Hawaii.

Sports ball obsessed. If you want to call him on his knees in my kitchen an accident. Jock. It's hard enough to be civil so we don't ruin the wedding, i have to resist the urge to drag Jasper into every back room I can find and show him how much I hate him, but on top of that, all while trying not to get into a fist fight.

This guy is everything I’m not. Definitely an accident. Testosterone fueled. He pushes all my buttons good and bad. Jacked up. May the best man win is an enemies to lovers romance with the promise of pineapple bushes, tit-glitter whatever that means, and one definitely unfixable bed. He's also sexy as hell with a submissive side I discovered by accident.

I hate Jasper Marshal.

The Road Home

Even now, when david is clean and sober and working his way through medical school with a promising future ahead, his parents refuse to forgive or forget. When he gets some grim news about his father, David realizes he’s running out of time to make amends. He’s made decisions that have left him estranged from his once tight knit family.

David coleman has made some mistakes, and he’ll be living with the consequences for the rest of his life. And since they won’t take his word for it, he’s bringing reinforcements. Hunter scott will do anything for his childhood best friend, but he never thought that would include posing as his boyfriend.

Except david’s family has always respected Hunter. Maybe if they see that david is good enough for Hunter to love, they’ll realize he’s good enough for them too. But as hunter and david lean on each other through snowstorms, and visits from personal demons, family drama, maybe this relationship isn’t as much of a performance as it was meant to be.

The road home is approximately 82, 000 words long. Cw: recovering addict struggling on-page, combat PTSD, references to meth use, discussions of suicide . As he comes home for the holidays and his sister’s wedding, he knows it’s going to be tense, but he’s desperate to prove they’re wrong about him.