Bitter Lemons of Cyprus: Life on a Mediterranean Island

From the new york times–bestselling author of the Alexandria Quartet: “A superlative piece of .  .  . For centuries, the battle for the Mediterranean has been fought on this tiny spit of land, and now Cyprus threatens to rip itself in half. Into this escalating conflict steps Lawrence Durrell—poet, novelist, and a former British government official.

More than a travel memoir, this is an elegant picture of island life in a changing world. Rooted in the Mediterranean scene” Time. In 1953, as the british empire relaxes its grip upon the world, the island of Cyprus bucks for independence. After years serving the Crown in the Balkans, he yearns for a return to the island lifestyle of his youth.

With humor, durrell buys a house, and settles in for quiet living, secures a job, and passable Greek, grace, happy to put up his feet until the natives begin to consider wringing his neck. Writing .  .  . Some cry for union with athens, others for an arrangement that would split the island down the middle, giving half to the Greeks and the rest to the Turks.


Prospero's Cell: A Guide to the Landscape and Manners of the Island of Corfu

 . Like the blue aegean, prospero’s Cell is deep and crystal clear, offering a perfect view straight to the heart of a nation. From a member of the real-life family portrayed in The Durrells in Corfu, this memoir of the idyllic Greek island is “among the best books ever written” The New York Times.

Durrell left for alexandria, to serve his country as a wartime diplomat, but never forgot the wonders of Corfu. Before lawrence durrell became a renowned novelist, and travel writer, poet, he spent four youthful years on Corfu, an island jewel with beauty to match the long and fascinating history within its rocky shores.

While his brother, and lived with the natives in the years leading up to World War II, drank, Lawrence fished, Gerald, was collecting animals as a budding naturalist, sheltered from the tumult that was engulfing Europe—until finally he could ignore the world no longer. In this “brilliant” journey through that idyllic time and place, Durrell returns to the land that made him so happy, blending his love of history with memories of his adventures there The Economist.


The Lawrence Durrell Travel Reader

Born in india, he lived in corfu as a young man, cobalt water, enjoying salt air, and an unfettered bohemian lifestyle. In this book, he gives his answer. Durrell knew that the wise traveler looks not for pleasure, education, or landmarks, but is hungry for a sense of place—the element of a landscape, city, or nation that makes its people who they are.

Over the following decades, Cyprus, he rambled around the Mediterranean, making homes in Egypt, and Greece. A collection of travel essays from the bestselling author whose writing sparkles with “prose as luminous as the Mediterranean air he loves” Time. Few men have traveled as wisely as Lawrence Durrell.

His writing is poetic, and achingly clear, lush, for this was a man who truly saw the world. Each time he moved, he asked himself why he felt compelled to travel. In this anthology, passages from Durrell’s classic Mediterranean writings are paired with observations on other lands.

Sicilian Carousel: Adventures on an Italian Island

As he treks from sight to sight, Durrell finds echoes of his past lives in Rhodes, Cyprus, dizzy with history and culture, and Corfu. A moving account of friendship and discovery on the island of Sicily from the acclaimed travel writer and bestselling author of The Alexandria Quartet. Despite decades spent writing poetic evocations of the timeless pleasures of life in the Mediterranean, Lawrence Durrell had never set foot on the sea’s largest island: mysterious, impenetrable Sicily.

. For years his friend martine begged him to visit her on this sun-kissed paradise, and though he always intended to, life inevitably interfered. It took martine’s sudden death to finally bring him to the island’s shores. With martine’s letters in his pocket, Durrell signs up for a tour group, hoping to learn the travel habits of those who aren’t obsessively devoted to island life.


The Alexandria Quartet: Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive, and Clea

The alexandria quartet is a striking and sensuous masterpiece, breathing vivid life into each of its unforgettable characters and the dusty Mediterranean city in which they live. Set in alexandria, the books follow the lives of a circle of friends and lovers, during, and after World War II, philosophical Balthazar, passionate Justine, in the years before, including sensitive Darley, Egypt, and elegant Clea.

Written in durrell’s trademark evocative prose, these four novels explore the central theme of modern love, building into a remarkable whole that the New York Times hailed as “one of the most important works of our time. This ebook features a new introduction by Jan Morris. A four-part story of passion and betrayal in the Mediterranean—voted one of the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels of the twentieth century.


The Black Book: A Novel

First published in 1938, and influenced by henry Miller and the sincere pranksterism of the surrealist movement, The Black Book marks the emergence of one of the most revolutionary voices in twentieth-century English literature. This ebook contains a new introduction by DBC Pierre. S. The first piece of work by a new English writer to give me any hope for the future of prose fiction.

T. Eliot as over-the-top as it is inventive, doomed bohemians, durrell’s breakthrough novel is a series of sordid vignettes drawn from the lives of decadent artists, and continental rascals inhabiting a shabby London hotel, narrated in turns by the unforgettable Lawrence Lucifer and Gregory Death. Together, these characters seek to escape the absurdity of a Europe haunted by devastating war, yet beginning to pitch toward another apocalypse.


