Caine: Rapid Fire Thrillers Boxset 1: Books 1-3

He’s burned, betrayed, and off the grid. His background is classified. But when human traffickers target the one person he swore to protect, it sets off a chain reaction that drags Caine out of the shadows. Now, the vengeful assassin must wage a bloody one-man war against the Russian mafia, and an insane criminal warlord who believes he is the devil himself.

But his investigation reveals other secrets lost in the wreckage. Three action-packed thrillers. These seemingly unrelated events are all linked to a shadowy operation, known only as SANDFIRE… and if exposed, the fallout could engulf the Arabian Peninsula in war. Caine travels to yemen to locate the missing plane, and track down his friend’s killers.

Blood has been spilled, and these ruthless gangsters know better than anyone that revenge is a dish best served cold…Caine soon finds himself captured in the frozen mountains of Siberia. Meet the cia’s deadliest killer…His name is Thomas Caine. His past is a mystery. Can caine use his deadly skills to defeat these new enemies, and save a group of kidnapped girls before the clock runs out?Cold KillThomas Caine is being hunted.

With no equipment, he must survive in this icy wasteland, no supplies, and no weapons, as a crack team of Russian mercenaries hunts him down. And a cia cargo plane is shot down in the Empty Quarter desert. One killer low price.

Thomas Caine Thrillers: Books 1-3 Thomas Caine Series Boxset Book 1

And their methods are one hundred percent lethal. From neon-drenched tokyo, and into a brutal African warzone, through the streets of Beijing, Caine sets his sights on revenge. One killer collection…Meet the CIA’s deadliest killer. But his target reveals that Caine's partner had a son, now a young man named Sean.

As he races to keep the authorities off his tail, a CIA insider offers to hide his tracks if he accepts one more black ops mission. And sean is in terrible danger. His name is Thomas Caine. But when local gangsters set him up for a crime he didn't commit, his old cIA masters make him an offer he can't refuse: rot in a hellish Thai prison, or accept a dangerous mission in Tokyo, Japan…Red PhoenixThomas Caine has finally tracked down the corrupt CIA director who killed his partner.

. One killer low price…tokyo blackBetrayed and left for dead, Thomas Caine has put his past as a government assassin behind him. They are known only by their code name: red phoenix…Fire and ForgetFramed for treason and on the run, Thomas Caine will stop at nothing to clear his name and avenge his partner's death.

The killer's identity is unknown. Their motives are unclear. And nothing gets between this assassin and his prey…with over a 100, and hundreds of 5 star reviews, 000 Caine books sold, international bestselling author Andrew Warren presents Thomas Caine books 1-3 in a single omnibus volume.

Depth Charge Caine: Rapid Fire Book 4

And only one woman knows how to find it…ciA Paramilitary officer Thomas Caine is assigned to bring in a terrified Chinese defector who claims she can track the stealthy submarine’s movements. Here comes thomas caine!”★★★★★ “andrew Warren has become one of my favorite authors, and Thomas Caine one of my favorite characters.

Thomas caine deserves a spot alongside Mitch Rapp, The Gray Man and many more. Fans of reacher, Rapp, and Bourne will love Thomas Caine. But he soon uncovers an unholy alliance between the commander of the deadly vessel and a sadistic organized crime cartel. Caine and his allies must battle Chinese assassins, and nature’s savage fury, Colombian killers, as they struggle to crush an international criminal conspiracy.

But when his enemies strike at the person he cares for most, the CIA’s deadliest killer takes on a new mission: Revenge. Praise for andrew warren:★★★★★ “andrew warren is a master of suspense!"★★★★★ "up there with lee child and vince flynn…”★★★★★ “ian fleming would be proud!"★★★★★ “Twists and turns and enough excitement for two books…”★★★★★ "Awesome story! Full of action, suspense, and intrigue…"★★★★★ “Andrew Warren is one of the best new authors I've read in years.

A heart stopping roller-coaster ride!”★★★★★ “Rivals any bestseller I have ever read. Move over Jason Bourne.

Al Quinn Mysteries: Collection #1

Evidence slips away from the scene right under the noses of two deputies, so Sheriff Clayton asks Al to mentor a younger detective. Before he leaves the shelter, Al adopts a new companion, Tanner, a dog just two days away from being euthanized. When maury lands in the hospital under suspicious circumstances, though, Al reluctantly abandons his quiet country seclusion to look into the matter.

