Archaeology Essentials: Theories, Methods, and Practice Third Edition

The third edition of Archaeology Essentials is destined to become a classic of the field. Written for today’s students, Archaeology Essentials is rigorous without being over-technical and thorough without being overwhelming. 295 color illustrations. The only truly global archaeology textbook available in full color, the text also provides guidance for aspiring archaeologists in the form of compelling interviews with a worldwide selection of practicing archaeologists.

The concise version of the bestselling introduction to archaeology, new technological innovations, updated and in full colorArchaeology Essentials, revised pedagogical features, has been updated with new discoveries, already the most authoritative and accessible introduction on the market, and improved illustrations.


The Past in Perspective: An Introduction to Human Prehistory

Feder introduces students to "the big picture"--the grand sweep of human evolutionary history--presenting the human past within the context of fundamental themes of cultural evolution. Using a consistent chapter format--"prelude, issues and debates, Chronicle, Messages from the Past, and Case Study Close-up"--Feder helps students master both what we know and what is still debated about the complex story of the human past.

Ideal for introduction to archaeology and world prehistory courses, The Past in Perspective: An Introduction to Human Prehistory, Seventh Edition, is an engaging and up-to-date chronological overview of human prehistory. Kenneth L. Feder's unique, refreshing, and accessible narrative personalizes the past and makes it relevant to today's students.


In Small Things Forgotten: An Archaeology of Early American Life

In his completely  revised and expanded edition of in Small  Things Forgotten, Deetz has added new  sections that more fully acknowledge the presence  of women and African Americans in Colonial  America. History is recorded in many ways. All other members of the  household sat on stools or the  floor.

The excavation of a tiny community of  freed slaves in Massachusetts reveals evidence of  the transplantation of African culture to North  America. Simultaneously  a study of american life and an explanation of  how American life is studied, In Small  Things Forgotten, through the everyday  details of ordinary living, colorfully depicts a  world hundreds of years in the past.

According to  author james Deetz, the past can be seen most fully  by studying the small things so often forgotten. Objects such as doorways, gravestones, musical  instruments, and even shards of pottery fill in the  cracks between large historical events and depict  the intricacies of daily life.

New interpretations of archaeological finds  detail how minorities influenced and were affected  by the development of the Anglo-American tradition  in the years following the settlers' arrival in  Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620 Among deetz's  observations:subtle changes in building long before the  Revolutionary War hinted at the growing independence  of the American colonies and their desire to be  less like the  British.

Records of estate auctions show that many  households in Colonial America contained only one  chair--underscoring the patriarchal nature of the  early American family.

Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology

It is not just a book about how we know what isn't true about the human past--it's also about how we know what is true. Frauds, myths, and supposed mysteries about humanity's past are moving targets for anyone committed to the scientific investigation of human antiquity. It is important for anyone interested in the human past to know, for example, that there is no evidence for a race of giant human beings in antiquity and no broken shards of laser guns under Egyptian pyramids.

Debunking such nonsense is fun and useful in its own way, but more important is the process by which we determine that such claims are bunk. Now published by oxford university press, uses interesting--and often humorous--archaeological hoaxes, Frauds, Ninth Edition, myths, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology, and mysteries to show how we can truly know things about the past through science.


Archaeology: Original Readings in Method and Practice

Written by some of the top archaeologists in the country, this collection of 25 articles covers the entire range of archaeological methods as well as issues and controversies in contemporary archaeology. Focuses on how archaeologists find and recover data from archaeological sites and materials, with examples from the contributors' own research.

Examines issues and controversies in contemporary archaeology, discussing different theories, opinions, and evidence on various issues. Explores how ideas were formed and research conducted along with the people behind the process of archaeological discovery. Illustrates through case studies how archaeologists put methods into practice to solve problems.

For anyone interested in learning more about archaeological methods and discoveries.

Magic Witchcraft and Religion: A Reader in the Anthropology of Religion

The multiple authors included in each chapter represent a range of interests, geographic foci, and ways of looking at each subject. Features of the ninth edition include new study questions and articles, illness, as well as updated discussions on religion, healing, and death. Magic witchcraft and religion: a reader in the Anthropology of Religion takes an anthropological approach to the study of religious beliefs and practices, both strange and familiar.

Used book in Good Condition. The engaging articles on all key issues related to the anthropology of religion grab the attention of students, while giving them an excellent foundation in contemporary ideas and approaches in the field.

The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece

Cambridge University Press. More than 500 illustrations, maps, and reconstructions * includes text boxes, and detailed glossary * Looks at Greek art from perspectives of both art history and archaeology, with over 400 in color and 13 maps, including specially commissioned photographs, chapter summaries and timelines, plans, giving students an understanding of the historical and everyday context of art objects Used book in Good Condition.

. Judith M. Arranged chronologically in broad swathes of time, and hellenistic periods, Archaic, from the Bronze and Iron Ages through the Geometric, Etruscan, the textbook focuses on Greek art but also incorporates Near Eastern, Classical, and concluding with the Roman conquest of the Greek world, and Roman objects.

Barringer examines a variety of media, and vase painting, terracotta figurines and reliefs, analyzing marble and bronze sculpture, domestic architecture, public architecture, jewelry, as well as coins, mosaics, and wall painting. The art and archeology of Ancient Greece is an introductory-level textbook for students with little or no background in ancient art.

This book adopts an approach that considers objects and monuments within their cultural contexts.

The Human Past: World Prehistory and the Development of Human Societies Third Edition

The third edition has been completely revised to offer updated scholarship and discoveries and features new color illustrations. Used book in Good Condition. The text has established itself as a thorough and authoritative survey of human prehistory and the development of civilizations. A comprehensive and indispensable guide to world prehistory and how archaeology helps us to understand the enormous diversity of the human past.

. 788 illustrations, 296 in color Used book in Good Condition. Cambridge University Press. Written by an international team of acknowledged experts, it presents a streamlined overview through a series of chapters focusing on individual regions and time periods.

Dug to Death: A Tale of Archaeological Method and Mayhem

Used book in Good Condition. With a cast of characters that includes missy-jojo-the-dog-faced-girl as lab supervisor, the ghost of socialite Bunny Wallace, erotic romance writer and field volunteer Elena Solara, and shovelbum Rusty Spittle, Praetzellis' brief textbook-as-novel introduces students to the hows and whys of field methodology in an entertaining but informative way.

Wallace levels the site in favor of a golf course. The spunky archaeologist has been asked to manage the contract archaeology project at a historic site in New Zealand when the regular archaeological staff of University of Invercargill abruptly dies off. On the scene, archival research, and especially field safety, professional ethics, Hannah discovers she needs to teach her team about research design, survey methods, curation, if they are to complete the contract before young Mr.

Hannah green--heroine of praetzellis's textbook-as-novel Death by Theory--has really gotten herself into trouble this time. Ideal for your introductory archaeology classes and probably the only textbook you'll enjoy reading yourself. Cambridge University Press. Dr. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.


The Active Archaeology Notebook First Edition

The active archaeology Notebook offers effective and fun activities for the archaeology classroom. The notebook is ideal for instructors looking for diverse and active ways to teach archaeology. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Cambridge University Press. Conceived by a team of instructors from the saa curriculum Committee under the direction of Leah McCurdy University of Texas at Arlington, every activity has been class tested and is designed to demonstrate key concepts in archaeology.

Used book in Good Condition.

What This Awl Means: Feminist Archaeology at a Wahpeton Dakota Village

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Cambridge University Press. This pioneering work focuses on excavations and discoveries at Little Rapids, a 19th-century Eastern Dakota planting village near present-day Minneapolis. Used book in Good Condition.