Borderline Kindle Single

They stop at a service station before the ferry port and Stephen goes inside, never to return. Eleanor garfield, her husband Stephen and their two young daughters are driving home from an unsuccessful holiday in France. But it’s not her husband who slips into the passenger seat as they wait to board the ferry: it’s a complete stranger, and he has Stephen’s passport…Stephen has sold the man his identity and Eleanor is under strict instructions to play along.

Struggling to understand the web of deceit behind this chain of events while remaining calm for her daughters, Eleanor has a split-second decision to make. Failing to answer his phone and nowhere to be found, Eleanor’s husband has vanished without trace. But this is just the beginning. Panicked and confused, Eleanor carries on to the port, telling the girls they’ll find their father there.

Should she destroy her family by exposing Stephen as the fraudster he seems to be—or risk everything by allowing this stranger to infiltrate her life? .

Bush Kindle Single

No towns, no roads. Just the wild—truly wild—expanse of heat and dust and nature all around. The new york times bestselling author of the piano Teacher and The Expatriates returns with a haunting short story of the unsettled balance between a man and a woman…and an unbidden awakening in the wild. Audrey and max have been together only six months, not enough time for them to really know each other.

The okavango Delta in Botswana is a revelation. Yet he’s brought her to an extraordinary place. A place of life and death: elemental, immediate, primal, and unpredictable. For audrey, or care, and at the end—with a wealthy man who will provide for her in every material way but may not know, it’s like being at the beginning of the world, who she is.

Fraught encounters with wild animals—and, worst of all, with Max—will force her to look at what she really wants and who she really is.

The Good Twin

In marti green’s twisting novel of psychological suspense, twin sisters become engaged in a dangerous deception…Mallory Holcolm is an unfulfilled waitress and aspiring artist living in a Queens boardinghouse when she learns something astonishing about her past: she has an identical twin sister named Charly she never knew existed.

Charly is a princeton graduate, a respected gallery owner, and an heiress married to her handsome college sweetheart, Ben. And now having it all might be easier than Mallory ever imagined. Charly got everything she ever wanted. All mallory has to do is say yes. But as their devious plan falls into place, piece by piece, Mallory learns more about her sister and herself than she ever meant to—a discovery that comes with an unexpected twist.

Everything Mallory wanted, too. A chilling deception is about to become a dangerous double cross. Because ben has reasons of his own for wanting to help her. It begins with his startling proposal. And it’s going to change the rules of Ben and Mallory’s game to the very end.

A Drop in the Ocean: A Novel

But anna finds that even on her idyllic drop in the ocean there is pain, and as the months fly past her dream for a new life is threatened by a darkness that challenges everything she has come to believe about the power of love. Evocative and thought-provoking, A Drop in the Ocean is a story about second chances and hard lessons learned in the gentlest of ways.

Gold: nautilus book award, anna fergusson, fiction, women’s fiction on her 49th birthday, best fiction, boston neuroscientist and dedicated introvert, large publisher 2016gold: sarton women's book award, australia/new zealand 2016silver: readers’ favorite international book award, contemporary fictiON 2016GOLD: INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER BOOK AWARDS IPPYS, arrives at an unwanted crossroads when the funding for her research lab is cut.

Here she finds love—for the eccentric islanders who become her family; for Tom, the laid-back turtle whisperer; and for the turtles whose ancient mothering instincts move her to tears. However turtle island, alive with sea birds and nesting Green turtles, is not the retreat she expected. With her confidence shattered and her future uncertain, on impulse she rents a cabin for a year on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.


When Never Comes

The thought of iris abandoned to the foster care system—as Christy-Lynn once was—is unbearable. But she’s spent her whole life running—determined never to be hurt again. But stephen’s wasn’t the only body pulled from the icy waters that night. When details about a mysterious violet-eyed blonde become public, a media circus ensues, and Christy-Lynn runs again.

Desperate for answers, she’s shattered to learn that Stephen and his mistress had a child—a little girl named Iris, who now lives in poverty with her ailing great-grandmother. An amazon charts most-read and most-sold book. Author barbara davis deftly explores an emotionally charged landscape of pain, loss, and despair—and the risk one woman will take in the hope of loving again.

As a teenage runaway and child of an addict, Christy-Lynn learned the hard way that no address was permanent, and no promise sacred. For a while, she found a safe haven in her marriage to bestselling crime novelist Stephen Ludlow—until his car skidded into Echo Bay. Will she finally stand still long enough to open herself up to forgiveness and love?


LOW LAKE a gripping crime mystery full of dark secrets

What really happened at low lake? detective tyrone Swift is hired to investigate the death of Kim Woodville. Looking for your next unputdownable mystery? Discover Detective Tyrone Swift. Mulrooney has a real gift for dialogue, the words and phrases ring true and make her characters wonderfully real. But the beautiful historic house by the lake doesn’t give up its secrets easily.

. He’s survived a stabbing and his fiancée running off with another man. And then another body turns up close to home and Swift realises his own life may be in danger. A suspect that the police let go. Swift's personal life is complicated, to say the least. A suspicious drowning. James, or Ruth Rendell. What readers are saying about LOW LAKE“A gripping book with plenty of twists and turns with a surprising ending.

Barbara“an entertaining and well plotted novel full of suspense and tension. Paromjit hayers“i was blown away by the ending, really didn't see it coming, very thrilling. Hannelore cheney the detectivETyrone Swift is an ex-police detective who now works privately. It turns out that there are many people who might have wanted Kim dead.