On the same day, her son is run over in his kayak. Al soon learns his problems are only getting started—his brother’s in trouble on both sides of the U. S. Mexico border. With everything he loves on the line, Al will find out just how far he’ll go to protect his own. A turtle roars in texasdetective Al Quinn had hoped to spend his retirement fishing at his lakeside home and taking care of the local deer.

A second attempt to take maury out drives the brothers back to Al’s lakeside home, where Al knows the territory, but they’re not alone for long. Ice agent jaime avila tells Al that old turtles ought to leave the fighting to the young. Ice agents demand that maury rat on his silent partner, city cop Fergie Jergens comes investigating the murders of Maury’s lady friends, and someone takes a match to Al’s house.

At home, he has a houseful of people when he’d planned to live alone, not to mention his new pet. Al must deal with a pesky FBI human-trafficking team that butts into the investigation while he is training a new detective.

Tokyo Black Thomas Caine Thrillers Book 1

A deadly terrorist network. A secret that could plunge america and Japan into chaos…“If you’re looking for a great new author… check out Andrew Warren. The real book SpyThomas Caine lives in the shadows. Betrayed and left for dead, he has put his past as a government assassin behind him. A betrayed assassin.

Can thomas caine defeat this fanatical enemy, before they ignite an international conflict that kills thousands?Tokyo Black is a high-octane thrill-ride packed with gun battles, car chases, fascinating characters and exotic locations. Readers say:★★★★★ "up there with lee child and vince Flynn!★★★★★ "Awesome story! Full of action, suspense, and intrigue.

. A heart stopping roller-coaster ride!"★★★★★ "Move over Jason Bourne. Here comes thomas caine!"click the Buy Now button and watch the CIA's deadliest killer take on Japan's yakuza crime lords today. But when local gangsters set him up for a crime he didn't commit, or accept a dangerous mission in Tokyo, his old CIA masters make him an offer he can't refuse: rot in a hellish Thai prison, Japan.

As he hunts the neon-lit city for a CIA asset's missing daughter, he quickly learns there is more to his assignment than meets the eye. Now he lives off the grid, in the seedy underworld of Pattaya, Thailand.

Noah Wolf Box Set #2: Books 5-7 Noah Wolf Boxed Set

It's a frantic and deadly race against time that could cost Noah the one person that has ever gotten through to his walled-off emotions. Now, the mission has taken on new urgency as Noah and his team race to find and rescue both of the women, but the trail is almost impossible to follow. In order to accomplish the rescue, Noah is forced to call for help.

Noah, neil and new team member Marco are tasked with planning their escape, but something goes terribly wrong. Sarah and the target banished from the prison, dragged into the infamous Thailand Sex Trade. Books 5-7 in the usa today bestselling noah wolf serieswant to save some money? purchase this box set and receive books 5-7 in the noah wolf thriller series for 33% oFF full price!Books Included:The Wolf's Bite Book 5Black Sheep Book 6Balance of Power Book 7Noah and the Camelot team are handed their most unusual mission yet: Sarah must infiltrate the infamous Bangkok Hilton women's prison in order to make contact with and plan the rescue of a young American woman.

. Another female operative will be needed, so Team Camelot must work with Team Cinderella for the first time.

Fire and Forget Thomas Caine Thrillers Book 3

A bloodthirsty warlord. Its home. I read for 6 hours non-stop!"For the CIA's deadliest killer, war isn't hell. As he races to keep the authorities off his tail, a CIA insider offers to hide his tracks if he accepts one more black ops mission. Here comes thomas caine!"★★★★★ "twists and turns to the very last page! an extraordinary action packed read!!!"★★★★★ "An adrenaline fueled rush!"★★★★★ "Couldn't put it down, a page turner.

. All he needs to do is hunt down a stolen biological weapon in Africa, and save millions of people from a horrific death. With the help of a beautiful doctor, Caine pursues the virus into the war torn region of South Sudan, where he uncovers shocking secrets that could solve the mystery of his betrayal. Assuming he makes it back alive.

. Here's what amazon readers say about the Thomas Caine series:★★★★★ "Move over Jason Bourne.

Red Phoenix Thomas Caine Thrillers Book 2

A betrayed assassin. A mysterious double agent. A conspiracy that could lead america and china to war…thomas caine has vengeance in his sights. He has finally tracked down the corrupt CIA director who framed him as a traitor. But the cost of revenge may prove too high. And sean is in terrible danger…To save him, Caine must travel to the People's Republic of China.