Gerald Durrell: The Authorised Biography Text Only

Sir david attenborough has said: ‘He was responsible for changing people’s attitudes to zoology and changing their agenda. He showed them small animals could be as interesting as apes and elephants…He was a pioneer with a marvellous sense of humour. His brother was the famous writer Lawrence Durrell.

This edition does not include illustrations. The authorised biography of the great naturalist and conservationist Gerald Durrell, who died aged seventy in January 1995 in Jersey, where he founded the zoo he’d dreamed of as a small boy and pioneered the captive breeding of animals for conservation. Gerald durrell was a world-famous naturalist and popular author who wrote, some thirty-seven immensely readable yarns, in all, including the bestselling ‘My Family and Other Animals’.

His other books include ‘birds, beasts and relatives’, ‘The Bafut Beagles’ and ‘A Zoo in My Luggage’. Above all, he paved the way in print for the popular presentation of the natural world on television and presented twelve series himself – the early ones, of his own expeditions.

Whatever Happened to Margo?

Margo's own two sons, gerry and nicholas, from marmosets to monkeys, prove to be every bit as mischievous as their famous Uncle Gerald - and he himself returns periodically with weird and wonderful animals, that are quite unsuitable for life in a Bournemouth garden. But any hopes of respectability are dashed as the tenants reveal themselves to be a host of eccentrics: from a painter of nudes to a pair of glamorous young nurses whose late-night shifts combined with an ever-revolving roster of gentleman callers leading to a neighbourhood rumour that Margo is running a brothel.

In 1947, returning to the uk with two young children to support, Margaret Durrell starts a boarding house in Bournemouth.

The Durrells of Corfu

The book is illustrated with family photos from the Gerald Durrell Archive, many of them reproduced here for the first time. The durrells of corfu describes the family's upbringing in India and the crisis that brought them to England and then Greece. An extended epilogue looks at the emergence of Larry as a world famous novelist, as well as the lives of the rest of the family, and Gerry as a naturalist and champion of endangered species, their friends and other animals.

But what of the real life durrells? why did they go to corfu in the first place - and what happened to them after they left?The real story of the Durrells is as surprising and fascinating as anything in Gerry's books, with his first hand knowledge of the family, drawing on diaries, and Michael Haag, is the ideal narrator, letters and unpublished autobiographical fragments.

The durrell family are immortalised in Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals and its ITV adaptation, The Durrells. It recalls the genuine characters they encountered on Corfu - Theodore the biologist, the taxi driver Spiro Halikiopoulos and the prisoner Kosti - as well as the visit of American writer Henry Miller.

And haag has unearthed the story of how the Durrells left Corfu, including Margo's and Larry's last-minute escapes before the War.

Lawrence Durrell's Notes on Travel Volume One: Blue Thirst, Sicilian Carousel, and Bitter Lemons of Cyprus

Wonderful. Time  bitter lemons of cyprus: against the backdrop of the push for independence on Cyprus in the early 1950s, and former British government official buys a house, secures a job, novelist, the poet, and settles in, yearning for a return to the island lifestyle of his youth. Born in india, along with his brother, and an unfettered bohemian lifestyle, Gerald, cobalt water, acclaimed British novelist and poet Lawrence Durrell lived in Corfu as a young man, enjoying salt air, who would also go on to be a writer and a naturalist.

Gathering slowly from the lighter delightful pages to its lost and questioning end. Travel writing “as luminous as the mediterranean air” from the acclaimed author of the Alexandria Quartet, who is featured in PBS’s The Durrells in Corfu Time. Never for a moment does Durrell lose the poet’s touch.

The new york Times. Brilliant depth of language .  .  . Durrell’s travel books arrive like long letters from a civilized and very funny friend. Time  sicilian carousel: for years, durrell’s friend Martine had begged him to visit her on the sun-kissed paradise of Sicily, but it took her sudden death to finally bring him to the island’s shores.

With martine’s letters in his pocket, dizzy with history and culture, Cyprus, Durrell treks from sight to sight, and finds haunting echoes of his past lives in Rhodes, and Corfu.

The Avignon Quintet: Monsieur, Livia, Constance, Sebastian, and Quinx

And in quinx, long-buried plots reemerge as the past and future are funneled into the present. More formally daring than the alexandria quartet, during, these sweeping and stylish novels set before, and after World War II loosely center on the race to uncover a treasure buried by the Knights Templar. Each reveals a seemingly disparate piece of the puzzle.

In monsieur, it’s the bittersweet return to southern France by a British doctor; in Livia, it’s two sisters driven apart by the rise of Nazism in Europe. In constance, a freudian analyst struggles for clarity in a world on fire; in Sebastian, she reconnects with the charismatic cult leader she knew in the deserts of Egypt.

 . From the visionary author of the alexandria Quartet comes a landmark five-part series hailed by the Sunday Times as “one of the great novels of our time. One of the most celebrated English writers ever, Lawrence Durrell was a bestselling author whose vivid metafictions pushed the boundaries of modern literature.

The cosmopolitan provocateur transcended borders, ideologies, and time in his work, and he’s at the height of his powers in the Avignon Quintet. Durrell himself described the avignon Quintet as a “quincunx, ” a series of novels “roped together like climbers on a rockface, but all independent. Together they form a powerful meditation on the search for meaning in a world of chaos and brutality.