THEN SHE RAN an absolutely gripping crime thriller with a massive twist

Because everyone is in deadly danger and time is running out. Perfect for fans of kimberley Chambers, Damien Boyd, Rachel Abbott, Patricia Gibney or Mark Billingham. What readers are saying about then she ran“what an exciting read with a brilliant twist!” Lynne“It speeds along before you can draw breath.

Carole“this is a can’t miss book. Claudia“keeps you guessing and unable to put down. Viv“great story with action on almost every page. Nerys“a brilliantly written, fast-paced crime thriller. Gretathe authorcharlie gallagher has been a serving UK police officer for ten years. All their belongings are left behind.

Jenny sprints with her family from the hotel. Their pursuers are indiscriminate and they are deadly. Her boyfriend falls, caught up in the carnage, but he manages to give her one last message: 'RUN!’ Detective George Elms is investigating a separate crime: an elderly woman shot in the stomach during a robbery gone wrong.

Joseph’s panic is contagious. There’s no time. What’s the link between the two incidents? And who will do anything to silence Jenny forever?George’s only option is to make ground on both cases. Discover a crime thriller that will have you gripped from the explosive start to one of the most shocking endings of the year.

MARRIED LIES a gripping detective mystery full of twists and turns

He is most at home in the outdoors, and in times of crisis, with an OS map and a compass, will take off and walk for miles in any weather. This is a revised edition of a book first published as “stalked by shadows. Di mariner seriesbook 1: deadly liesbook 2: innocent liesbook 3: killer LiesBook 4: Baby LiesBook 5: Married LiesBook 6: Buried LiesBooks 7 coming soon.

Playing a key role in the industrial revolution, birmingham also borders on the beautiful countryside of Worcestershire and Warwickshire, it helped shape the nation’s manufacturing industryBut with its many green spaces, is just a few miles from Stratford on Avon and a short drive from the wild country of mid-Wales.

Birmingham’s population is large and ethnically diverse, and while urban regeneration has forged a modern and culturally vibrant city, the decaying remnants of the industrial past and 1960s concrete jungle give it a unique and gritty character; the dark underbelly policed by DI Tom Mariner and his team.

The detectivedetective inspector tom mariner is, an average dedicated policeman, but his experiences as a younger man have given him an insight into life on the dark side, on the surface, and a clear sense of right and wrong. But her husband doesn’t believe her and no one else is listening. Lucy’s married life is proving anything but blissful.

More books coming soon!what readers are saying about MARRIED LIES“I was well and truly hooked from the beginning. Lynne“a fast paced mystery with twists and turns. Barbara“an intriguing mystery that kept me on my toes.

The Things You Didn't See: An emotional psychological suspense novel where nothing is as it seems

Together they try to uncover the truth. Her mother is clinging on to her life, the weapon still lying nearby. Her instincts are telling her something isn’t right…On a chilly morning in rural Suffolk, Cassandra Hawke is woken by a gunshot. But is there more to holly’s interest than she’s letting on?With her family and loved ones at risk, Cass must ask herself: is she ready to hear the truth, and can she deal with the consequences?

Holly's synaesthesia means she's able to sense other people's feelings, and she is convinced something is wrong. Everyone thinks it’s attempted suicide—but none of it makes any sense to Cass. She’s certain there’s more to it than meets the eye. With everyone telling her she’s paranoid, Cass finds an unlikely ally in student paramedic Holly.


The Almost Wife: An absolutely gripping and emotional page turner

God, i loved this book! . I feel like i have made new friends… I cried with them, laughed with them, cheered with them and my heart broke with them. Zoo loo book blog, i cheered, i cried my way through the book… a wonderful, 5 stars‘I laughed, emotional and gripping read that you won’t want to put down.

Katie’s book cave, 5 stars‘wOW!… I loved each and every one of their stories. She misses him every moment of every day. Not just a little trickle of tears, I sobbed where it got plain ugly. Really a well-crafted story… Absolutely recommend. Audio killed the bookmark‘So many issues are covered, physical insecurities, overwhelming grief, loneliness, lack of trust.

. If you love jojo moyes, nancy Thayer and Mary Alice Monroe, you will adore this unputdownable page-turner. Readers absolutely love the almost wife…‘you’ll need to grab a box of tissues… one of the most captivating, beautiful, and flawlessly written books I think I have ever read… PERFECTLY perfect in every way.

The writing garnet, 5 stars‘I am not going to lie, but I sobbed in this book. Excellent read. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘Uplifting, nuanced and heart-breaking.

THE GUILTY ONES a gripping crime thriller filled with stunning twists JACKMAN & EVANS Book 4

Ds marie evans is haunted by the loss of her husband in a motorbike accident. Set in the atmospheric Lincolnshire Fens whose isolated villages hide many dark secrets. What readers are saying about THE GUILTY ONES“I just had to keep reading. And jackman realises he knew almost nothing about his sister-in-law’s past.

Then, they discover a woman in a neighbouring village died in similar circumstances. What is the connection to a convicted murderer whose family are convinced he is innocent? who is really pulling the strings? di jackmaN AND DS EVANS OF THE FENLAND POLICE FACE A BATTLE AGAINST THEIR MOST DANGEROUS AND DEADLY ADVERSARY.

And in a case so close to home can jackman keep his feelings under control?Full of twists and turns, this is a crime mystery that will keep you turning the pages until the thrilling ending. Great character and story development. Claudiaperfect for fans of Rachel Abbott, Sarah A. What drove her to this? She was a woman with a seemingly happy home life and two beloved sons.

Di jackman and di Evans dig into Sarah’s life. Who are the guilty ones and is anyone really innocent? this time it’s very personal for jackman. Jackman’s sister-in-law Sarah disappears to London and throws herself into the river. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and colleagues.