And their methods are one hundred percent lethal. They are known only by their code name: Red Phoenix. Can thomas caine unravel the identity of this mysterious assassin, before they strike a killing blow?Readers say: ★★★★★ “Up there with Lee Child and Vince Flynn!"★★★★★ “Hands down one of the most enjoyable spy thrillers I've ever read.

You literally cannot put this book down!"★★★★★ "a stellar book!”★★★★★ “Great action thriller, I couldn't stop reading!”Buy Red Phoenix and watch the CIA's deadliest killer battle China's ultimate assassin today. His target reveals that Caine's partner had a son, now a young man named Sean.

The killer's identity is unknown. Their motives are unclear. The man who had his partner killed. There, he and Sean find themselves tangled in a vast conspiracy.

The Jake Fonko Series: Books 7, 8 & 9 Jake Fonko Collection Book 3

All alone, jake must make his way through drug cartels, arms smugglers, and without backup, and the CIA if he wants to get back home. Macdonald will enjoy former Army Ranger turned covert agent Jake Fonko's globe-spanning adventures. Includes: fonko go home book 7, to russia With Fonko Book 8, and The Fonko Connection Book 9.

Fonko go home – Serbia, 1992. When an old friend calls jake fonko with a desperate plea for help in retrieving stolen millions, Jake finds himself in the middle of post-communist Russia–a shattered empire teetering on the edge of collapse. The fonko connection – Colombia, 1989. Jake fonko bumps into an old flame and soon finds himself caught between the Russian Mafia, a Hong Kong crime family and both sides in the Serbian Civil War.

To russia with fonko – Moscow, 1993. Fans of george macdonald Fraser, Ian Fleming and John D. This special collection includes three full length novels - hundreds of pages of well-researched adventures and thrills - for the price of two individual volumes. A routine bodyguarding gig goes south when Jake's client strands him in Medellin.


Gia Santella Crime Thriller Boxed Set: Books 1-6: Gia Santella Crime Thrillers

When a hate group infiltrates Gia's San Francisco neighborhood, a student journalist at U. C. But she is wrong. As she enjoys exotic lands and foods, a new friendship gives her hope that she might be able to lead a normal life like everybody else. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that the elite group of men are playing a depraved and deadly game and nobody will dare to interfere.

Gia's search for the missing student unravels dark secrets that threaten to destroy her beloved neighborhood. The beauty of baja hides dark secrets and soon Gia finds herself caught up in a group of ex-pats who like the advantages of living in a place where people can disappear without a trace and nobody bats an eye.

Black widow book #5a mediterranean cruise. It’s what she can’t buy—love, companionship, friendship—that eludes her. She lives life fast, hard, and deadly…Do you love fierce women, dark mysteries and riveting suspense? You'll love the Gia Santella Crime Thrillers. Berkeley reporting on the group disappears.

When gia is forced to take a luxury cruise, she sets aside her vigilante ways. After an unexpected letter reveals that her loved ones’ tragedy was murder, Gia changes her focus to revenge. Vowing to find the one responsible, the grieving daughter must stay one step ahead of a ruthless plot to end her family line.

When tragedy strikes and she is left reeling, she is thirsty for vengeance.

A Nova Bartkowski Novel Holly Lin Series - Bullet Rain

Something. Miss this one at your own peril. Blake crouch on the serial killer's wife"man of wax grabs you by the throat in the first chapter and never lets go. Having just walked away as a non-sanctioned hit man for the U. S. Off. There's something strange about Parrot Spur. Maybe it’s the fact the knockout brunette in the bar is clearly more than what she seems.

Praise for robert swartwood"robert swartwood is the next F. Paul wilson"excellent — memorable and something I'll read more than once. Roxane gay on no SHELTER. He notches up the tension from chapter to chapter like a master story-teller, keeping you reading long into the night. The man eating Bookworm"An exceptional novelist.

Douglas clegg, race-against-the-clock novel if ever there was one, thrilling, page-turning, New York Times bestselling author of BAD KARMA"This is a scary, with a true shocker of an ending. If you haven't yet read Swartwood, you're missing out. Brian keene, bestselling author of daRK HOLLOW"Robert Swartwood is a sharp writer, his prose lean and mean as a razor blade.

What matters — and what nova is soon going to learn — is that in the desert, the only thing that rains is bullets. In the end, none of it matters.