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I just wrote down some random stuff that I made up. If this had not been written into Twilight we would not have had to spoof it and I would have been spared this undignified humiliation. You could prick my finger and have a little taste, ” Jezebella offered, rubbing a finger lightly over my lips and then easing it into my mouth.

Taking no chances with her safety, we locked Jezebella in a closet upstairs in Argyle’s office with Nosferatu and Barnabas posted as guards for the duration of the tournament. An old crone gypsy fortune teller with a traveling Romanian carnival mysteriously foretold that Jezebella would join me ‘in the fourth book.

Although this vague prophecy gave me a measure of hope, I was grief-stricken at the thought of suffering through three more volumes of this sleepy literary impersonation. I’m sure, edwin, turning her head to the side and exposing her luscious, ” she whispered, quivering neck to me. That nonsensical idea has set vampirism back at least two thousand years.

Research? no way, ” Jezebella retorted. Things are now as clear as the muddled plot of a teenaged girl-vampire-werewolf love triangle in a dream-induced novel. Actually, a lot of people in Full Moon believe the werewolf legend. Nothing is off limits as edwin and Jezebella offer witty and critical commentary on Meyer’s characters, writing, and all things Twilight.