A Note in Time: A Review in Note Recognition

As you complete each section, sight reading skills are greatly strengthened. The exercises start with middle c-g five finger hand position, treble g-d, treble F-C, Treble C-G, then moves to Bass C-G, Bass F-C, Bass G-D, Low G-D, and ends with All Treble and All Bass Notes. A note in time' simplifies this process by learning just five notes at a time.

Learning to recognize the notes on a music staff can be challenging. If you are learning to read notes for the first time or reviewing them to strengthen your sight reading skills, "A Note in Time" keeps it simple. Work with the group that is the most challenging for you as you learn or refreshen your memory of note recognition.

By recognizing notes on the staff, learning new pieces will become easier and overall more fun to play! You don't have to go in order. Included with each group of five notes are timed note reading exercises, followed by melodic five-note pieces.

Meridee Winters Note Quest Piano Game Book: Note Reading Drills and Activities Meridee Winters Game Book Series

These activities are great way to strengthen note reading and sight reading skills, intervals, since students are drilling and internalizing notes while focusing on specific hand positions, ledger lines and more. Meridee winters note quest piano game book: Note Reading Drills and Activities is an innovative music education tool that features pages of vibrant, effective and FUN note reading games.

See the table of contents for more great ways to play, or invent your own. The meridee winters music Method tackles all of these complex needs with playful, progress-boosting books and activities. Organize, create and supercharge your piano lessons with this innovative book, part of the Meridee Winters “Whole Brain” approach to music education and a great supplement to any series.

There is also a need for great music materials for learners of all styles, those with dyslexia, students that fall on the autism spectrum, including gifted learners, young learners, ADHD, ants-in-their-pants and more. This book can be used by independent learners or by teachers as a fun and powerful lesson tool.

Each playful, space-themed game can be used in a variety of ways, from timing yourself on the page and trying the beat a previous record to searching the page for each occurrence of a specific note. Note quest also includes templates for creating your own games, which you can custom tailor to you or your students’ needs.

About the meridee winters music method:founded by a former school teacher, the Meridee Winters Music Method was created as a solution to a problem: that lesson and exercise books teach at the “rote and recall” level, Meridee Winters, with little room for creativity.

WunderKeys Intermediate Pop Studies For Piano 1: A Pop-Infused Lesson Companion To Reinforce Scales, Chords, Triads, And Left-Hand Patterns

Get ready for a cool workout in the keys of c major, E Minor, F Major, G Major, A Minor, and D Minor as your students turn technical exercises into powerful pop music. As piano students get older, traditional method books become less and less appealing. Teenagers are eager to skip skill-building exercises to get to the music.

Wunderkeys intermediate Pop Studies For Piano 1 is jam-packed with pop-infused piano studies. But skipping over scale practice, rhythm work, ultimately, improvisation, and sight reading hampers their musical development, slows their progress and, leaves them frustrated. This inevitably leads to a lose-lose situation for piano teachers: allowing teens to skip technical exercises delays their progress while forcing teens to play technical exercises creates frustration.

So, we decided to turn this struggle into a win-win! with wunderkeys intermediate Pop Studies For Piano 1: A Pop-Infused Lesson Companion To Reinforce Scales, and Left-Hand Patterns, Chords, Triads, we’ve created a resource that transforms exercise-based repertoire into motivating pop piano studies.

Your teen students will become skillful players because they want to practice exercise-based repertoire not because they have to practice exercise-based repertoire. After all, technical exercises rarely appeal to the musical tastes of teens. The first 10-15 minutes of their lessons will be transformed from “sit and drill” to “make awesome music” as your teens gain comfort in a variety of key signatures and internalize the fingering patterns and hand shapes needed to become fluent intermediate pianists.


The Amadeus Anthems: Classical Pop Piano Solos

The music in the amadeus Anthems will glue your early intermediate piano players to the bench. Are you struggling to inspire your teen piano players? Are you on a never-ending search for piano music that will be met with excitement rather than half-hearted enthusiasm?Your search is over. 11 in a Major. 16 in c major *eine kleine nachtmusik *minuet In F Major *Rondo Alla Turca *The Magic Flute *Symphony No.

It’s time to introduce your teens to the classical pop crossover pieces of The Amadeus Anthems. Andrea and trevor dow, the guardians of arranmore, the composers and educators behind hit piano books like The Beethoven Sessions, and The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo are leading a revolution in teenage piano repertoire.

Their classical crossovers bridge the gap between today’s Top 40 tunes and yesterday’s classical masterpieces. Each piece in the amadeus Anthems is a pop-inspired tribute to the music of Mozart. Early intermediate students will immediately fall in love with pop renditions of: *Sonata No. If you’re looking for a piano resource that is more engaging to teens than their smartphones, then this is it!Buy The Amadeus Anthems today and re-inspire your teen piano players.

Other books in the series:The Beethoven SessionsThe Chopin SessionsThe Victress Sessions. 40 in g minor and *Sonata No.

The Beethoven Sessions: Classical Pop Piano Solos

13 and *Symphony No. Early intermediate students will immediately fall in love with pop renditions of: *Sonatina in G Major *Für Elise *Moonlight Sonata *Rondo A Capriccio *Symphony No. 5, op. 9, op. These pop-infused piano solos inspired by the music of Beethoven will energize the next generation of piano players.

