Fonko Go Home Jake Fonko Book 7

Serbia, 1992. And another. Trapped in crumbling Sarajevo without backup, Jake must use his combat training and quick wit to escape alive. Until he finds himself caught between the Russian Mafia, a Hong Kong crime family and both sides in the Serbian Civil War. And another. And extracting a civilian from a warzone is a whole different story.

. At the annual bilderberg conference, former Army Ranger Jake Fonko bumps into an old flame from his Cambodia adventure, and one thing leads to another. But there's one more problem: this time, Jake isn’t alone.

To Russia With Fonko Jake Fonko Book 8

Moscow, 1993. And with trillions in wealth lying in wait for those intrepid—or crooked—enough to seize it, death lurks everywhere in the misery haunted streets. Which means that jake must use all his training and wits if he wants to come out of Russia in one piece. When an old friend calls former army ranger Jake Fonko with a desperate plea for help in retrieving stolen millions, Jake soon finds himself in the middle of post-communist Russia.

But the shattered empire teeters on the brink of total collapse.

The Fonko Connection Jake Fonko Book 9

Colombia, 1989. One U. S. Two international arms smugglers. And all that stands between Jake and his Malibu beach pad are: Two drug cartels. Four anti-drug efforts. Army invasion. Several candidates for The Worst Man in the World. One terrorist group. All alone, and without backup, Jake must make his way home on his own.

And panama's impenetrable Darien jungle. Just another day at the office for Jake Fonko. One tinpot dictator. Former army ranger jake fonko's routine bodyguarding gig goes south when his client strands him in Medellin, Colombia. One covert CIA op.

The Jake Fonko Series: Books 4, 5 & 6 Jake Fonko Collection Book 2

When former army ranger turned freelance gun-for-hire Jake Fonko receives a cushy "consulting" offer in Kuwait City, he hops a plane and heads out for what he expects will be a relaxing four week stay. Fans of george macdonald Fraser, Ian Fleming and John D. Jake's new job is simple: survive the chaos and escape Kuwait.

Macdonald will enjoy former Army Ranger turned covert agent Jake Fonko's globe-spanning adventures. Includes: fonko in the sun book 4, fonko bolo book 5 and The Mother of All Fonkos Book 6Fonko in the Sun Book 4- Grand Cayman 1983. But with no passport and no backup, are Jake's training and ironic wit enough to survive the suffocating surveillance?Fonko Bolo Book 5 - Philippines 1986.

When ex-army ranger turned soldier of fortune jake fonko is hired for a routine job in the Caribbean, the first day of his latest mission doesn’t turn out as planned, a barroom shootout, with a bloody bank robbery, multiple aerial dogfights and a chopper crash in the Jamaican jungle welcoming him to the idyllic islands.

Stumbling into possession of highly sensitive financial documents from the BCCI, Jake finds himself pursued relentlessly by crooks, cartels, corrupt politicians and the CIA and KGB. But soon after jake lands, Saddam Hussein’s army blitzkriegs the city, trapping everyone inside. But of course his mission isn’t really that simple—and so Jake must use his training, satirical wit and skills to prevent the rebels from seizing the country and escape the conflict alive.

The mother of all fonkos Book 6 - Kuwait 1990 Despite previous problems when working with the agency, Jake accepts the simple mission after being bribed and blackmailed, agreeing to put the communist rebels out of commission.

The Mother of All Fonkos Jake Fonko Book 6

And iraqi prisons are hardly hospitable to former American soldiers. But playing all the roles required to make it out alive will tax Jake's training and ironic wit to the breaking point. Now, jake's new mission is simple: survive the broiling desert. When former army ranger turned freelance gun-for-hire Jake Fonko receives a cushy "consulting" offer in Kuwait City, he hops a plane and heads out for what he expects will be a relaxing four week stay.

Iraq, 1991. Soon after jake lands, saddam Hussein’s army blitzkriegs the city, however, trapping everyone inside.

Fonko Bolo Jake Fonko Book 5

After an old cia associate blackmails former Army Ranger Jake Fonko into accepting a covert assignment, Jake heads to the Philippines. His mission? clandestinely stop a communist uprising threatening critical US military bases in the region—along with one of America's staunchest allies: Ferdinand Marcos.

