Exposure to New Ideas with Tom Dorrance DVD

Next harry whitney rides a horse through obstacles: tires on the ground and a bridge. The dvd closes with a conversation between Tom and Harry about "approaches. Listen and think about the situations they are visiting about. This will expose you to a way to approach obstacles and an idea of the learning that can take place when approaching something new.

Tom offers suggestions for Bryan and comments on what he sees is taking place. Exposure to new ideas with tom dorrance in this latest DVD offering of vintage footage, Tom directs Bryan Neubert in the starting of two young horses at one of his clinics. He mentions several times that the learning that will take place for people will be when they go home and spend time with their own horses; the clinic is an opportunity to be exposed to some new ideas.

We are sure this exposure to his way of teaching and helping people and horses will give you some good ideas to blend into your life. For true students of horsemanship those moments can hardly distract from the learning taking place with the horses and students. You will find some great gems in their exchanges.

Enjoy this opportunity to spend some time with Tom. Please enjoy these teachable moments with Tom. We hope that this footage will offer you some exposure to new ideas and that you can incorporate into your approach to horses a part of Tom's unique ability to see what was taking place within horses and people together with some of his patience and humor.

Through the Corral Fence with Tom Dorrance - Horse and Human Projects No.1

Through the corral fence with Tom Dorrance - Horse and Human Projects No. 1 watch as tom helps students of all levels and disciplines address their challenges in an intimate clinic setting. Filmed in gustine, California in the Spring of 1995. Please enjoy a sneak preview of this dvd on youtube ! Format : DVD All Region Runtime : 2 Hours 45 Mins.

This extended dvd features 2 hours and 45 minutes of footage.

2-DVD Set - Colt Starting & Beyond - Building a Foundation with Tom Dorrance

This dvd is from film taken at a 3-day Texas clinic in the 90s. As with that dvd there are moments of sound and video that are less than perfect. The previously released dvd "feel, timing & balancE" is a continuation of the 2 roan colts crossing the tarp with the rest of the colts. For true students of horsemanship those moments can hardly distract from the great learning taking place with the horses and students.

This dvd shows the beginning of FEEL, TIMING & BALANCE. At the clinic there were several accomplished and experienced horsemen that Tom directed successfully to start the colts in three days. There are a lot of different ways to start colts and many have been successfully started in different ways. Only one was halter broke, and we see that how they were started would help them in the future.

To get things started the trailer was backed up to the indoor arena and the colts were unloaded. Colt starting and beyond - building a foundation with tom dorrance - 2-dVD Set On Tom Directing the Colt Starting A Message from Margaret Dorrance I can hear Tom say, "IT ALL DEPENDS. The person, the horse, terrain, and many other factors can all make a difference.

Format : dvd all region Runtime : 3 Hours. Please enjoy these teachable moments with Tom. Most of the colts started were reasonably gentle and halter broke.

Feel, Timing & Balance with Tom Dorrance

2 disc Set.

Turning Loose with Ray Hunt

It's hard to change the human. With unorthodox methods, he emphasizes cooperation and respect over coercion. Using superb footage from colt-breaking clinics in tennessee, Texas and Utah, Wyoming, TURNING LOOSE is an inspiring introduction to Hunt and his work that also offers significant and unexpected insights into human nature.

If i've helped the horse, I've helped the human. ". Hunt not only out-cowboys the cowboys, but also persuades others that getting along with a horse means working on ourselves. One of the country's top horsemen, Hunt is a familiar American hero with a surprising slant on what horsemanship is all about. Sharing what hunt and others have learned from horses about finding harmony in life, TURNING LOOSE uncovers a way of being, with applications from education to interpersonal relations.

It's easy to change the horse, but it's hard to change the human. Ray hunt ray Hunt is a cowboy with a mission. As ray hunt puts it: "if I've helped the human, I've helped the horse. As colts and riders learn together, achieving spectacular results in a brief period of time, the revolutionary nature of this ancient wisdom becomes increasingly evident.

The film includes interviews with both skeptics and converts, and reveals how Hunt himself changed from the muscle-and-guts cowboy he used to be, into a trainer who believes in "letting the horse come up with the ideas".

2 Disc - True Unity by Tom Dorrance Audio Book

True unity audio by Tom Dorrance. Disc one 1 getting it together 2 feel the whole horse 3 responsive and right on 4 approach and unity 5 emphasizing some vital concepts - disc two 6 learning to do less to get more part 1 7 learning to do less to get more part 2 8 poem: "THE MASTER". Willing communication between horse and Human Excerpts from Tom Dorrance's timeless book read aloud on tape CD by John St.