Cornering Confidence: The Formula for 100% Control in Curves

Learn the secrets to 100% cornering confidence. Cornering confidence provides motorcycle riders with a simple progression of skills to elevate their riding within a short period of time. The ultimate goal of the book is mastering the often misunderstood trail braking technique. These advanced skills can take years to discover separately, but have been condensed here into a nice little package.


MotoJitsu Master Riding Program

You can improve your skills by taking courses, and practicing in-between courses. Advancing your motorcycle riding skills, in addition to wearing quality gear, are the most important things you can do to help keep yourself safe on the public roads. This book answers the question about what to practice. Riders who practice the motoJitsu system will improve their riding competence and elevate their understanding of how to control their motorcycle in virtually any street environment.

Fast eddie is currently an instructor for Total Control's Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Riding Clinics. Fast eddie developed this book after being asked the question “what should I practice in-between courses?” throughout his years as an instructor. In the motojitsu booklet you will find diagrams and detailed instructions along with references to video demonstrations at each belt level, so you can view and learn the proper technique for the each of the drills.

The motojitsu system is a structured set of drills that start at a beginner White Belt level and get increasingly more difficult as they move up to Black Belt and beyond. He has attended more than 19 motorcycle courses, and has 150, 000+ miles of riding experience.

The Road to Mastery: The Smart Way to Begin, Continue, or Redirect Your Riding Journey

When it comes to learning how to ride, the smart path to take is clouded by misinformation, bad advice, and myths. Anyone new to motorcycle riding or getting back into it after taking a break for years would be wise to read this book and use it as a reference. They’re confused as to where to begin, how to pick out a bike, and what to focus on when they do.

Many people are unsure of how to start riding a motorcycle. The road to mastery is an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow road map for anyone wishing to get into motorcycling the right way and grow within the sport.

Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well

Hough, group outings, tackles every imaginable topic—from the mechanics of the bike, and basic riding skills to night riding, who began motorcycling in the 1960s, selection of the right-sized bike, and advanced survival tactics. The detail offered in each section of the book can only come from decades on the road, and the author is the consummate instructor, assigning homework to the readers in the form of exercises to practice and improve specific techniques that he outlines and illustrates in the text.

In the chapter called “motorcycle dynamics, ” Hough spells out the equipment needed and basic skills required to control a bike, and specifically keeping the rider’s safety and ability to avoid potentially injurious or fatal crashes. Hough’s skill as a photographer and illustrator adds a graphic element to his books that leads to immediate understanding of the concepts he explains.

Hough, and riding-safety consultant, columnist, a revered motorcycle author, lays out a clear course for all riders who want to sharpen their handling skills and improve their rides. The chapter called “cornering habits” is a virtual master class in acceleration, throttle, leaning, use of weight, deceleration, and handling challenging terrain.

A critical section of the book offers riders advice on how to deal with automobiles, including aggressive car drivers, oblivious SUV drivers, or “blind” truck drivers. The final chapter of the book, “sharing the Ride, ” is geared toward experienced riders who travel together in groups or who travel with a second passenger on the bike.

This second edition, offers new riders and road warriors the exact kind of advice they need to be prepared for anything when on the road, how to avoid accidents, expanded and now in full color, and how to handle the unexpected. The book offers the kind of first-hand experience that can literally save riders’ lives, and construction plates to ferocious dogs, ” which offer evasive tactics and advice to avoid and handle everything from slick surfaces, hazardous wildlife, curbs, as illustrated in the chapters “Booby Traps” and “Special Situations, and difficult weather conditions.

Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques, 2nd Edition

I5 press. Lee parks, racers, authors and instructors in the world, one of the most accomplished riders, helps riders master the awe-inspiring performance potential of modern motorcycles. This book gives riders everything they need to develop the techniques and survival skills necessary to become a proficient, accomplished, and safer street rider.

. Motorbooks International. Today's super high-performance bikes are the most potent vehicles ever sold to the public and they demand advanced riding skills. This is the perfect book for riders who want to take their street riding skills to a higher level. High quality photos, detailed instructions, and professional diagrams highlight the intricacies and proper techniques of street riding.

Readers will come away with a better understanding of everything from braking and cornering to proper throttle control, resulting in a more exciting yet safer ride. Total control explains the ins and outs of high-performance street riding.

Sport Riding Techniques: How To Develop Real World Skills for Speed, Safety, and Confidence on the Street and Track

Riders need to take their skills to the next level. Contemporary sport bikes accelerate faster, brake harder, and cut through corners deeper than ever before. Now, racer, in this book written specifically for sport riders, well-known journalist, and riding school instructor Nick Ienatsch provides the tools and techniques to help riders analyze and develop that personal performance.

Whatever your current riding ability, Nick will teach you to safely find the absolute limit of bike and rider. I5 press. Motorbooks International. If you’re an experienced rider, nick will help you hone and perfect your skills, operate controls with even greater finesse, and apply race-proven techniques on the track—as well as on the street.

If you’re a beginning rider, nick will show you how to develop proper skills and safety habits that will add to your motorcycling enjoyment and build your confidence. Used book in Good Condition. These technologically advanced motorcycles are exhilarating to ride, but to really get the most out of a motorcycle’s performance capabilities a rider must develop his or her own personal performance.


