8 Choices That Will Change a Woman’s Life

In this new edition of Briscoe's popular book, she addresses the crucial issues that women face on a daily basis. Using the book of james as a model, briscoe examines the following choices that most women face: To resist pain or to use it To gather wealth or to gather grace To speak wisely or to speak foolishly To value our time or to fritter it away To live for ourselves or to live for the Spirit To develop God's gifts or to waste them To persevere or to protest To stand for truth or to abandon it.

Some are fairly mundane, while others can prove to be life changing. Each day presents women with an unending parade of choices.

The Deep Place Where Nobody Goes: Conversations with God on the Steps of My Soul

Foreword by anne graham lotz this collection of short stories, reflections, and poems from Jill Briscoe centers on the theme of our relationship with God, and how that relationship must be our daily priority in good times and bad.

Improving with Age: God's Plan for Getting Older and Better

Improving with age addresses the triumphs and challenges of aging Christians and examines the uniqueness of skills and resources they bring to their church communities. Through scripture and story, the Briscoes assert that aging is not only normal, but it is a joyful and productive life season.

A Little Pot of Oil: A Life Overflowing LifeChange Books

In this engaging book, Jill Briscoe guides you to a source of ample sustenance. Even as you empty yourself, the Holy Spirit will fill you. It’s the incredible gift of Himself. God has given us what we need to fill up when we run low. Running on empty? the holy spirit's empowerment comes when we step into the forward motion of God's love flowing through us--not backwards into our comfortable shell!A time comes when we just don't have anything left over to give.

We run out of faith, patience, energy, joy, options, ideas, strength, peace, and even love. He's asking us to obey, senseless as it may seem. So when god's call comes knocking and our resources seem thin, we tend to hole up and hide from the needs of others. But that's exactly when God's greatest blessing is within a single step, according to Jill Briscoe.

. And in giving yourself away, you will find life.

Here Am I, Lord...Send Somebody Else: How God Uses Ordinary People to Do Extraordinary Things

She asks, your judea, “what is your jerusalem, your Samaria? Whether you’re fifty or fifteen, you are called to be God’s light in a troubled world. This classic work is being updated to include conversation starters and Bible study questions at the end of each chapter. He offered this extremely simple advice in considering the Christian life: Go where you are sent,  stay where you are put, and do what you are asked.

With her trademark warmth and keen sense of humor, esteemed bible study teacher Jill Briscoe follows Major Thomas’s example to help readers learn how to allow God to live through them, finding their mission field to be right before them—in the space between their own two feet. She uses stories from her own life and of other contemporaries to unpack the story of Moses in helping us better understand our true worth and calling.

Being used by god is an adventure you won’t want to miss!major ian thomas, a British theologian, and the founder of Torchbearers Bible Schools, teacher, spent seven exhausting years trying to live for Christ when he realized that God actually just wanted to live through Him.

God's Front Door: Private Conversations

This honest book from a nationally recognized woman is an exceptional gift for any occasion. In this uplifting, jill briscoe dialogues with the Father about seeing His hand at work in the common frustrations, fears, full-color book, and joys of life.

Spiritual Arts: Mastering the Disciplines for a Rich Spiritual Life

I like to think of the work of The Holy Spirit in the lives of men and women as art. Spiritual life is not just a gift; it is a skill we must work to develop. Using paul’s letter to the philippians as her guide, tranquility, ministry, suffering, humility, simplicity, Bible teacher Jill Briscoe uncovers eight “spiritual arts” that Christians are called to practice regularly; contentment, intimacy, and harmony.

Jill pulls no punches in challenging christian readers to do their part, deeper intimacy with God, Spiritual Arts is a discovery study of practices we need to learn if we are to live life as God intended―full of great joy, and an exciting impact in the lives of others. With patience, wit, jill challenges the faithful to a different ethic and a more active, and probing questions, focused way to follow Christ.


Refreshing Your Soul: Caring for Your Inner Life

Caring for our families, walking alongside friends, ministering at church, and everyday responsibilities often leave us tired and depleted. Sometimes, it feels like there’s no time left four ourselves--or God. This book is part of the Just Between Us book series presented by Jill Briscoe. Yet our souls desperately need time for the spiritual renewal only He can give.

Real life. Each booklet is taken from the best of just Between Us magazine over the years and is packed with relevant topics, practical help, and biblical guidance to refresh your relationship with God and others. Real stories. We live in a non-stop, chaotic world. Learn why spiritual care is so necessary along with help for making it happen.


Barefoot in My Heart: Starting a Fresh Conversation with God

To cope with these many pressures, intercessory prayer, personal, Jill has found joy in stretches of candid, which forms the basis for the conversations in this book. The conversations between Jill Briscoe and her Father in Heaven are intimate, warm, and full of surprises. In addition, she has an extensive network of family members for whom she feels acutely responsible.

For many years jill has given herself in obedience to a public ministry that has often been costly and exhausting.

Prayer That Works

Readers will learn to cultivate their prayer lives, surrender to God's timing, and plan and persist when prayers seem to go unanswered. Through studying the lives of elijah and elisha 1 Kings 17-19 and parts of 2 Kings, readers will be challenged to pray bold prayers rather than settle for meek prayers not offered in deep faith.



She eloquently illustrates how christians - like the exiled Israelites - can regain their joy in God's presence and play their harps in front of a watching world. Jill briscoe guides the reader through the 'weeping willow trees' of conflict, grief and the daily grind that have caused Christians to 'hang up' their joy like abandoned harps.