Philippines, 1986. And to escape the conflict alive. But, of course, jake's mission isn’t really that simple—and so he must use his training and satirical wit to prevent the rebels from seizing the country.

Fonko's Errand Go Boom Jake Fonko Book 3

But protecting the manufacturer’s local factory from the Irish Troubles turns out to be no small matter. When an old surfing buddy refers ex-Army Ranger Jake Fonko to a cutting-edge car manufacturer in need of his unique skills, Jake ships off to Belfast. And to escape northern ireland alive, Jake must become a double-agent for both sides—an explosive situation that will push his extensive training to its limits.

Belfast, 1982. As the civil war escalates, Jake's mission soon becomes far simpler: survive.

Fonko on the Carpet Jake Fonko Book 2

The splintering iranian factions have grown restless, and the Shah’s popularity is waning. Jake heads to tehran, but upon arriving, he soon realizes the job is far more dangerous than he first thought. Tehran, 1978. And jake will have to rely on his extensive training and capable tongue if he wants to survive Tehran in one piece.

. Running low on cash, former army Ranger Jake Fonko receives a freelance referral for an unlikely client: the Shah of Iran requires a capable bodyguard. As the country crumbles, Jake learns firsthand that the Shah’s allies are no longer welcome.

Fonko in the Sun Jake Fonko Book 4

With no passport and no backup, cartels, Jake finds himself pursued by crooks, corrupt politicians, the CIA, and the KGB. If he wants to survive paradise, Jake must find a way out of a mess that's anything but routine. Grand cayman, 1983. But are jake's skills enough to escape the suffocating surveillance?

After stumbling into possession of highly sensitive financial documents from the BCCI, a bloody bank robbery, a barroom shootout, multiple aerial dogfights and a chopper crash in the Jamaican jungle welcome him to paradise. When ex-army ranger jake fonko is hired for a routine job in the Caribbean, the first day of his mission doesn’t turn out as planned.


Rising Force: A Jesse McDermitt Novel Caribbean Adventure Series Book 13

When jesse gets word that someone is destroying nearby patch reefs and poaching sea turtles — and that all this is happening in the same area where a trio of sadistic murderers may be hiding — it triggers his instincts for investigation. Has jesse's urge to find out the truth cost him everything? He came to the Bahamas on a fool's errand to reconnect with a lost love.

For jesse mcdermitt, that price is his moral compass and a bullet. The retired marine and charter skipper takes on a passenger in Nassau, a young woman who is a breath of fresh air. The image of her on a beach in the Virgin Islands fills his mind as he passes out from loss of blood. Trouble always seems to find him.

She introduces him to the laid-back cruising crowd on an idyllic small cay in the Berry Islands. Jesse takes to the relaxing lifestyle like a fish to water. Living each day on its own terms is a new experience for Jesse, but it doesn't last long. Paradise has a price.

The Cain Series Box Set

Now, he must protect those close to him, on the run, while also trying to prove his innocence. All four books are included in this series, including:The Cain Conspiracy:Shot in the head and recovering from brain surgery, Delta Force soldier Thomas Nelson wakes up in a military hospital unable to remember who he is.

Follow along with matthew cain on his journey from a fallen Delta Force soldier into a super-assassin for an ultra secret government agency. As cain dives deeper into his quest, he starts to wonder about his role within the super secret agency and whether there are those above him who know more than what they appear.

The cain directive:cain, still reeling from the attack on his girlfriend, gets even more suspicious of Project Specter when they send him to Russia to find Dmitri Kurylenko, a man he has already secretly killed. The cain deception:in this follow-up to The Cain Conspiracy, Matthew Cain finds himself on the wrong side of a hit man.

In his quest to take down project specter, eric raines, Cain turns to the only man he can trust for help, a man Specter wants almost as badly as Cain, and a man as equally bent on taking down Specter as he is. The cain redemption:cain finally relents to getting his head and seizures fixed, and friend, but his recovery time is cut short from eight weeks to one week when he learns his fellow agent, Eric Raines has gone missing.

After he is sent on an assassination mission in Russia, The Specter Project learns of a man seeking revenge for Cain’s actions. His adventures take him to France, Germany, and back to Honduras, where it all started for him. Their goal is to turn Nelson into a super assassin named Matthew Cain.