A Twist of the Wrist Vol. 2: The Basics of High-Performance Motorcycle Riding

Straight facts about riding! a twist of the Wrist, the acknowledged number one book on rider improvement for ten years straight, brought riders worldwide to a new understanding of vital riding skills. Motorbooks International. Uncovers and traces, action by action, the direct links between man and machine.

. I5 press. Code Break. Used book in Good Condition.

purifyou KamelKone Agility Training & Motorcycle Cones for Sports & Kids | Set of 12 Premium Green/Orange Plastic Cones, for Bikes, Traffic & Soccer Green

Guaranteed to suit your training needs or your money back. Sold as a set of 12 mini cones that are convenient to transport and store. Set of 12 small cones with a rubber like texture and weight means your soccer cones will not fly away when the wind picks up like traditional disc cones. Collapsible cones built for caution and safety, compress when stepped on to reduce risk of injury.

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Most cones are made from cheap plastic that cracks easily, fades in color, and will not stand the test of time. Each cone measures 4 in W x 4 in L x 2 in H. Training your children to ride their bikes in a parking lot? Tell them to weave through the mini traffic cones you set up! Our cone set is ideal for marking your activity, and is only limited in application by your creativity.

Our design is flat and soft so it can be both versatile and durable for our customers so flexible that you can flip it inside out if you choose! .

Mastering the Ride: More Proficient Motorcycling, 2nd Edition

I5 press. Best-selling author david hough is the anti-bad ass of motorcyclists, a serious down-to-earth master of two- and three- wheeled street rods who is interested in the safety and road smarts of his fellow motorcyclists. The latest from david brings together his years of experience and his unique analysis to make the case for mastery in a conversational way that makes Mastering the Ride impossible to put down.

Mastering the ride is his follow-up book to one that put him on the map, Proficient Motorcycling, and it goes one better. Returns to original shape. Compact, stackable 2 inch cones will fit in any coach's training equipment bag. The key to safety rests in increased situational awareness—the topic of the next chapter—the ability to predict how road events will unfold by thinking through the possibilities way before a potential hazard presents itself.

The book devotes two full chapters to the skills involved in mastering cornering, body steering and positioning, shifting, countersteering, with specific advice about rolling on and off the throttle, braking, and cornering lines. In the chapter “mastering the art of conspicuity, ” hough recommends riders understand and employ conspicuity, that is understanding how motorcyclists and car drivers see their surroundings and getting others to see you on the road by use of hi-viz clothing, LED lights, and other gear.

With instructional color photographs and drawings, and city streets; anticipating and handling street and road hazards, mountain roads, from treacherous tar snakes to lane-weaving drivers; and learning the limits of sight distances, the book covers improving the rider’s skills of speed and passing on superslabs, executing quick stops at sudden hazards as well as curves.

The breadth and depth of the information…is astounding. A section on the aging rider, including ways to compensate for older riders’ slower reaction times and readapting their skills, is included in the appendix, as is a travelogue of Hough’s road trips to some of his favorite locations.

Race Tech's Motorcycle Suspension Bible Motorbooks Workshop

Based on paul thede’s wildly popular race tech Suspension Seminars, or their kid’s, this step-by-step guide shows anyone how to make their bike, handle like a pro’s. Thede gives a clear account of the three forces of suspension that you must understand to make accurate assessments of your suspension’s condition.

I5 press. Finally, step-by-step photos of suspension disassembly and assembly help you rebuild your forks and shocks for optimum performance. The book even provides detailed troubleshooting guides for dirt, street, and supermoto--promising a solution to virtually any handling problem. And, if you’re inclined to perfect your bike’s handling, he even explains the black art of chassis geometry.

Motorbooks International. Returns to original shape. Compact, stackable 2 inch cones will fit in any coach's training equipment bag. Suspension is probably the most misunderstood aspect of motorcycle performance. Used book in Good Condition. Set of 12 small cones with a rubber like texture and weight means your soccer cones will not fly away when the wind picks up like traditional disc cones.

Collapsible cones built for caution and safety, compress when stepped on to reduce risk of injury.

The Art of Riding Smooth: Plus the Best 2000 Miles Ever!

Great for outdoor activities, and extremely capable indoors as well. Great cones to practice your short game, but equally at home serving as toys for fun and play. Race tech Motorcycle Suspension Bible. If becoming an expert rider plus curvy roads, inspiring scenery, and no traffic define your sense of a great ride, then The Art of Riding Smooth is for you! I5 press.

Jim is instrument rated with plenty of flight hours. Much of the training comes from years as a private pilot. Jim also includes his Magical Mountainous Tour MMT. The mmt is 2000 mile crafted route encompassing the best "invisible roads" through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Used book in Good Condition. Riding well is never about riding fast! Instead, it's about developing a heightened sense of anticipation, precision, and situational awareness.

Code Break. Motorbooks International. With 12 years of coaching and nearly 600, jim ford, 000 miles of blue ridge and Appalachian Mountain riding experience, Rider's Workshop founder, introduces a new genre of motorcycling: mountain riding! The book offers Jim's take on the "art" of motorcycling mountain roads.

. Each cone measures 4 in W x 4 in L x 2 in H. Uv protected, bright green color that is fade resistant.