Exploring the World of Mathematics: From Ancient Record Keeping to the Latest Advances in Computers The Exploring

For instance: what timely invention was tampered with by the caesars and almost perfected by a pope? why did ten days vanish in september of 1752? how did queen victoria shorten the sunday sermons at chapel? What important invention caused the world to be divided into time zones? What simple math problem caused the Mars Climate Orbiter to burn up in the Martian atmosphere? What common unit of measurement was originally based on the distance from the equator to the North Pole? Does water always boil at 212° Fahrenheit? What do Da Vinci’s Last Supper and the Parthenon have in common? Why is a computer glitch called a “bug”? It’s amazing how ten simple digits can be used in an endless number of ways to benefit man.

. Just try to make it through a day without using any. The many advancements and branches of mathematics were developed through the centuries as people encountered problems and relied upon math to solve them. The development of these ten digits and their many uses is the fascinating story you hold in your hands: Exploring the World of Mathematics.

It’s impossible: telephone numbers, calendars, volume settings, speed limits, street numbers, TV channels, weights, microwave timers, shoe sizes, and the list goes on and on. Numbers surround us. Used book in Good Condition.

Exploring the World of Chemistry: From Ancient Metals to High-Speed Computers Exploring Series Exploring New Leaf Press

Exploring the world of chemistry brings science to life and is a wonderful learning tool with many illustrations, chapter tests, biographical information, and an index for easy referencing. Without chemistry, no microwave ovens, no tin cans, there would be nothing made of plastic, there would be no rubber tires, no televisions, or something as simple as wax paper.

This book presents an exciting and intriguing tour through the realm of chemistry as each chapter unfolds with facts and stories about the discoveries and discoverers. Join humphry davy as he made many chemical discoveries, and learn how they shortened his life. Chemistry is an amazing branch of science that affects us every day, yet few people realize it, or even give it much thought.

. Find out why pure gold is not used for jewelry or coins. See how people in the 1870s could jump over the top of the Washington Monument.

Exploring the World of Physics: From Simple Machines to Nuclear Energy Exploring Series Exploring New Leaf Press

Learn about the effects of inertia firsthand during fun and informative experiments. Exploring the world of physics is a great tool for students of all ages who want to have a deeper understanding of the important and interesting ways that physics affects our lives and is complete with illustrations, chapter questions, and an index.

Physics is a branch of science that many people consider to be too complicated to understand. Discover how the laws of motion and gravity affect everything from the normal activities of everyday life to launching rockets into space. In this exciting addition to the 'exploring' series, John Hudson Tiner puts this myth to rest as he explains the fascinating world of physics in a way that students from elementary to high school can comprehend.

Did you know that a feather and a lump of lead will fall at the same rate in a vacuum? Learn about the history of physics from Aristotle to Galileo to Isaac Newton to the latest advances.

Exploring the World of Biology: From Mushrooms to Complex Life Forms Exploring Series

The field of biology focuses on living things, from the smallest microscopic protozoa to the largest mammal. In this book you will read and explore the life of plants, spiders and other arachnids, birds, insects, reptiles, life in water, and mammals, highlighting God's amazing creation. Starting in the 1990s, biologists have extracted DNA and RNA from cells as a guide to how plants or animals should be grouped.

. Like visual structures, these reveal the underlying design or creation. The newest book in our exploring series, Exploring the World of Biology is a fascinating look at life - from the smallest proteins and spores, to the complex life systems of humans and animals. They grouped plants or animals with similar-looking features into families.

You will learn about the following and so much more:how does biological classification give each different type of plant or animal a unique name?In what ways are seeds spread around the world?What food does the body use for long-term storage of energy?How did biologists learn how the stomach digested food?What plant gave George de Mestral the idea for Velcro?For most of history, biologists used the visible appearance of plants or animals to classify them.


Exploring the World of Astronomy: From Center of the Sun to Edge of the Universe

From the rugged surface of the moon to the distant and mysterious constellations, the 400-year storm on Jupiter, this book provides you an exciting, educational, and edifying tour! Learn about a blue moon, and what is meant by “the zone of life. Discussion ideas, and research opportunities help expand this great resource on observational astronomy into an unforgettable educational resource! Discover how to locate constellations like those near Orion the Hunter from season to season throughout the year Find out how to use the Sea of Crises as your guidepost for further explorations on the moon’s surface Further investigate deep sky wonders, and beyond as the glorious vista of creation comes alive! Exploring the World of Astronomy will help you reach deep into space with this God-honoring title, questions, extra solar planets, a part of the best-selling Exploring Series.

Find helpful graphs and charts, chapter review tests, an “Explore More” section, and a helpful index.

Exploring the History of Medicine

In exploring the world of medicine, author John Hudson Tiner reveals the spectacular discoveries that started with men and women who used their abilities to better mankind and give glory to God. The fascinating history of medicine comes alive in this book, mini-biographies, providing students with a healthy dose of facts, and vintage illustrations.

