Heavy on the Dead A Leo Waterman Mystery

Now he and gabe are caught in the cross fire between two evils. It’s the key to something bigger, and it’s leading Leo and Gabe into the dark heart of a human trafficking ring in Mexico. Heavy on the dead. One body on the sunny beach is all it takes for PI Leo Waterman to feel a chill. After seven months laying low in ocean beach, california, Seattle PI Leo Waterman has finally stopped looking over his shoulder—specifically, for the vengeful band of Washington white supremacists who blame Leo for blindsiding their big plans for America.

And each one has its own reasons for making sure both men end up dead and buried. But whatever dangers lay ahead of them, they’re matched threat for threat by what’s coming up from behind. Because the fanatics back home haven’t given up on Leo. Where better to disappear with his bodyguard, gabe, than this laid-back stretch of San Diego heaven? But when Leo finds a boy’s body on the beach, he comes out of hiding to investigate.

That’s when leo discovers that the victim is not an isolated missing-persons case.

Soul Survivor A Leo Waterman Mystery

And the deeper leo gets, the more he fears that he’s totally underpowered to save them. Pi leo waterman is back at it—investigating a very domestic crime that turns into a national nightmare in this upbeat page-turner of a mystery. Why would a teenager with no prior record suddenly assassinate a city councilman? Retired PI Leo Waterman wouldn’t have bothered finding out if an old pal hadn’t asked.

Now, this new lead brings leo into the woods just north of Seattle to infiltrate the dark heart of an impressionable young boy’s sudden, violent turn—a white-power retreat that’s amassing an army for a far-reaching endgame. What they have planned isn’t only putting Leo’s life at risk. And after the man, offs himself, who is also the boy’s grandfather, the request becomes too personal to ignore.

But leo’s girlfriend, Rebecca, thinks the investigation is too dangerous. Thousands of lives are going to be at stake. Especially after Leo is beaten within an inch of his life. Fortuitously, however, the attack leaves him with a lasting clue about the case that the attackers carved into his chest.

Family Values A Leo Waterman Mystery

There, behind the locked doors of one of Seattle’s most exclusive gated communities, old money can afford to bury older family secrets. Most important, he wants to find out who tried to kill her. Despite the prosecuting attorney’s claims of a solid case, Leo rounds up his ragtag team of miscreants to find the truth.

But for leo, unearthing them is going to trap him in a conspiracy that is deadlier, and far more personal, than he feared. Under investigation for dereliction of duty, she’d been suspended from her job as medical examiner for King County. The investigation leads straight to The Highlands. Returning to seattle after a business trip, unconscious on the bathroom floor, retired PI Leo Waterman is shocked to find his girlfriend, Rebecca Duvall, her house filled with gas.

Leo knows rebecca too well—and is determined to prove her innocence and clear her name. Officials believe it was a suicide attempt in the wake of a humiliating scandal.

Salvation Lake A Leo Waterman Mystery

The only thing that seems to connect the men is a controversial local church and its charismatic pastor. With help from rebecca and surveillance expert Carl Cradduck, Leo begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together. At the end of an especially raucous day at his neighborhood bar, private eye Leo Waterman is surprised to see his old flame, Rebecca Duval, walk in the door.

Two dead bodies, covered by an old coat that once belonged to Leo’s father, have turned up in the trunk of a car. But king county’s medical examiner is here on business, not pleasure. There leo must confront an opponent hell-bent on retribution in order to get to the twisted truth about the killings. While a pair of goons do their best to chase him off the case, Leo painstakingly retraces the victims’ final days, charting their unusual search for redemption—from a downtown homeless encampment to suburban McMansions to the shores of Salvation Lake.


Chump Change A Leo Waterman Mystery

When “leo” is the last word a stranger speaks, the Seattle private eye launches himself into a search for answers. Before long, leo is caught between warring factions in a high-stakes game of mayhem and murder, and his search for answers becomes a quest for justice. Turns out, finding the truth is far more painful than Leo ever imagined, and the price for uncovering it just might be his life.

Not only does the dead man have a connection to Leo’s past, but he was also worth millions—and some very dangerous people know it. Sometimes it’s the things you don’t do that come back to haunt you, just as surely as some questions are best left unanswered.