125. Other books in the series:The Amadeus AnthemsThe Chopin SessionsThe Victress Sessions. 67 *piano Sonata No. 8, op. Classical Pop Piano Solos.

The Chopin Sessions: Classical Pop Piano Solos

These pop-infused piano solos inspired by the music of Chopin will energize the next generation of piano players. Classical Pop Piano Solos. 2 in bb minor *waltz in db major * prelude in E MinorOther books in the series:The Beethoven SessionsThe Amadeus AnthemsThe Victress Sessions. Early intermediate students will immediately fall in love with pop renditions of: * Prelude in Db Major *Nocturne in Eb Major *Étude in E Major *Waltz in C# Minor *Piano Sonata No.


Meridee Winters Chord Crash Course: Approved for Singers, Songwriters, Kids and Klutzes Volume 1

This pattern-based approach is also great for alternative learners, including those with ADHD, ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder and more. As a solution, she developed a “chord crash course” that easily taught them the skills they needed, helping hundreds of musicians become better writers and performers along the way.

A professional educator and musician, Meridee Winters originally created “Chord Crash Course” while working in a recording studio. Unlike traditional music books, which slowly work up to playing real songs, Chord Crash Course uses the power of patterns to have you playing great-sounding music right away.

In this book you’ll learn:chords and arpeggios - the building blocks of musicPopular chords progressions that will allow you to play your favorite songsHow to play from a lead sheet Music concepts like intervals, major, minor and transposition – explained simply!Chord Crash Course is a great standalone introduction to playing piano or supplement to any method.

Learn more at www. Merideewintersmusicmethod. Com. Years later, she began teaching piano to children this time applying her experience as a former school teacher, and found that her “crash course” was a great tool for students of all ages and levels. New cover, songwriter or performer? have you always wanted to play an instrument but don’t know where to start? Are you a music instructor who is looking for a way to liven up lessons or teach popular music?Chord Crash course is an innovative approach to music instruction that will give you the tools you need to accompany yourself, same great book! Play piano without the struggle and without reading music using the power of chords! Do you want to accompany yourself as a singer, play your favorite songs and even create your own music.

Chord crash course is a part of the innovative Meridee Winters Music Method.

WunderKeys Rock Repertoire For Teen Beginners: Piano Pieces In The C 5-Finger Scale | With Teacher Duets

Beginning teen piano players also want to sound cool… right away. Unfortunately, most beginning piano music is composed with the developmental abilities of young children in mind… which means beginning teen piano players will not sound cool anytime soon. But that’s about to change!With WunderKeys Rock Repertoire we are revolutionizing piano music for teen beginners.

The 14 piano pieces in wunderkeys rock repertoire For Teen Beginners are set in the C 5-Finger Scale and are accompanied by full teacher duets to create an inspiring musical experience. If your teen beginners are uninspired with “too young” music or “too boring” music, surprise them with WunderKeys Rock Repertoire.

Upcoming releases in the wunderkeys rock repertoire book series include:WunderKeys Rock Repertoire For Teen Beginners: Piano Pieces In Middle C PositionWunderKeys Rock Repertoire For Teen Beginners: Piano Pieces In The G 5-Finger Scale. Instead, you will find rock-infused music written just for teens in their first year of piano lessons.

You will not find twinkle, twinkle, my bonnie Lies Over The Ocean, Little Star, or Mary Had A Little Lamb in this book. Beginning teen piano players want to sound good right away.

Guardians of Arranmore: WunderKeys Teen Celtic Piano Solos

These books are saving my teen piano students from quitting piano. With a blend of thunderous Celtic solos and emotionally-gripping ballads, Guardians of Arranmore is a gift for teen piano students. The music, inspired by the legend of a mythical band of warriors, grabs piano players by the heart and pulls them into a world of Celtic mystery and music.

Guardians of arranmore features seven pop-infused piano solos composed for intermediate-level piano students. Other books in the series include:Guardians of ArranmoreGuardians of BallinmoreGuardians of Castlemore coming this June! .

The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo - The Carloforte Trilogy, Episode 1: WunderKeys Comic-Based Piano Music

The carloforte trilogy, episode 1 is the first of three books in The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo, Series 1. The adventures of fearless fortissimo is the Bam, the Zzzwap, and the Kapow for teaching children who crave action to love piano lessons. Each book in the collection turns original piano pieces into the backdrop for a thrilling comic adventure.

The 10 piano pieces are composed for children aged nine to twelve who are working in a Level 2 method book. Drawn into the tale, they will be keen to perfect each new piece to help the story unfold. As your children learn the music they become the driving force behind the story.

The Sebastian Sessions: Classical Pop Piano Solos

Classical Pop Piano Solos. 132 *cantata no. Early intermediate students will immediately fall in love with pop renditions of: * PRELUDE IN C MAJOR, BWV 846 *MUSETTE IN D MAJOR, BWV ANH. 126 *minuet in d minor, bwv anh. 115 *toccata and fugue in d minor, bwv 565other books in the series:the Beethoven SessionsThe Amadeus AnthemsThe Victress SessionsThe Chopin Sessions.

These pop-infused piano solos inspired by the music of Johann Sebastian Bach will energize the next generation of piano players. 147: jesu, joy of man's desiring *orchestral suite iii d major, bwv 1068 "air" *minuet in g minor, bwv anh.