From surgery to vaccines, man has made great strides in the field of medicine. Includes chapter tests and index. Quality of life has improved dramatically in the last few decades alone, and the future is bright. But students must not forget that God provided humans with minds and resources to bring about these advances.

A biblical perspective of healing and the use of medicine provides the best foundation for treating diseases and injury.

Exploring Planet Earth: The Journey of Discovery from Early Civilization to Future Exploration Exploring Series Sense of Wonder Series

Blending a creationism perspective of history with definitions of terms and identification of famous explorers, scientists, etc. This book gives students an excellent initial knowledge of people and places, encouraging them to continue their studies in-depth. Supplemented with photographs, and chapter review activities, questions, Exploring Planet Earth brings to life people like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus, illustrations, and gives students the opportunity to read history that hasn't been altered or erased altogether.

. Used book in Good Condition. The first in a series of books on science, this book has broad appeal for any elementary-age child, but is written specifically as a resource tool for fifth grade through junior high level.

Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students' Potential through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching

Research has shown very clear methods to change this phenomena, but the information has been confined to research journals—until now. Jo boaler—stanford researcher, professor of math education, and expert on math learning—has studied why students don't like math and often fail in math classes. Jossey-Bass Inc Pub.

Mathematical mindsets: explains how the brain processes mathematics learning reveals how to turn mistakes and struggles into valuable learning experiences Provides examples of rich mathematical activities to replace rote learning Explains ways to give students a positive math mindset Gives examples of how assessment and grading policies need to change to support real understanding Scores of students hate and fear math, so they end up leaving school without an understanding of basic mathematical concepts.

Boaler reveals the steps that must be taken by schools and parents to improve math education for all. Banish math anxiety and give students of all ages a clear roadmap to success Mathematical Mindsets provides practical strategies and activities to help teachers and parents show all children, even those who are convinced that they are bad at math, that they can enjoy and succeed in math.

Their evasion and departure hinders math-related pathways and STEM career opportunities. Mathematical mindsets provides a proven, practical roadmap to mathematics success for any student at any age. Used book in Good Condition. This book bridges that gap by turning research findings into practical activities and advice.

Escalante: The Best Teacher in America An Owl Book

Chronicles the remarkable life and work of man who, himself and immigrant, coached and inspired underpriviledged Hispanic students thought to be "hopeless" to excel to unprecedented standards in mathematics Used book in Good Condition. Isbn: 0805011951. Escalante: the best Teacher in America An Owl Book.

Jossey-Bass Inc Pub. Paperback - august 1, 1989. By jay Mathews Author.

The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure

Metropolitan Books. Jossey-Bass Inc Pub. In the number devil, he brings together the surreal logic of Alice in Wonderland and the existential geometry of Flatland with the kind of math everyone would love, if only they had a number devil to teach it to them. Escalante: the best Teacher in America An Owl Book.

Used book in Good Condition. By jay Mathews Author. Isbn: 0805011951. Paperback - august 1, 1989. As we dream with him, we are taken further and further into mathematical theory, where ideas eventually take flight, until everyone - from those who fumble over fractions to those who solve complex equations in their heads - winds up marveling at what numbers can do.

Hans magnus enzensberger is a true polymath, the kind of superb intellectual who loves thinking and marshals all of his charm and wit to share his passions with the world. The international best-seller that makes mathematics a thrilling exploration. In twelve dreams, fibonacci numbers, a boy who hates math, Robert, prime numbers, numbers that magically appear in triangles, who leads him to discover the amazing world of numbers: infinite numbers, meets a Number Devil, and numbers that expand without.


Survey of Science History & Concepts Teacher Guide

By jay Mathews Author. The development of these ten digits and their many uses is the fascinating story in Exploring the World of Mathematics. Overview: students will study four areas: mathematics, biology, physics, and chemistry. Used book in Good Condition. Applied learning activities that provide a way for the student to acquire knowledge and then apply it.

They will gain an appreciation for how each subject has affected our lives, and for the people God revealed wisdom to as they sought to understand Creation. Exploring the world of biology is a fascinating look at life — from the smallest proteins and spores, to the complex life systems of humans and animals.

. Features: the calendar provides 3 to 4 weekly lessons with clear objectives, quizzes, and the worksheets, and tests are all based on the readings from the four core subjects. Jossey-Bass Inc Pub. Paperback - august 1, 1989. Escalante: the best Teacher in America An Owl Book. And in exploring the world of physics, students find a great tool to have a deeper understanding of the important and interesting ways that physics affects our lives.

Teacher guide for the 36-week, 9th-12th grade science course! the vital resource for grading all assignments from the Survey of Science History & Concepts course, physics, which includes: Biblical affirmation from the following four general areas of science: biology, mathematics, and chemistry. Isbn: 0805011951.