Thicker Than Water A Leo Waterman Mystery

Hard living collects its fair share of casualties, but somehow Leo Waterman avoided becoming one of them. Destined for a trust fund that was taking too damn long to kick in, he spent years eking out a living in Seattle as a private investigator. Still, he took it like a man, eventually collecting his family money and slipping into semi-retirement—until the day an unwelcome visitor brings him the worst possible news.

But her trail is a twisted one, thick with deception and depravity that winds from the rain-swept streets of Seattle to the murky depths of the great North Woods. Along the way he managed to survive countless run-ins with murderers, drug dealers, and jealous wives. Together with his band of informers and sidekicks in truth a rather motley crew of homeless drunks and reprobates, Leo wades back into the game, determined to save Rebecca once and for all.

But when rebecca, the love of his life, dumped him to marry someone else…that was a different story. The stink of it all seems to emanate from none other than rebecca’s new husband, Brett Ward, whose tangle of lies will cast Leo into the path of a ruthless gang that will stop at nothing—not even murder—to protect what’s theirs.

Rebecca has vanished and no one, overprotective mother, not even her manipulative, can find a trace of her.


Between the end of his marriage and the excessive force complaints against him, Detective Sergeant Mickey Dolan is running out of chances. Now, dolan faces the toughest choice of his career: is he still a good cop if he has to do the wrong thing? Gifted with the ability to bring people out of comas, Grace is reluctant to be thrust into the public eye but determined to help those in need.

Eve and grace may know where councilman Royster’s family is and the terrible truth that sent the three of them into hiding in the first place. When a powerful and connected city councilman reports that his wife and two daughters have disappeared, Dolan is assigned the case—knowing full well that his career is riding on the outcome.

While investigating, Dolan meets Eve Pressman and her remarkable daughter, Grace.

Slow Burn A Leo Waterman Mystery

And leo soon finds himself served up as the prime suspect in a murder. Realizing that both his life and career are at stake. But even the simplest of plans can cascade into catastrophe. Leo sends the boys off to shadow all three parties and report back to him. His assignment: monitor the movements of two adversarial steakhouse competitors whose "beef" has previously made for some nasty confrontations and a food critic who's caught in between the warring factions.

Anticipating problems, a prestigious global restaurant convention hires Leo as Special Security Officer.

The Deader the Better: A Leo Waterman Mystery

Seattle p. I. And it's just waterman's luck to be in the epicenter of this murderous mess at the very moment it bursts into flames. An old friend has purchased some choice property here in North America's only rain forest and his posting of "No Trespassing" signs has incurred the wrath of every sportsman for miles around.

But what starts as irksome harassment by the offended locals soon escalates into the real of the lethal. Leo waterman isn't looking for trouble when he and his forensic pathologist girlfriend Rebecca escape into the Washington wilder for a few days of relaxation -- it just seems to find him.

Last Ditch: A Leo Waterman Mystery

But as they tear down a dilapidated greenhouse, the motley wrecking crew uncovers a human skeleton that belongs to Leo's late father's most despised enemey: a muck-raking, ultra-conservative journalist who vanished twenty years ago. Ford has created a private detective who tackles cases armed with strong survival instincts--and a deadly sense of humor.

In leo waterman, writer G. M. Barely operating within the bothersome confines of the law, Leo manages to bend the rules via a dash of urbane charm, backed-up by a mild threat of mutual blackmail. Recently, leo has put aside the ghosts of his childhood to take up residence in his deceased parents' newly renovated mansion, which he now shares with his girlfriend, forensic specialist Rebecca Duvall.

In his fifth outing, seattle's most uncompromising sleuth finds that the laughs are all on him after making a startling discovery at home. P. I. With the evidence stacked against "wild Bill" Waterman, his son feels compelled to clear his name by digging up the past--and trying not to get buried beneath it. As the son of one of seattle's most colorful political figures, Leo Knows the city like no one else.

Leo waterman is unflappable, irrepressible and unpredictable--a guy who, when facing adversity, would rather throw a punchline than a punch.

The Bum's Rush A Leo Waterman Mystery

When a homeless woman says she's the mother of a deceased rock idol, sometimes private eye Leo Waterman takes it upon himself to investigate the lady's claim. With the help of "the boys", a band of dissolute deputies, Leo begins a life-threatening pursuit of the truth nobody wants to hear.